Andrew Winch Designs Ltd.

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Address: The Old Fire Station 123 Mortlake High Street
Zip Code: SW14 8SN
Place: London
Country: United Kingdom
Additional address:
Phone: +44 (0) 20 8392 8400
Fax: +44 (0) 20 8392 8401
Web site:

Andrew Winch Designs Ltd. News

10 Oct 2014Andrew Winch Design and Foglizzo team up

15 Sep 2014Moran Yacht & Ship signs 112 metre Lürssen Palo Alto

24 Jan 2014New rendering of Winch and Royal Huisman project

13 Nov 2013More information released about Limited Editions Amels 242

21 Oct 2013Closer look at underwaterbodies of the DART superyacht series

01 Oct 2013Royal Huisman and Andrew Winch Designs unveil DART

18 Sep 2013Andrew Winch Designs unveils new 100 metre superyacht

16 Sep 2013Andrew Winch Designs unveils A&R project Infinity

23 Jul 2013 800 Guests attend Sea Owl’s delivery party in Amsterdam

11 Jul 2013Superyacht Sea Owl docks in the centre of Amsterdam

21 Jun 2013Superyacht Inoui delivered by Vitters

03 Jun 2013Andrew Winch Designs comments on launch of Feadship Sea Owl

01 May 201399 Metre Feadship delivered and named Madame Gu

11 Feb 2013Andrew Winch Designs comments on launch of 99 metre Feadship

07 Feb 2013Feadship breaks records with largest superyacht ever

24 Jan 2013Andrew Winch Designs creates unique ‘whale’ suite

07 Nov 2012The 68.5 metre Espen Oeino designed superyacht Hermitage

01 Oct 2012The 68.5 metre Lürssen superyacht Hermitage at anchor

20 Jun 2012Musical christening for 65 metre Amels Sea Rhapsody

20 Mar 2012Seatrial photos of 87 metre superyacht Ace

10 Oct 2011Fincantieri unveils 88 metre and 145 metre superyacht designs

17 Sep 2011Superyacht of the Week: Imagine, the first Limited Editions Amels 212

01 Dec 2010Amels launches the first Limited Editions Amels 212 ahead of schedule

04 Oct 2010Burger Boat delivers 43 metre superyacht Sea Owl

27 Jul 2010Burger Boat launches 43 metre Sea Owl

10 Nov 2009CMN’s Slipstream wins awards in Fort Lauderdale

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25 Jan 2016Superyachts in Grenada at sunset

15 Jan 2016The world’s third largest superyacht in Dubai

14 Jan 2016New 100m superyacht concept featuring TiltRotor aircraft

14 Jan 201674m Amels project 7402 construction update

06 Jan 2016First 74 metre Amels 242 superyacht launched

04 Jan 2016The Amels superyacht Z in Tarragona

22 Dec 2015Top superyacht sales of 2015

09 Dec 2015Royal Huisman’s DART80 superyacht project update

02 Dec 2015Andrew Winch Design celebrate 30 years in business

12 Nov 2015Mariotti to build 180 metre superyacht?

26 Oct 2015The 91.5m superyacht Equanimity in Yokohama

09 Oct 201568m Lürssen superyacht Hermitage at anchor

09 Oct 2015In Pictures: 133m superyacht Al Mirqab in Havana

08 Oct 2015Lürssen superyacht Phoenix2 at sunset

02 Oct 201587m Lürssen superyacht Ace at anchor

02 Oct 2015Fraser Yachts’ Antoine Larricq speaks about the sale of the Amels LE242 superyacht

11 Sep 201599m Feadship superyacht Madame Gu in Porto Cervo

24 Aug 201535m sailing yacht Whisper off Martha’s Vineyard

14 Aug 2015Burger superyacht Shadowl in Nantucket

07 Aug 2015Benetti Superyacht St. David anchored off Stromboli

03 Aug 2015Projects currently underway at Turquoise Yachts

28 Jul 2015Superyacht Astrid Conroy in Venice

22 Jul 2015Superyacht Al Mirqab in Cannes

10 Jul 2015Superyacht Phoenix 2 in Palma de Mallorca

23 Jun 2015Lightning over superyacht Al Mirqab

19 Jun 2015Superyacht Cloud 9 sold

03 Jun 2015Madame Gu in Monaco

28 May 2015Superyacht Aurora sold

22 May 2015Y.CO reveal price of 88.8 metre superyacht project Intensity

20 May 2015Al Mirqab and Al Salamah in Greece

18 May 2015Oceanco superyachts Equanimity & Infinity in Fort Lauderdale

05 May 2015Y.CO introduce the 88.8m superyacht project Intensity

23 Apr 2015Asia Pacific Yachting Conference: Day Two

15 Apr 2015Superyacht St. David in Malta two days ago

03 Apr 2015Benetti superyacht St. David sold

30 Mar 2015Jon Bannenberg: A Life of Design released

20 Mar 2015Superyacht Dubai docked at Logos Island, Dubai

16 Mar 2015The largest yachts at the upcoming Palm Beach show

16 Jan 2015Superyacht Cloud 9 at anchor

14 Jan 2015Burgess sells 49 metre superyacht Mim

05 Jan 2015New owner of Proteksan Turquoise comments on change of ownership

02 Dec 2014Interview with Eidsgaard Design

31 Oct 2014The Amels superyacht Astrid Conroy

23 Oct 2014Superyacht Ace off Antibes

17 Oct 2014Video of superyacht Asolare at Front Street Shipyard

06 Oct 2014Superyacht Inoui in Saint Tropez

06 Oct 2014First Limited Editions Amels 242 arrives at the yard

24 Sep 2014The 91.5 metre superyacht Equanimity in Monaco

24 Sep 2014Debuting in Monaco, superyacht Z

10 Sep 2014Three large Lürssen superyachts at anchor

08 Sep 2014Top 10 brokerage superyachts at the Cannes Yachting Festival

05 Sep 2014Superyacht Al Mirqab cruising off Capri

23 Jul 2014In Pictures: The new Amels 212 Z

15 Jul 2014Superyacht Hermitage at night

26 Jun 2014Burgess sells 74 metre CRN new build project

25 Jun 2014The 91.5 metre Oceanco Equanimity in Valencia

23 Jun 2014133 Metre Al Mirqab receives additional deck during refit

17 Jun 2014Video of Oceanco superyacht Equanimity

10 Jun 2014Oceanco delivers 91.5 metre superyacht Equanimity

04 Jun 2014YPI announce sale of 42.35m sailing yacht Cyclos III

30 May 2014Fireworks over superyacht Ace

06 May 2014Madame Gu named Superyacht of the Year

01 May 2014Live from Palma: Superyacht Hamilton II

23 Apr 2014Brokerage Deal of the Week: 2005 CNB performance cruiser

22 Apr 2014Cyclos III to be sold in a blind auction

22 Apr 2014In Pictures: The 99 metre Madame Gu

19 Mar 2014The Andrew Winch designed superyacht St.David

14 Mar 2014Lürssen project Thor under construction

11 Mar 2014The 162 metre superyacht Dubai in Dubai

18 Feb 2014In Pictures: Sea Rhapsody moments before sunrise

03 Feb 2014Superyacht Phoenix 2 off Anguilla

10 Jan 2014Cloud 9 to be on display in Singapore

20 Dec 2013Video of the stunning Feadship Sea Owl

19 Dec 2013​Oceanco's 91.50 metre Y709 undergoing seatrials

13 Dec 2013Sailing yacht Scheherazade sold

11 Dec 2013Superyacht Cloud 9 in Monaco

05 Dec 2013The 87 metre Lürssen superyacht Ace

02 Dec 2013Superyacht Hermitage in Barcelona

31 Oct 2013Mast added to Oceanco's 91.50 metre superyacht project PA164

30 Oct 2013Oceanco launches 91.50 metre superyacht PA164

29 Oct 2013The 87 metre superyacht Ace in Gibraltar

23 Sep 201374 metre superyacht contract signed by Moran at Amels

23 Jul 2013Feadships Venus and Madame Gu meet for the first time

11 Jul 2013The 82 metre Andrew Winch designed superyacht Sarafsa

25 Jun 2013Video of 62-metre Feadship Sea Owl undergoing seatrials

19 Jun 2013Projects currently under construction at Feadship

18 Jun 2013The 99 metre superyacht Madame Gu in Antibes

05 Jun 2013Feadship comments on launch of 62 metre Sea Owl

02 Jun 2013Exclusive: Feadship launches superyacht Sea Owl (#807)

24 May 2013Superyacht Mim in Monaco

06 May 2013In Pictures: 99 metre superyacht Madame Gu arrives in the Mediterranean

01 May 2013The 58 metre superyacht Netanya 8 underway

22 Apr 2013The 43 metre superyacht Sea Owl at anchor

25 Mar 2013The 90.02 metre Lürssen built Phoenix 2

27 Feb 2013The second 65.70 metre Limited Editions Amels 212 Sea Rhapsody

08 Feb 2013Photo of superyacht project Dream

07 Feb 2013Exclusive: Feadship launches 99m superyacht

04 Feb 2013The 58 metre Amels superyacht Gu underway

04 Feb 2013SYT yard visit: ISA Yachts in Italy

31 Jan 2013In pictures: The 82 metre superyacht Sarafsa

24 Jan 2013The French built superyacht Mim in Saint Tropez

23 Jan 2013Amels' 65.50 metre superyacht Imagine at anchor

13 Dec 2012Dutch design student unveils 43 metre superyacht project

12 Dec 2012In pictures: the 65.50 metre Amels superyacht Imagine

21 Nov 2012162.5 metre superyacht Eclipse leaves Fincantieri

15 Oct 2012The 87 metre superyacht Ace at anchor

11 Oct 2012Hodgdon Yachts delivers superyacht limo-tender

11 Sep 2012Lürssen superyacht Ace in Nice

20 Aug 2012Superyacht Cloud 9 for sale with Burgess

01 Aug 2012The 1990 Royal Huisman superyacht Cyclos III

11 Jul 2012Superyacht Scheherazade for sale with Edmiston

09 Jul 2012Superyacht projects underway at Feadship

29 Jun 2012The 87.2 metre superyacht Phoenix 2 at night

28 Jun 2012Sailing yacht Whirlwind for sale with Fraser Yachts

21 Jun 2012The 133 metre superyacht Al Mirqab in Capri

31 May 2012Sailing yacht Whirlwind joins Edmiston charter fleet

18 May 2012Sailing yacht Moonraker sold

02 Apr 2012CMN Yachts at the Hainan Rendez-Vous

07 Mar 2012Two new superyacht tenders by Hodgdon

09 Feb 2012Royal Huisman sailing yacht Cyclos III for sale with YPI

10 Jan 2012Lürssen launches 87 metre superyacht Ace

04 Nov 2011The Andrew Winch designed superyacht Phoenix 2

16 Sep 2011Two superyacht world premiers from Amels in Monaco

16 Sep 2011Vitters signs contract for a 33.40 metre sailing yacht

06 Jul 2011Superyacht Pegasus II sold by Denison & Daves and YPI

20 May 2011Lürssen's brand new superyacht Hermitage

31 Mar 2011Limited Editions Amels 212 Imagine in Gibraltar

31 Mar 2011Major price reduction on the 24m sailing yacht Moonraker

18 Mar 2011Moran and Lürssen announce delivery of superyacht Hermitage

15 Mar 2011Superyacht Dubai cruising off the Palm Island

02 Mar 2011Superyacht Phoenix 2 in Gibraltar

28 Feb 2011Superyacht Cloud 9 in the Caribbean

22 Nov 2010Superyacht Slipstream in Gibraltar

30 Oct 2010Superyacht Hermitage launched by Lürssen

11 Oct 2010Superyacht Pegasus off Monaco

05 Oct 2010Fraser Yachts and Burgess list 74m new-build superyacht

26 Jul 2010Moran & Lürssen announce delivery of superyacht Phoenix 2

17 Jun 2010The 58 metre Amels Gu

08 Jun 2010Superyacht Phoenix sold by Edmiston and Burgess

04 Jun 2010Lürssen’s superyacht Phoenix 2 starts sea trials

15 Apr 2010Lürssen launches superyacht Phoenix 2 (project J24)

01 Apr 2010Major price reduction for superyacht Phoenix

03 Mar 2010Superyacht Cloud 9 in Antigua

14 Oct 2009Mimtee off Monaco

09 Jun 2009Slipstream in the South of France

08 Jun 2009Al Mirqab at night in Monaco

15 May 2009CMN Yachts launches 60m superyacht Cloud 9

26 Mar 2009Lürssen’s Phoenix off Saint Lucia

18 Mar 2009Lürssen to deliver three superyachts in 2009

12 Mar 2009CMN launches 60m Andrew Winch designed Slipstream

11 Mar 2009SYT World Exclusive: Platinum Yachts unveils 162m Dubai - the world’s largest superyacht

10 Mar 2009Exclusive: Sneak preview of the first Amels 212 Limited Editions superyacht

12 Feb 2009Sarafsa in Nice

27 Jan 2009Second Limited Editions Amels 212 superyacht sold

09 Dec 2008Scutti Shark at the FLIBS 2008

27 Oct 2008Al Mirqab cruising off Cap Ferrat

03 Oct 2008The beautiful new Xanadu

29 Sep 2008Project Windjammer by Dykstra, Royal Huisman, YPI & Andrew Winch

24 Sep 2008Yachting Partners International unveils Windjammer

21 Aug 2008Royale Oceanic completes new Sarafsa

10 Jul 2008Sneak preview: Benetti’s new 60m Xanadu

10 Jun 2008Update: Aerial photos of Al Mirqab under sea trials

02 May 2008Exclusive: Devonport’s 82m Sarafsa (Project 54) leaves dock and starts trials

14 Apr 2008Samax anchored off Sorrento

11 Apr 2008Update: 133m Peters Schiffbau 681 to be named Al Mirqab

08 Apr 2008Peters Schiffbau launches 133m Project May

02 Mar 2008Sunday exclusive: Sarafsa (Project 54) launched

29 Feb 2008180’ Royal Huisman Flybridge Concept

08 Feb 2008Hamilton II sailing off Palma de Mallorca

01 Feb 2008Mysterious 47m Aerorig yacht

15 Jan 2008Faribana V (ex Sarafsa) refueling in Valletta

11 Jan 2008Feadship’s Fortunato shows off her new water toy

14 Jun 2007The Amels Sarafsa leaving the IYCA

04 Jun 2007Lürssen's Phoenix

08 May 2007CMN's latest yacht Netanya 8

05 Feb 2007Three CMN 58m series in build

13 Jul 2006Amels to begin work on second Limited Edition superyacht

01 Mar 2006Sea Owl - First collaboration between AWD and Burger