Espen Oeino International

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Address: Le Castellara 9, Av du President JF Kennedy
Zip Code: MC 98000
Place: Monaco
Country: Monaco
Additional address:
Phone: +377 97 97 22 90
Fax: +377 97 70 43 44
Web site:

Espen Oeino International  News

16 Mar 2015The 38 metre superyacht Butterfly in Mexico

30 May 2014Danish Yachts unveals AeroCruiser 38 II Fly

12 Feb 2014SYX Special: Interview with superyacht designer Espen Oeino

27 Jun 2013Lürssen comments on launch of superyacht Solandge

20 Jun 2013Lürssen launches 85.10 metre superyacht Solandge

07 Nov 2012The 68.5 metre Espen Oeino designed superyacht Hermitage

01 Oct 2012The 68.5 metre Lürssen superyacht Hermitage at anchor

30 Sep 2012Superyacht of the Week: The 61 metre Lady Kathryn V

20 Sep 2012 The 72 metre VSY Stella Maris in Monaco

07 Sep 2012The 13th largest yacht in the world, superyacht Katara

04 Aug 2012Superyacht of the Week: The 77 metre Smeralda

27 Jul 2012Live from Italy: Launch of 72 metre superyacht Stella Maris

04 Jul 2012Viareggio Superyachts pre-launch 72 metre superyacht Stella Maris

06 Aug 2011Scoop: Fincantieri delivers 134 metre superyacht Serene

21 Jul 2011Superyacht Shooting Star to star at the Monaco Yacht Show

02 Jul 2011Superyacht of the Week: the 38 metre Shooting Star

23 May 2011Superyacht Candyscape II wins another award

21 Dec 2010Project Freedom by Espen Oeino and SuperYachts Monaco

16 Dec 201068 Metre superyacht Hermitage undergoing seatrials

16 Oct 2010Superyacht of the Week: Lürssen's 60 metre Solemates

05 Oct 2010The AeroCruiser 38F III superyacht by Espen Oeino and Danish Yachts

28 Aug 2010Superyacht of the Week: The 75.4 metre Lürssen Northern Star

28 Nov 2009SuperYacht of the week: the 60m Lürssen Arkley

29 Sep 2009Watch design by Espen Oeino

05 Jun 2009Espen Oeino & Hanseatic Marine unveil 77m fast support vessel

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30 Oct 2015In Pictures: Fincantieri’s 140m superyacht Ocean Victory in Malaysia

28 Oct 2015Lürssen superyacht Kismet in Jacksonville

09 Oct 201568m Lürssen superyacht Hermitage at anchor

24 Sep 2015Lürssen 85m superyacht Solandge in Monaco

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08 Sep 2015First look on board 63m Sunrise superyacht Irimari

01 Sep 2015In Pictures: Lürssen's 95m superyacht Kismet

28 Aug 2015Lürssen superyacht Solandge in Port Bonifacio

17 Aug 2015Lürssen superyacht Skat entering Porto Venere

13 Aug 201563m Lürssen superyacht Polar Star at anchor

11 Aug 2015140m Ocean Victory in Auckland

04 Aug 201572m superyacht Stella Maris in Imperia

31 Jul 2015In Pictures: 77m superyacht SilverFast

28 Jul 2015Superyacht Irimari delivered by Sunrise Yachts

07 Jul 2015Lürssen to present Ester III at Monaco Yacht Show

01 Jul 2015Video of superyachts Ester III and Symphony

19 Jun 2015Superyacht Podium relaunched at Feadship

31 May 2015Superyacht of the Week: The 66 metre superyacht Ester III

28 May 2015Serene at anchor off Antibes

28 May 2015Video of the launch of 63 metre superyacht Irimari

18 May 2015Oceanco superyachts Equanimity & Infinity in Fort Lauderdale

13 May 2015Three CMB superyachts under construction

12 May 2015Winners of the World Superyacht Awards

07 May 2015Sunrise Yachts launch first of 63m series, superyacht Irimari

28 Apr 2015Sunrise preparing the launch of 63 metre Irimari

02 Apr 2015 Sunrise Yachts to exhibit at the London Yacht, Jet and Prestige Car Show

30 Mar 2015Superyacht SilverFast launched

28 Mar 2015Exclusive preview: SilverYachts preparing launch of 77m SilverFast

09 Mar 2015In Pictures: Superyacht Solandge in Gibraltar

26 Feb 2015Video of Lürssen's 66 metre Ester III

23 Feb 2015On board superyacht Moon Goddess in Miami

19 Feb 2015Oceanco to unveil new 107 metre yacht in Dubai

13 Feb 2015Superyachts Martha Ann, Cocoa Bean and Meteor in West Palm Beach

12 Feb 2015In Pictures: Superyacht Infinity in Gibraltar

09 Feb 2015Video of superyacht Kismet's 3D printed jaguar

03 Feb 2015Oceanco delivers superyacht Infinity

30 Jan 2015The 134 metre superyacht Serene in Auckland

20 Jan 2015Brokerage deal of the week: The Codecasa Ester II

09 Jan 2015Hull and superstructure of 70m Kometa joined

06 Jan 2015Lürssen superyachts Katara, Saint Nicolas and Solandge seen in Porto Cervo

05 Jan 2015Superyacht Ester III underway to the Caribbean

15 Dec 2014Superyacht Kismet in Gibraltar

08 Dec 2014140 metre Ocean Victory delivered

28 Nov 2014Superyacht Vive La Vie in Paros, Greece

28 Nov 2014Silver Yachts at Singapore Yacht Show 2015

06 Nov 2014Three new letters of intent for Sunrise Yachts

04 Nov 2014Kismet docked in the centre of London

30 Oct 2014In Pictures: The 134 metre superyacht Serene

22 Oct 2014Lürssen to deliver three yachts at the end of 2014

21 Oct 2014Lürssen's Lime Light to undergo refit at Feadship

17 Oct 2014Oceanco's Y710 on seatrials

07 Oct 2014Lürssen superyacht Solemates sold

02 Oct 2014HSH Prince Albert of Monaco welcomes designers aboard Wood Forever Pact

22 Sep 2014More details released about 77 metre Silver Fast

16 Sep 2014New photo of 140 metre superyacht Ocean Victory

10 Sep 201495m Lürssen superyacht Kismet completes sea trials

14 Aug 2014Lürssen's superyacht Ester III on sea trials

13 Aug 2014Video of recently launched Lürssen Ester III

05 Aug 2014New photos of Oceanco's Y710

28 Jul 2014Superyacht Solandge in Saint Tropez

25 Jul 201488.50 Metre Oceanco project 710 now launched

22 Jul 2014Oceanco rolls out 88.50 metre superyacht project 710

15 Jul 2014Superyacht Hermitage at night

14 Jul 2014Superyacht Hadia in Malaga

11 Jul 2014Yard, designers and broker comment on the launch of 95m Kismet

09 Jul 2014Lürssen launches 94m superyacht Kismet II

04 Jul 2014Lürssen completes refit on 68.15m Global (ex Kismet)

02 Jul 2014The 61.8 metre superyacht RoMa

13 Jun 2014Superyacht Pegasus V sold

05 Jun 2014Scoop: 140m superyacht Ocean Victory starts sea trials

04 Jun 2014Visiting ongoing superyacht projects at Heesen

03 Jun 2014Update on the launch of the 66m Lürssen project Green

01 Jun 2014Superyacht of the week: The 85 metre Solandge

27 May 2014Lürssen launches 66 metre superyacht Ester III

26 May 201485 Metre superyacht Solandge added to Monaco line-up

05 May 2014New photo of 140m superyacht Victory

24 Apr 2014New photo of 140 metre superyacht Victory in the water

19 Apr 2014Scoop: Fincantieri launches 140 metre Victory project

24 Mar 2014The 77 metre superyacht Smeralda in Dubai

07 Mar 2014Moran Yacht & Ship releases more details about Kismet 2

05 Mar 2014The 77 metre Pegasus V at anchor off Monaco

18 Feb 201477 Metre SilverFast due for launch Q1 2015

18 Feb 2014​Espen Øino designed Shooting Star sold

17 Feb 2014Hanseatic Marine becomes SilverYachts

07 Feb 2014Second issue of iPad magazine SuperYacht Experience released

24 Jan 2014Superyacht Northern Star off St Barths

10 Jan 2014The 75.6 metre Lürssen Northern Star off Monaco

20 Dec 2013The recently sold superyacht Sea Jewel at anchor

19 Dec 2013Superyacht Sealyon in the port of Monaco

18 Dec 201370 Metre Fast Displacement superyacht sold by Heesen

02 Dec 2013Superyacht Hermitage in Barcelona

15 Nov 2013Superyacht Kismet renamed Global following recent sale

08 Nov 2013The spectacular 74 metre Enigma

07 Nov 2013Superyacht Kismet sold, and Kismet II announced

06 Nov 2013The 77 metre superyacht Smeralda at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

30 Oct 2013The 77 metre yacht Pegasus underway

26 Aug 2013Superyachts Pegaso and Sea Stallion at anchor

16 Aug 2013The 124 metre superyacht Katara in Bergen Norway

16 Aug 2013Lürssen superyacht project Solandge on sea trials

29 Jul 2013Stella Maris in Saint Tropez this summer

12 Jul 2013The 75 metre Lürssen Northern Star at anchor

08 Jul 2013The 72 metre superyacht Stella Maris in Monaco

20 Jun 2013Superyacht Oasis in the Caribbean

17 Jun 2013The Lürssen superyachts Katara and Dilbar at anchor

23 May 2013The 70 metre Lürssen Martha Ann in Gibraltar

14 May 2013The 70.2 metre Saint Nicolas leaving Antibes

26 Apr 2013The Lürssen built 124 metre superyacht Katara in Tarragona

24 Apr 2013The 70 metre Espen Oeino designed military looking superyacht Skat

12 Apr 2013In Pictures: The 61 metre superyacht Lady Kathryn V

19 Mar 2013Stella Maris' helideck now fully certified for Eurocopter EC 135 use

08 Feb 2013The 60 metre superyacht Solemates in the Caribbean

01 Feb 2013What happened to superyacht Amazon Express?

30 Jan 2013In pictures: The Lürssen's Titania, Saint Nicolas and Martha Ann

18 Dec 2012The 70 metre superyacht Skat at anchor

17 Dec 2012In pictures: The 84 metre superyacht Valerie at sunrise in Gibraltar

13 Dec 2012The 12th largest superyacht in the world Serene

28 Nov 2012The 60 metre Lürssen superyacht Lime Light in Saint Tropez

12 Nov 2012More information on 87 metre Lürssen superyacht Global

08 Nov 2012The 61.80 metre superyacht RoMa underway

02 Nov 2012VSY's 72 metre flagship Stella Maris wows the crowds

04 Oct 2012The 70 metre Espen Oeino designed Lürssen Martha Ann

14 Sep 2012The 77 metre superyacht Smeralda in Cannes

21 Aug 2012The top 100 in photos: Number 13, the 124 metre Katara

03 Aug 2012The 77 metre Royal Denship Pegasus V

30 Jul 201277 Metre superyacht Smeralda arrives in the Mediterranean

16 Jul 2012The 52 metre Abeking & Rasmussen Sea Jewel

12 Jul 2012The 126 metre superyacht Octopus arrives in Hamburg

11 Jul 2012More details released about 72 meter Stella Maris prior to MYS

15 Jun 2012New 56 metre superyacht order at Sunrise Yachts

14 Jun 201263 Metre superyacht progressing rapidly at Sunrise Yachts

23 May 2012New 63 metre superyacht order at Sunrise Yachts

15 May 2012Lürssen completes refit of superyacht Titania

03 Apr 2012The 124 metre Lürssen superyacht Katara

02 Apr 2012The 134 metre Serene in the Caribbean

24 Mar 201277m superyacht Smeralda launched by Hanseatic Marine

23 Mar 2012Superyacht Skat arriving in Europe after Atlantic crossing

20 Mar 2012The Lürssen superyacht Kismet off Monaco

05 Mar 2012Refit of charter yacht Apoise nearing completion

20 Feb 2012Lürssen Solemates for sale with Luxury Yacht Group

23 Jan 2012Lürssen launches hull of 85 metre superyacht Niki

11 Jan 2012The 73 metre superyacht Dragonfly arriving in Fort Lauderdale

14 Dec 2011The use of glass on 72 metre superyacht Stella Maris

13 Dec 2011Superyacht Skat docked at Secret Harbour Marina in Grenada

07 Dec 2011Superyacht JeMaSa sold by Merle Wood & Associates

29 Nov 2011Superyacht Northern Star at Falmouth Harbour Marina, Antigua

18 Oct 2011The 75 metre Espen Oeino designed Lürssen superyacht Northern Star

10 Oct 2011Superyacht Kismet in Gibraltar

19 Sep 2011The 134 metre superyacht Serene in Monaco

16 Sep 2011Viareggio Superyachts at the Monaco Yacht Show

15 Sep 2011Spectacular 77 metre superyacht Smeralda for sale with Burgess

22 Aug 2011Superyacht Serene off Cala di Volpe, Sardinia

16 Aug 2011Superyacht Octopus in Santorini

10 Aug 2011Sunrise Yachts introduce new 50 metre Espen Oeino design

09 Aug 2011The new Lürssen Lady Kathryn V in Capri

09 Aug 2011Superyacht Serene arrives in Gibraltar on maiden voyage

03 Aug 2011The 124 metre superyacht Katara in Capri

16 Jun 2011The 67 metre Lürssen superyacht Apoise

27 May 2011Superyacht Shooting Star in Monaco

27 May 2011Lürssen superyacht Valerie under sea trials

21 May 2011Scoop: Lürssen ready to launch superyacht Lady Kathryn V

20 May 2011Lürssen's brand new superyacht Hermitage

16 May 2011Superyacht Shooting Star for sale with YCO

19 Apr 2011The 124 metre Lürssen Katara

29 Mar 2011Danish Yachts launches superyacht Shooting Star

28 Mar 2011The 60 metre superyacht Linda Lou

18 Mar 2011Moran and Lürssen announce delivery of superyacht Hermitage

11 Mar 2011Superyacht Silver Zwei for sale with Burgess as central agent

10 Mar 2011 The 124.40m superyacht Katara in St Barth

28 Feb 2011Third “La Belle Classe Superyachts” symposium in Monaco

24 Feb 2011The 126.20 metre superyacht Octopus in Italy

27 Jan 2011Superyacht Northern Star for sale with Moran Yacht & Ship

21 Dec 2010Van Oossanen & Associates’ FDHF is gaining ground

01 Dec 2010Superyacht Polar Star joins charter fleet of IYR

22 Nov 2010Moran Yacht & Ship sell 79 metre superyacht Madsummer

12 Nov 2010Lürssen's superyacht Polar Star

30 Oct 2010Superyacht Hermitage launched by Lürssen

13 Oct 2010Superyacht Solemates joins Luxury Yacht Group charter fleet

28 Sep 2010Lürssen’s 124 metre superyacht Katara in Gibraltar

27 Sep 2010Superyacht Octopus visiting Alaska

18 Sep 2010Finacantieri Yachts launches 134 metre superyacht Serene

01 Sep 2010Work starts on 140 metre Espen Oeino designed superyacht Victory at Fincantieri

04 Aug 2010The 72.60 metre Lürssen Queen K

09 Jul 2010Silver Zwei in front of Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

02 Jun 2010Superyacht Katie Sue II launched by Lürssen

26 May 2010Superyacht RoMa for sale with Edmiston & Merle Wood

25 May 2010CNI signs contract for a 61m Sunrise superyacht

14 May 2010Madsummer in Monaco

04 May 2010Lürssen launches 124 metre superyacht project Crystal

14 Apr 2010Moran Yacht & Ship list Lürssen’s superyacht Kismet for sale

11 Mar 2010Superyacht Candyscape II cruising off St Barth

02 Feb 2010Danish Yachts unveil project 116

27 Jan 2010Superyacht Candyscape II joins Edmiston charter fleet

26 Jan 2010Linda Lou, berthed at Ocean Village Marina, Gibraltar

11 Jan 2010Skat passing Tobago Cays

17 Dec 2009Breaking News: Fincantieri signs contract for 140 metre superyacht

14 Dec 2009Completed hull of Lürssen superyacht Firebird launched

29 Oct 2009The 67m Lürssen Apoise

29 Oct 2009Espen Oeino new build superyacht gathers momentum at Danish Yachts

29 Sep 2009Princess Mariana backing up into Monaco

28 Sep 2009JeMaSa off Monaco

08 Aug 2009SuperYacht of the Week: Lürssen's Vive la Vie

04 Aug 2009Sunrise Yachts starts new 47m Espen Oeino designed superyacht

29 Jul 2009Danish Yachts’ 38m dayboat well underway

16 Jul 2009Lürssen launches 75m superyacht Northern Star

29 Jun 2009The widely admired Silver

19 Jun 2009Lürssen presents Arkley at the Monaco Yacht Show 2009

03 Jun 2009Lürssen launches 60m superyacht Arkley

15 May 2009Lürssen’s 126m superyacht Octopus off Antibes

01 May 2009Viareggio SuperYachts launched the 62 metre Roma

18 Mar 2009Lürssen to deliver three superyachts in 2009

08 Jan 2009Viareggio SuperYachts unveils Candyscape II

03 Dec 2008The next step for Danish Yachts's new 38m dayboat

27 Nov 2008Polar Star arriving in Fort Lauderdale

20 Oct 2008Vive la Vie by Lürssen Yachts

14 Oct 2008Capri & Martha Ann in Portofino

09 Oct 2008Sunrise Yachts sells first 45m and launches design projects with Espen Oeino

09 Oct 2008Lürssen’s Madsummer starts sea trials

24 Sep 2008Silver passing Monaco

10 Sep 2008Lürssen’s Apoise at night off Sicily

20 Aug 2008Princess Mariana for sale, asking € 125,000,000

19 Aug 2008Madsummer & Scout at Lürssen Rendsburg

15 Aug 2008Exclusive First: Lürssen's superyacht Madsummer

03 Jul 2008Skat passing the Nord-Ostsee-Kanal

03 Jul 2008Fincantieri Yachts moves 134m hull 6154 into its new high-tech shed

01 Jul 2008Pari anchored off Cannes

28 Jun 2008SuperYacht of the week: 240ft Silver by Hanseatic Marine

02 Jun 2008Sea Jewel, designed by Espen Oeino

29 Apr 2008Lürssen launches Vive La Vie (project Bounty Hunter)

13 Feb 2008Lürssen's 70m Martha Ann under sea trials in the Ostsee

12 Feb 200870m Lürssen Saint Nicolas – The second of a hat-trick

18 Jan 2008New 38m dayboat by Danish Yacht & Espen Oeino

20 Dec 2007Lürssen to deliver 5 superyachts in 2008!

11 Dec 2007Lürssen’s launches the 70m Martha Ann (project Shark)

20 Aug 2007Skat in Hamburg

28 Jun 2007Skat anchored off Juan Les Pins

27 Jun 2007Princess Mariana anchored off Portofino

20 Jun 2007Apoise in the Caribbean

18 Apr 2007Lürssen's stunning 60m Linda Lou

12 Mar 2007Fincantieri lays the keel of its first megayacht

02 Mar 2007Lürssen launches 70m Saint Nicolas (project Nemo)

28 Feb 2007The Lürssen Apoise anchored off St Lucia