Terence Disdale Design Ltd.

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Address: 6 The Green
Zip Code: TW9 1PL
Place: Richmond, Surrey
Country: United Kingdom
Additional address:
Phone: +44 (0)208 940 1452
Fax: +44 (0)208 940 5964
Web site: http://www.terencedisdale.co.uk
E-mail: terencedisdale@terencedisdale.co.uk

Terence Disdale Design Ltd. News

03 Feb 2015Abeking & Rasmussen launch 81.8 metre Dartwo

08 May 2013The 37 metre superyacht Executive in Greece

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18 Jun 2010Superyacht Ecstasea off Antibes

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25 May 2010Burgess New Construction Division completes 85 metre Oceanco superyacht Sunrays

13 May 2010La Masquerade in the South of France

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16 Mar 2010Oceanco complete superyacht Sunrays (Y705)

10 Mar 2010The 92m superyacht Tatoosh off Cannes

09 Mar 2010Superyacht Hurricane Run in the Caribbean

12 Jan 2010Superyacht Pelorus at anchor

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30 Jun 2008Kogo anchored off Monte Argentario

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22 Apr 2008T.J. Esperanza leaving Antibes after the yacht show

11 Apr 2008QM of London anchored off Sardinia

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21 Feb 2008Lady Haya leaving Gibraltar

12 Feb 2008Malibu arriving in Monaco

18 Oct 2007The Amels TJ Esperanza cruising off Monaco

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25 Apr 2007Al Salamah passing a bridge

16 Feb 2007Benetti Desamis B off Cap d'Antibes

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