Overmarine SRL

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Address: Via del Porto 2
Zip Code: 55049
Place: Viareggio
Country: Italy
Additional address:
Phone: +39 0584 389364
Fax: +390583702012
Web site: http://www.overmarine.it
E-mail: info@overmarine.it

Overmarine SRL News

09 Feb 2016The 12th Mangusta 165 superyacht sold

27 May 2015First Mangusta 132 superyacht launched

07 May 2015Second Mangusta 110 superyacht launched

30 Apr 2015The Overmarine Group at the Singapore Yacht Show

26 Apr 2015Interviewing Overmarine at the Singapore Yacht Show

31 Mar 2015Overmarine sells two Mangusta's to US clients

04 Mar 2015The Overmarine Group appoint new sales partner

02 Feb 2015Video of the Mangusta 165E Moonraker

26 Jan 2015Overmarine to exhibit superyacht Moonraker in Miami

16 Jan 2015The Overmarine Group sells the first Mangusta 132

15 Dec 2014Superyacht of the week: The Mangusta 165E Moonraker

14 Nov 2014Overmarine sells Mangusta Oceano 42

22 Oct 2014Overmarine sells second Mangusta 110

11 Aug 2014Overmarine delivers Pumpkin

25 Jul 2014Overmarine sells Misunderstood

13 May 2014Video of the Mangusta 110

26 Feb 2014Overmarine launches Mangusta 165 hull number 8

12 Feb 2014The Mangusta 110 to debut in Miami this week

10 Feb 2014Superyacht of the week: The new Mangusta 110

19 Dec 2013Closer look at the Mangusta Oceano displacement line

27 Nov 2013First Mangusta 110 launched

12 Aug 2013Mangusta 94 yacht series to debut in Cannes

07 Aug 2013The Overmarine Group presents the new Mangusta 132

24 Jun 2013Second Mangusta 94 launched by Overmarine

28 May 2013 The launch of the first Mangusta 94

19 May 2013Superyacht of the week: The Mangusta 165

03 May 2013The 30th Mangusta 108 launched

04 Apr 2013Overmarine sells two new Mangusta superyachts

26 Oct 2012The Overmarine Groups sells three superyachts

07 Aug 2012Mangusta 165/07 to debut in Fort Lauderdale this fall

09 Jul 2012Opening of new Mangusta office in Ibiza

28 Jun 2012Overmarine Group expands US team

25 Apr 2012Overmarine Group participating in the Yare

02 Apr 2012Overmarine launches 7th Mangusta 165 superyacht

06 Feb 2012Overmarine sets up dealership for India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan

27 Jan 2012Overmarine sets up Balearic headquarters at Marina Ibiza

29 Nov 2011New Overmarine dealership for the Balearics

16 Nov 2011Overmarine sells hull 07 of Mangusta 165 superyacht

13 Sep 2011Overmarine unveils two new Mangusta superyacht models

08 Sep 2011Overmarine now directly markets Mangusta Yachts

08 Apr 2011Hull of Overmarine Mangusta 148 Oceano arrives in Viareggio

25 Feb 2011Overmarine partners with MarineMax in the USA

26 Jan 2011Overmarine launches sixth Mangusta 165 superyacht

25 Jan 2011Overmarine finalises acquisition of Baglietto Group

29 Sep 2010Overmarine announces the purchase of Baglietto and Cantieri di Pisa

28 Sep 2010Effebi-Overmarine buys Baglietto and Cantieri di Pisa

12 Jul 2010Overmarine presents the Mangusta 148 Oceano

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04 Jan 2016Y.CO. announce sale of second Mangusta 132

17 Dec 2015Mangusta 165 hull 11 ready for outfitting

05 Nov 2015Overmarine sells hull 11 of Mangusta 165 series

29 Oct 2015New issue of the SuperYacht Times newspaper published

20 Oct 2015Brokerage deal of the week: Mangusta 92 Papillon

30 Sep 2015Mangusta range expands with new Oceano 55

16 Aug 2015Superyacht of the Week: The new Mangusta 132

14 Aug 2015First Look onboard new Mangusta 132

15 Jul 201534 Metre Leopard 34 superyacht sold

15 Jul 2015Mangusta 80 Canea sold

08 Jul 2015First Mangusta 132 to be displayed at Monaco yacht Show

26 Jun 2015Miss Bubbles, the second Mangusta 94, seen in Monaco

25 Mar 2015New Mangusta 165E sold to US owner

05 Feb 2015Mangusta 130 superyacht Forever One sold

24 Dec 2014The 49.90 metre Mangusta 165 Al Asmakh in Doha

12 Dec 2014Mangusta 92 L'Esperance sold

14 Oct 2014In Pictures: Superyacht Pumpkin doing 30 knots

04 Sep 2014Top 10 new superyachts at the Cannes Yacht Festival

14 Jul 2014Mangusta 80 Hakuna Matata sold

28 Mar 2014The Mangusta 108 superyacht Zahir in Porto Cervo

27 Mar 2014Overmarine sells the first Mangusta 110 to European owner

26 Feb 2014Mangusta 165 Sharq sold in sealed bid

17 Feb 2014The Mangusta 105 Magnifico in Doha, Qatar

27 Nov 2013The Mangusta 130 Awesome in Saint Tropez

17 Sep 2013Mangusta 165 Sharq offered for sale by way of sealed bid

08 Jan 2013Bluewater sells the Mangusta 100 Equilibrium

10 May 2012Superyacht Al Mirqab III in Viareggio

04 May 2012Superyacht Zahir for sale with Self Concept

09 Feb 2012Superyacht Charly Coppers sold by Fraser Yachts and Champion Marine

06 Dec 2011Superyachts Mistral 55, Perla Nero and Negara for sale with CNI

29 Nov 2011 Luxury motor yacht Peleu K for sale with Fraser Yachts

05 Sep 2011Superyacht Saigon for sale with Edmiston

25 Aug 2011Mangusta 92 superyacht Scratch for charter with K&K Superyachts

22 Jun 2011Major price reduction for superyacht Marlena II

09 Jun 2011Mangusta 105 superyacht Magnifico for sale through Ocean Independence

06 Jun 201130% reduction in the June charter rate for superyacht African Cat

17 May 2011Major price reduction for superyacht Hamsa

26 Apr 2011Fraser Yachts reduces price of Mangusta 130 superyacht Charly Coppers

20 Jan 2011Superyacht Ares joins charter fleet of OceanStyle Yachting

15 Jul 2010Superyacht Forever One off Monaco

27 May 2010Mangusta 165 superyacht Al Mirqab III

15 Apr 2010Mangusta 105 superyacht Sealyon sold by Merle Wood

07 Apr 2010Mangusta 108 superyacht Agata for sale with Yachtzoo

13 Jan 2010Major price reduction for the Mangusta 92 Elektra’s

16 Nov 2009Mangusta 130 Aset for sale through Camper & Nicholsons International

08 Sep 2009Salvaje entering the port of Saint Tropez

24 Jul 2009The Mangusta 108 Melige off Mykonos

27 Aug 2008The Mangusta 165 Z Ellerston off Portofino

06 Jun 2008Bellissima CC anchored off Monaco

19 Jul 2007World exclusive: The first Mangusta 130 S Forever One

02 Jul 2007Serenada leaving Cannes

03 May 2007The Mangusta 108 Medici at night in Saint Tropez