Warren Yachts to launch their new 120-foot sport yacht in 2008

Monday, 26 November 2007

Warren Yachts’ highly successful and much awarded S87 is the conceptual prologue to this new and highly sophisticated 120’ Super Sportyacht. Those with an appreciation and the determination to possess one-off quality and true custom fit and finish will find the S120 to exceed all expectations. Exquisitely custom tailored to owner need and desire, the first of the series is under construction and is scheduled to launch in August 2008.

The S120 can be configured with a variety of main deck layouts, stateroom and crew accommodations and styling preferences. Add available engine and drive options to satisfy the highest performance requirements and the S120 reaches a level of personal expression unavailable in the semi-production world.

For twenty six years, Warren Yachts, a division of Shipworks Group, has been a premier builder of highly engineered, performance driven custom yachts. By remaining true to its custom heritage, Warren maintains a level of manufacturing and finishing perfection in their semi-custom Super Sportyacht line that defines the company and provides the best in class option for those who seek the ultimate in the category. Warren Yachts is currently building the S77, S87 and S120.

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