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Address: Marineweg 1
Zip Code: 2952 AZ
Place: Alblasserdam
Country: Netherlands
Additional address:
Phone: +31 78 699 5399
Fax: +31 78 699 5398
Web site: http://www.oceancoyacht.com
E-mail: oceanco@oceanco.nl

Oceanco News

23 Jun 2015New photos of Oceanco project Y715

05 Jun 2015Appointments at Oceanco

18 May 2015Oceanco project Y715 arrives at the yard

06 May 2015Official launch announcement of Aquijo by Oceanco & Vitters

04 May 2015New photos of Oceanco Y711 / Vitters 3069 project

30 Apr 2015Exclusive: Oceanco Y711 / Vitters 3069 project ready to launch

27 Apr 2015Interviewing Robert Tan of Oceanco at the Singapore Yacht Show

20 Apr 2015Vibrant Curiosity returns to Oceanco

24 Mar 201575 Metre Anastasia joins Singapore Yacht Show line-up

20 Mar 2015Hull of 110 metre Oceanco Y714 launched

04 Mar 2015Oceanco reveals 107m superyacht concept, Stiletto at DIBS

19 Feb 2015Oceanco to unveil new 107 metre yacht in Dubai

03 Feb 2015Oceanco delivers superyacht Infinity

12 Nov 2014Vitruvius Yachts & Oceanco announce 105m superyacht project

17 Oct 2014Oceanco's Y710 on seatrials

16 Oct 2014Tripp 85 metre yacht under construction at Vitters Shipyard and Oceanco

05 Aug 2014New photos of Oceanco's Y710

25 Jul 201488.50 Metre Oceanco project 710 now launched

10 Jun 2014Oceanco delivers 91.5 metre superyacht Equanimity

31 Oct 2013Mast added to Oceanco's 91.50 metre superyacht project PA164

30 Oct 2013Oceanco launches 91.50 metre superyacht PA164

11 Oct 2013Oceanco and top designer Tim Heywood unveil project DP017

05 Jun 2013New Oceanco facility for building 100+ metre yachts

18 Mar 2013Video of 88.5 metre Oceanco superyacht Nirvana

05 Dec 201285 Metre Oceanco on seatrials in Holland

17 Nov 2012Superyacht of the Week: Oceanco's 88.5 metre Nirvana

16 Nov 2012CEO of Oceanco awarded Excellence in Innovation Award

29 Oct 2012110 metre Oceanco superyacht sold by Burgess

13 Aug 201288.5 Metre Nirvana to debut at Monaco Yacht Show

19 Jul 2012Exclusive: First images of the new 85.5m Oceanco superyacht

15 May 2012Dutch send off of Oceanco superyacht Nirvana

27 Mar 2012Photos: Oceanco’s latest superyacht Nirvana (Y707) under sea trials

15 Mar 2012Chairman of Oceanco receives World of Yachts recognition award

06 Feb 2012Oceanco shares more details on 88.5 metre Y707

02 Jan 2012Oceanco launches new website

13 Jul 2011Oceanco superyacht Seven Seas at the 2011 Monaco Yacht Show

23 Jun 2011Luiz de Basto unveils design for 90 metre Oceanco

07 Jun 2011Adriel Design designs Oceanco concept with ultimate atrium feature

17 May 2011Maritime Labour Convention 2006 Seminar

16 May 2011Hot Lab unveils design for Oceanco concept superyacht PA 168

25 Feb 2011Oceanco exhibits in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Hainan

25 Feb 2011Oceanco starts outfitting 85.6 metre superyacht​ Y708

12 Jan 2011Oceanco delivers 86 metre superyacht Seven Seas

26 Nov 2010Oceanco's 42 metre superyacht Idefix

08 Oct 2010Oceanco reveals plans for a new 100m+ facility

07 Oct 2010Oceanco honored at the International Seakeeper’s Society

06 Oct 2010BMT develop next generation for Oceanco

07 Jul 2010Oceanco hosts international press at the yard

02 Jul 2010Oceanco at the 2010 Monaco Yacht Show

04 Jun 2010Oceanco hires Dirk de Jong as Design Projects and R&D Manager

14 May 2010Vibrant Curiosity receives award

29 Apr 2010Oceanco changes ownership

13 Apr 2010Oceanco Top Management restructuring

29 Mar 2010Superyacht ES-117 takes Elie Saab’s creative genius to the high seas

26 Mar 2010Oceanco delivers 85.5m superyacht Sunrays

23 Mar 2010Oceanco designs at the 2010 Abu Dhabi Yacht Show

16 Mar 2010Oceanco complete superyacht Sunrays (Y705)

04 Dec 2009Oceanco loads in 87m Y707

26 Nov 2009Oceanco launches 85m Y705

28 Oct 2009Oceanco at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

30 Sep 2009Superyacht Vibrant Curiosity returns to Oceanco

16 Sep 2009New Oceanco projects at the Monaco Yacht Show

18 May 2009Oceanco’s Y704 Vibrant Curiosity delivered

20 Apr 2009Y706 arrives at Oceanco

16 Feb 2009Oceanco launches Vibrant Curiosity (Y704)

27 Jan 2009Oceanco and Oceanco’s Alfa Nero awarded in India

04 Aug 2008Oceanco’s 85.50m Y705 on her way to completion

30 Jul 2008Oceanco's 75m Anastasia will debut at the Monaco Yacht Show

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01 Dec 2015Oceanco superyacht Infinity arriving in Antigua

30 Nov 2015New 86.7m superyacht design for Oceanco

20 Nov 2015Superyacht St. Princess Olga in Sardinia

06 Nov 2015Helios in Florida for FLIBS

04 Nov 2015Oceanco’s 95m superyacht Indian Empress

04 Nov 2015FLIBS preview: Top 5 yachts for sale at the show

26 Oct 2015The 91.5m superyacht Equanimity in Yokohama

12 Oct 2015Oceanco superyacht Seven Seas at Pier 66 Marina

29 Sep 2015Vitruvius Yachts & Oceanco reveal 105m design Acquaintance

07 Sep 2015110m superyacht Dilbar in Porto Cervo

03 Sep 2015Repainting the 60m MY Sea Pearl in Thailand

14 Aug 2015Derecktor shipyard completes extensive refit to Lazy Z

29 Jul 2015Oceanco’s 80m Amevi in Mallorca

10 Jul 2015In Pictures: Super sailing yacht Aquijo

18 May 2015Oceanco superyachts Equanimity & Infinity in Fort Lauderdale

25 Apr 2015Photo Gallery of the first day of the Singapore Yacht Show

24 Apr 2015Anastasia at the 2015 Singapore Yacht Show

23 Apr 2015Superyacht Anastasia arrives at the Singapore Yacht Show

13 Apr 2015Singapore Yacht Show announce superyacht lineup

03 Apr 2015Proteksan-Turquoise Yachts rebrands as Turquoise Yachts

27 Mar 2015The 49.80m superyacht Anedigmi sold

26 Mar 2015Video of Oceanco's new 110m Y714

12 Mar 2015Dutch superyacht industry exhibiting at TEFAF

17 Feb 2015The Oceanco Natita in the Bahamas

12 Feb 2015In Pictures: Superyacht Infinity in Gibraltar

10 Feb 2015Superyacht Seven Seas in Fort Lauderdale

30 Jan 2015Refit works commence on Lazy Z

20 Jan 2015The 80 metre Amevi in Port Adriano

12 Jan 2015The 23rd Edition of the Dubai International Boat Show

05 Jan 2015New owner of Proteksan Turquoise comments on change of ownership

22 Dec 2014Owner of Oceanco buys Proteksan Turquoise yard

21 Oct 2014Southern Spars delivers 93 metre masts to The Netherlands

16 Oct 2014Mogambo, Nirvana and Lady Moura in Antibes

24 Sep 2014The 91.5 metre superyacht Equanimity in Monaco

28 Aug 2014Superyacht Lady Lola off Positano

07 Aug 2014The 62.5 metre Lady Lola on the Amalfi coast

01 Aug 2014Video of the transport of the 106 metre Oceanco Solar

29 Jul 2014106 Metre sailing yacht arrives at Oceanco for completion

22 Jul 2014Oceanco rolls out 88.50 metre superyacht project 710

27 Jun 2014Hot Lab unveils 110 metre Oceanco Primadonna

25 Jun 2014The 91.5 metre Oceanco Equanimity in Valencia

18 Jun 2014Refit of 62m superyacht Lady Christina

17 Jun 2014Video of Oceanco superyacht Equanimity

01 Apr 2014Update: New award show happens to be April Fool’s joke from Dutch and German shipyards

24 Mar 2014Oceanco superyacht Lazy Z sold

18 Mar 2014Dutch superyacht industry present at world's most prestigious art fair

04 Mar 2014Dubai International Boat Show 2014 opens today

27 Feb 2014The Oceanco Caprice in Fort Lauderdale

19 Feb 2014Nirvana added to Dubai Boat Show line-up

07 Feb 2014Think Yachts, Think Holland

21 Jan 2014In Pictures: The Oceanco Alfa Nero in Gibraltar

13 Jan 2014The 75 metre Oceanco superyacht Anastasia

10 Jan 2014Seatrial video of new 91.50 metre Oceanco superyacht

02 Jan 2014Interview with Nakilat Damen Shipyards Qatar

02 Jan 201485 Metre sailing yacht arrives at Oceanco

19 Dec 2013​Oceanco's 91.50 metre Y709 undergoing seatrials

22 Nov 2013The 62.5 metre Lady Lola

25 Oct 2013Oceanco superyacht Sunrays in Turkey

18 Oct 2013The 88.5 metre superyacht Nirvana in Datca, Turkey

05 Sep 2013Superyacht Vibrant Curiosity in Vancouver

20 Aug 2013The iconic superyacht Alfa Nero at anchor

16 Jul 2013Oceanco superyacht Anna J sold, and renamed Jaan

04 Jul 2013Superyachts Lady Marina and Sunrays in Monaco

02 Jul 2013Superyacht Attessa and Vibrant Curiosity in Vancouver

01 Jul 2013The 88.5 metres Oceanco superyacht Nirvana

13 Jun 2013The 86 metre superyacht Seven Seas at anchor

28 May 2013Superyachts Sunrays, Battered Bull and Montkaj in Antibes

12 Feb 2013In Pictures: The 85.6 Metre Oceanco St. Princess Olga

11 Feb 201385.6 Metre Oceanco St. Princess Olga delivered

14 Jan 2013The 85.5 metre Oceanco Sunrays in Capri

19 Dec 2012SYT Top 5: The best read superyacht launch articles in 2012

11 Dec 2012Oceanco Sunrise sold

30 Nov 2012106 Metre sailing yacht Solar by Nuvolari & Lenard under construction

28 Nov 2012SYT Archive: Video of superyacht Constellation off Antibes (2006)

31 Oct 201285 Metre Oceanco on seatrials today

23 Oct 2012The 66 metre Oceanco Natita cruising in Saint Tropez

11 Oct 2012Hodgdon Yachts delivers superyacht limo-tender

07 Sep 2012Oceanco superyacht Nirvana for sale with Edmiston

21 Aug 2012The Oceanco sisters Anastasia and Nirvana side by side

20 Aug 2012The 80 metre superyacht Amevi in Mykonos

07 Aug 2012The 95 metre Oceanco superyacht Indian Empress

20 Jul 2012Superyacht Sunrays in the bay of Saint Tropez

05 Jul 201275 Metre Anastasia for sale with Edmiston

04 Jul 2012The 85 metre Oceanco Sunrays yesterday in Antibes

13 Jun 2012In Pictures: Superyacht Amevi with new blue hull

23 Mar 2012Oceanco project Y707 now named Nirvana

27 Feb 2012Oceanco superyacht Lady Lola joins IYC charter fleet

10 Feb 2012Superyacht Deep Blue II for sale with Fraser Yachts

08 Feb 2012Oceanco Anedigmi now for sale with Fraser Yachts

01 Feb 2012Oceanco superyacht Lady Christine now for sale with Burgess

25 Jan 2012Exclusive: Oceanco launches 88.5 metre superyacht project Y707

02 Dec 2011Superyacht Alfa Nero in Gibraltar

22 Nov 2011Superyacht Lady Lola sold by Fraser Yachts and Merle Wood

14 Nov 2011The 85.4 metre superyacht Seven Seas

28 Oct 2011The Oceanco Deep Blue in Downtown Miami

04 Oct 2011Superyacht Alfa Nero off Saint Tropez

29 Aug 2011PYA and MCA to host Maritime Labour Convention 2006 seminar in Monaco

19 Aug 2011€ 5,500,000 Price reduction for superyacht Lady Christina at Edmiston

18 Aug 2011Superyacht Seven Seas passing through the Corinth Canal

02 Aug 2011Superyacht Vibrant Curiosity in Malmo, Sweden

06 Jul 2011Superyacht Pegasus II sold by Denison & Daves and YPI

29 Jun 2011Superyacht Anedigmi for sale with Ocean Independence

29 Jun 2011Superyacht Mim joins Edmiston charter fleet

28 Jun 2011The 62 metre Oceanco Lady Christina coming into Monaco

05 May 2011Oceanco superyacht Seven Seas arrives in Gibraltar

14 Apr 2011Oceanco superyacht Lady Lola for sale with Fraser Yachts

22 Mar 2011Superyacht Amevi in Gibraltar

04 Mar 2011Superyacht Sunrise for sale with Burgess

12 Jan 2011The 55 metre Oceanco Lady Christine in Monaco

11 Jan 2011Superyacht Vibrant Curiosity in Curacao

05 Jan 2011Superyacht Alfa Nero now for sale with Moran Yacht & Ship

03 Dec 2010Superyacht Lazy Z in Antibes

29 Nov 2010The 62 metre Oceanco Lady Christina at anchor

26 Nov 2010Major price reduction for superyacht Lady Christina

16 Nov 2010The Oceanco Amevi

15 Nov 2010Major price reduction for superyacht Lazy Z

11 Oct 2010Superyacht Pegasus off Monaco

01 Oct 2010The 75.5 metre Oceanco Anastasia

07 Sep 2010Yachtsupport signs contract with Oceanco for superyacht Y708

25 Aug 2010The oceanco Sunrays in Sardinia

23 Jun 2010Alewijnse Marine Systems signs new contract for 85.5 metre Oceanco

11 Jun 2010Superyacht Ona sold by Burgess and renamed Natita

09 Jun 2010The stunning 85.5 metre Sunrays in Portofino

25 May 2010Burgess New Construction Division completes 85 metre Oceanco superyacht Sunrays

07 Apr 2010The iconic superyacht Alfa Nero

29 Mar 2010The Oceanco Lazy Z at anchor

23 Feb 2010Superyacht Indian Empress in the Caribbean

14 Oct 2009Mimtee off Monaco

16 Sep 2009Edmiston and Merle Wood list Oceanco’s 82m Alfa Nero

09 Sep 2009The Oceanco Vibrant Curiosity

03 Sep 2009The Oceanco Amevi

06 Aug 2009Oceanco’s Caprice joins charter fleet of International Yacht Collection

28 Jul 2009Applause, a first generation Oceanco

01 May 2009Oceanco's Ona in Antibes

28 Apr 2009Oceanco’s 55m superyacht Lady Christine arriving in Malta

15 Apr 2009Oceanco’s Sunrise in the Caribbean

17 Dec 2008Alfa Nero off Saint Tropez

12 Nov 2008Oceanco's Stargate off Monaco

16 Sep 2008Oceanco's Anastasia at the IYCA

09 Sep 2008Amevi off Corfu

14 Aug 2008Stargate in Club de Mar

23 Jul 2008The Oceanco Anedigmi

19 May 2008Indian Empress anchored in the Bosphorus, Istanbul

24 Apr 2008Oceanco launches 75m Anastasia (Y703)

23 Apr 2008Oceanco acquires 57,000m2 of new land

15 Apr 2008Oceanco’s Dilbar in Gibraltar

07 Dec 2007Constellation passing the Kotor Bay

01 Oct 2007Indian Empress anchored off Cap Ferrat

24 Sep 2007The Monaco Yacht Show 2007 - Day 3 & 4

19 Sep 2007Alfa Nero in Monaco

19 Sep 2007The Monaco Yacht Show 2007 - Day 1

31 Aug 2007Lady Christina off Capri

13 Aug 2007Aviva II taking waves off Monaco

03 Aug 2007The 82m oceAnco Alfa Nero (Y702) on the North Sea

13 Jul 2007Construction update: oceAnco’s 85m Y704

03 Jul 2007The oceAnco Aviva II anchored off St Marguerite

06 Jun 2007Y702 christened Alfa Nero

28 May 2007Oceanco launches Y702

25 May 2007The recently refitted Deep Blue anchored off Ste Marguerite

24 May 2007Amevi at night in Port Hercule of Monaco

14 Feb 2007Lady Christina by Oceanco