Bannenberg & Rowell Design

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Address: 2 Bridge Studios / 318 - 326 Wandsworth Bridge Road
Zip Code: SW6 2TZ
Place: London
Country: United Kingdom
Additional address:
Phone: +44 (0)20 7736 0005
Fax: +44 (0)20 7736 0033
Web site:

Bannenberg & Rowell Design News

30 Mar 2015Jon Bannenberg: A Life of Design released

16 May 2014Bannenberg & Rowell Design high volume 57.91m superyacht

14 May 201470m Bannenberg & Rowell designed superyacht signed at Feadship

15 Sep 2013Superyacht of the week: The groundbreaking Galactica Star

23 Jul 2013Benetti launches 56 metre superyacht FB261

11 Jun 2013Feadship delivers 57.60 metre custom superyacht Larisa

04 Apr 2013Feadship's 57.60 metre superyacht Larisa undergoing seatrials

05 Mar 2013Superyacht Larisa launched at Feadship

23 Dec 2012Superyacht of the Week: The 46.7 metre Heesen My Secret

31 Oct 2012The classic motor yacht Blue Bird of 1938

23 Sep 2012Superyacht of the Week: The stunning Heesen Lady Petra

25 May 2012Heesen superyacht project California sold

25 Mar 2012Superyacht of the week: The 37 metre Heesen Aurelia

08 Sep 2011Live report from Cannes: Heesen's Aurelia

06 Aug 2011Superyacht of the Week: The 60 metre Kaiser

22 Jan 2011Superyacht of the Week: The 60 metre Elandess

23 Nov 2010Superyacht Scorpio by CMN and Bannenberg & Rowell

09 Aug 2010Bannenberg & Rowell to design the interior of Heesen YN 15747

08 Aug 2010Superyacht of the Week: The 60 metre Trinity Bacarella

23 Jun 2010YCO announces new build project at Feadship Koninklijke De Vries Scheepsbouw

01 May 2010Superyacht of the Week: The Feadship SL 39 Kathleen Anne

10 Feb 2010The 60m Elandess by Abeking & Rasmussen

10 Oct 2009SuperYacht of the week: Natori – a striking 41m superyacht

21 Sep 2009Bannenberg & Rowell unveil 73m Abeking & Rasmussen

03 Jul 2009Bannenberg's Beaugeste

17 Jun 2009Bannenberg & Rowell designed Bacarella launched by Trinity

19 May 2009Bannenberg Designs rebrands to Bannenberg & Rowell Design

16 May 2009SuperYachts of the Week: From Russia with love, Alexandra and Victoria-M

02 May 2009SuperYacht of the Week: Dream On, a design with glamour and richness

08 Apr 2009Latest news from Bannenberg & Rowell Design

15 Oct 2008SuperYacht Special: The world's greatest Predator!

11 Oct 2008SuperYacht of the Week: Blue Bird - the restoration of a gentleman’s yacht

25 Apr 2008Bannenberg & Rowell Design launches new website

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12 Feb 2016Sirona III, Mylin IV and Natita arriving at Yachts Miami Beach

12 Feb 2016New photos of Feadship's 692 superyacht launched yesterday

11 Feb 2016The 90m Phoenix 2 and the 65m Galactica Star in Barcelona

03 Feb 2016First look: On board the 44.2m Feadship Moon Sand

02 Feb 2016Helmut and Heidi Horten: a fleet of Carinthias

14 Jan 2016Superyacht Never Say Never in Fort Lauderdale

13 Jan 2016New owner for Bannenberg designed superyacht Perseverance II

08 Jan 2016The 96m superyacht Limitless in St Barths

04 Jan 2016Fire in Marmaris damages superyachts The One and Barbie

27 Nov 2015138m superyacht Rising Sun in the Caribbean

26 Nov 2015Heesen 47m superyacht project Ruya ready for outfitting

29 Oct 201565m superyacht Galactica Star in Venice

07 Oct 2015Feadship 43.15m superyacht Branzino sold

01 Oct 2015The transformed Feadship superyacht Falcon Lair

17 Sep 201555m Heesen project Alida coming together

10 Aug 2015A legend reborn: The incredible transformation of Falcon Lair

13 Jul 2015New interior for Feadship superyacht Branzino

09 Jul 2015Superyacht Sheergold in Monaco

29 Jun 2015Exclusive new images of first Dynamiq superyacht

26 Jun 2015Dynamiq unveils new superyacht series

24 Jun 2015Superyacht Illusion in Marina Port Vell

24 Jun 2015Video of superyacht She's a 10

18 Jun 2015Chopi Chopi, Dionea and Lady Petra at Beaulieu sur Mer

05 Jun 2015Feadship projects currently underway

04 Jun 2015Superyacht Rising Sun at anchor off Antibes

28 May 2015Feadship's Moon Sand undergoing seatrials

05 May 2015Feadship superyacht Falcon Lair undergoing major refit

13 Apr 2015Feadship comments on launch of superyacht Moon Sand

09 Apr 2015Le Grand Bleu in St Barths

07 Apr 2015Exclusive: Feadship Moon Sand emerges from the yard

18 Mar 2015The Oceanfast superyacht Ocean Seven in Dubai

16 Mar 2015In Pictures: Heesen's Asya in Gibraltar

05 Mar 2015Heesen delivers the 47m superyacht Asya

24 Feb 2015The Bannenberg designed superyacht Never Say Never

03 Feb 201570 Metre Bannenberg and Rowell project arrives at Feadship

29 Jan 2015Superyacht Illusion cruising off Monaco

26 Jan 2015Heesen launches superyacht Asya

14 Jan 2015The 36.50m Amels superyacht Secret Love in Barcelona

22 Dec 2014Video of 85.20 metre superyacht Pacific coming into Sydney

20 Oct 2014Superyacht Garuda sold

02 Oct 2014Superyacht Aurelia in Saint Tropez

02 Oct 2014HSH Prince Albert of Monaco welcomes designers aboard Wood Forever Pact

18 Sep 2014In Pictures: Superyacht Pacific underway

10 Sep 2014Three large Lürssen superyachts at anchor

28 Jul 2014New photos of Feadship Branzino

17 Jul 2014Heesen superyacht project Hé sold

09 Jul 2014Feadship Siran in Gibraltar

12 Jun 2014Projects currently under construction at Feadship

13 May 2014Nakhimov signs new 37 metre superyacht contract at Admiral-Tecnomar

01 May 2014Superyacht L'Albatros in Genoa this week

03 Mar 2014Video of the haul out of superyacht Predator at Monaco Marine

21 Feb 2014Kaiser at anchor in front of the Kempinski Hotel in Bodrum

20 Feb 2014The construction of superyacht My Gail III in 1985

03 Feb 2014Superyacht Antinea sold

17 Jan 2014Iconic Feadship Highlander launched after Derecktor refit

15 Jan 2014From the SYT archives: Southern Cross II in 1983

05 Dec 2013Superyacht Latitude sold

03 Dec 2013Superyacht Elandess in Gibraltar

16 Oct 2013The Oceanfast superyacht Sirona III in Portofino

25 Sep 2013Heesen's revolutionary Galactica Star arrives in Monaco

12 Sep 2013First look on board Heesen's superyacht Galactica Star

29 Jul 2013In pictures: The legendary Kingdom 5KR

19 Jul 2013The 83 year old superyacht Talitha G in Saint Tropez

08 Jul 2013In Pictures: The recently delivered 57.60-metre Feadship Larisa

18 Jun 2013In Pictures: Heesen's 65 metre Galactica Star delivered

28 May 2013Heesen's revolutionary 65 metre superyacht completes sea trials

23 Apr 2013The 138 metre Lürssen superyacht Rising Sun

04 Apr 2013Superyacht Thunder B sold

19 Mar 2013In Pictures: The 112 Metre Le Grand Bleu in Cambodia

07 Feb 2013The 71 metre The One in a storm off Monaco

06 Feb 2013Feadship launches first superyacht for mainland China

16 Jan 2013The 55.75 metre Feadship superyacht Illusion

03 Jan 2013The Jon Bannenberg designed sailing yacht Beaugeste

03 Jan 2013The 96 metre Lürssen and Bannenberg superyacht Limitless

21 Dec 2012Superyacht Predator at full speed off Saint Tropez

19 Nov 2012The Bannenberg designed Benetti superyacht Queen Aida

16 Nov 2012The Bannenberg designed 67 metre superyacht Siran

07 Nov 2012What ever happened to M/Y Galu - Part 1

02 Oct 2012The Bannenberg designed G-Whiz for sale

26 Sep 2012CNI sells vintage Bannenberg designed yacht

17 Sep 2012Superyacht Thunder B now for sale with De Valk

12 Sep 2012Superyacht G-Whiz anchored off Cannes

17 Aug 2012The 138 metre Lürssen superyacht Rising Sun in Capri

14 Aug 2012The 73 metre Feadship Predator at anchor

09 Aug 2012The top 100 in photos: Number 50, the 86 metre Kingdom 5KR

08 Aug 2012The Bannenberg designed Royal Huisman Diamond For Ever

20 Jul 2012Superyacht Obsession joins CNI charter fleet

20 Jul 2012Heesen delivers superyachts Galactica Plus and My Secret

19 Jul 2012The Jon Bannenberg designed superyacht Southern Cross III sold

09 Jul 2012Superyacht projects underway at Feadship

26 Jun 2012The 86 metre iconic superyacht Kingdom 5KR

11 Jun 2012Heesen Yachts delivers superyachts Lady L and Lady Petra

07 Jun 2012The 112 metre superyacht Le Grand Blue at anchor

29 May 2012The Abeking & Rasmussen superyacht Kaiser in Germany

21 May 2012The 1974 Bannenberg designed superyacht Xiphias

18 May 2012Trinity superyacht Bacarella for sale with SuperYachtsMonaco

16 May 2012The 60 metre Trinity superyacht Bacarella

14 May 2012Superyacht Sheergold in Italy

02 May 2012Heesen Yachts launch superyacht Lady Petra for founder

23 Apr 2012The private 96 metre superyacht Limitless in Gibraltar

06 Apr 2012The Jon Bannenberg designed superyacht Unplugged in Miami

02 Apr 2012CMN Yachts at the Hainan Rendez-Vous

02 Mar 2012The Jon Bannenberg designed superyacht Southern Cross III

16 Feb 2012Bannenberg designed Feadship Ramses for sale with Burgess

27 Jan 2012Hull and superstructure of Heesen 65m FDHF now joined together

10 Jan 2012Superyacht Elandess in Sydney's Rozelle Bay

12 Dec 2011Superyacht Diamond For Ever for sale with Dahm International

07 Dec 2011Superyacht Bacarella by Trinity Yachts

25 Oct 2011Superyacht Aurelia joins OCI charter fleet

20 Sep 2011Major price drop for the sale of superyacht Obsession

20 Sep 2011Silverlining at the Monaco Yacht Show

09 Sep 2011Live report from Cannes: superyacht Dream On

06 Sep 2011Price reduction for Nautor Swan sailing yacht Garuda

02 Sep 2011Major price reduction for the sale of superyacht Obsession

12 Aug 2011The Oceanfast Gazelle for sale with Merle Wood

08 Aug 2011Sunrise over superyacht Cleopatra C in Capri

05 Aug 2011Superyacht Predator off Capri

02 Aug 2011Charter opportunity in the Hebrides on Feadship Kathleen Anne

20 Jul 2011Heesen Yachts at the September yacht shows

19 Jul 2011The 85 metre superyacht Pacific in Portofino

11 Jul 2011Jon Bannenberg designed superyacht Xiphias for sale with CNI

05 Jul 2011Superyacht Dream On now for sale with Oceanstyle and Burgess

16 Jun 2011Heesen Yachts launches the 37 metre superyacht Aurelia

14 Jun 2011The 57 metre Bannenberg designed Cleopatra C

10 Jun 201155 Metre superyacht Obsession available at a reduced rate in June

03 Jun 2011Major price reduction on superyacht Lady Sheila

24 May 2011The unique 85 metre Pacific in Porto Montenegro

26 Apr 2011Another price reduction for superyacht Southern Cross III

18 Apr 2011Superyacht Pacific in Gibraltar

18 Apr 2011Price reduction for superyacht Southern Cross III at Fraser Yachts

12 Apr 2011The SL39 Feadship superyacht Kathleen Anne arrives in Gibraltar

06 Apr 2011The Jon Bannenberg designed superyacht Obsession

05 Apr 2011The 41 metre Baglietto Natori at anchor

10 Feb 2011Pendennis’ success story continues

08 Feb 2011Heesen Yachts lay the keel of a 65-metre fast displacement superyacht

13 Jan 2011The unprecedented 73 metre superyacht Predator off Saint Tropez

22 Dec 2010Superyacht Beluga now for sale through Edmiston

25 Nov 2010Superyacht Kingdom 5KR leaving Antibes

25 Nov 2010Photo Gallery: Superyacht Pacific completed by Lürssen Yachts

15 Oct 2010Superyacht Latitude by Timmerman Yachts

15 Oct 2010David Geffen now sole owner of 138 metre superyacht Rising Sun

16 Jul 2010Superyacht Predator off Cap Martin

14 Jul 2010Superyacht Elandess II sold by Burgess

08 Jul 2010Breaking News: Superyacht Pacific ready to launch at Lürssen

22 Jun 2010YCO announces final delivery of Bacarella and sale of berth

16 Jun 2010Superyacht icon The One

24 May 2010Superyacht Kathleen Anne joins Edmiston charter fleet

22 Apr 2010Blue Bird of 1938 joins charter fleet of Edmiston

16 Apr 2010Superyacht Illusion joins charter fleet of Edmiston

13 Apr 2010Superyacht Coral Island off Antibes in 2007

24 Mar 2010Lift Emotion deliver elevators on board superyacht Bacarella

18 Jan 2010Superyacht Beluga for sale through Burgess

14 Jan 2010Southern Cross III latest superyacht sales listing of Fraser Yachts Monaco

08 Jan 2010Lürssen’s Rising Sun anchored off the Tobago Cays

24 Nov 2009Kingdom 5KR, a yachting legend

05 Nov 2009Bannenberg & Rowell designed Bacarella in Fort Lauderdale

27 Oct 2009Sirona III and Aquarius (ex My Shanti) in Miami

14 Sep 2009Silverlining explores the future of the superyacht interiors with four leading designers

11 Sep 2009Burgess reduces the price of Elandess II

14 Jul 2009The new Abeking & Rasmussen Elandess

06 Jul 2009Lady Mona K anchored off Fira, Santorini

16 Jun 2009Siran off the coast of Saint Tropez

09 Apr 2009Altair III, a former pilot vessel

24 Feb 2009Icon Yachts, a yard update

23 Feb 2009Baglietto launches 41 metre superyacht Natori

06 Feb 2009The Bannenberg designed Maridome

26 Jan 2009Feadship’s Lionwind leaving Monaco

25 Oct 2008Feadship De Vries launches the second SL 39 Kathleen Anne

02 Sep 2008Predator anchored off Saint Tropez

22 Aug 2008The Bannenberg designed G. Whiz off Mykonos

09 Jun 2008Oceanfast Thunder B

19 Mar 2008Indian Princess back in the Mediterranean

01 Mar 2008Superyacht photo special: Feadship’s Predator under trials

26 Feb 2008Feadship’s Predator completes first trials

25 Feb 2008Maridome in the Caribbean

13 Feb 2008Le Grand Bleu anchored off Rovinj

30 Jan 2008Predator reveals her true colour

09 Jan 2008Predator heads for the high seas

05 Jan 2008Exclusive: Feadship launches the 72m Predator (De Vries 674)

07 Nov 2007Thunder B cruising off Rovinj

02 Oct 2007Cleopatra C cruising off Monaco

15 Aug 2007The Bannenberg designed Beaugeste off Monaco

18 Jul 2007Timmerman launches it's first 45m superyacht

16 Jul 2007Multiple anchored off St Jean Cap Ferrat

07 Jun 2007The One arriving in Monaco

06 Jun 2007The Oceanfast True Blue

05 Jun 2007Altair anchored off Cap d'Antibes

28 May 2007Coral Island at full speed off Cap d'Antibes

03 Apr 2007White Cloud at night in Port Hercule

06 Mar 2007The Oceanfast Opal C

07 Feb 2007Coral Island at the IYCA

01 Jan 2007The One leaving Monaco