Camper & Nicholsons Marinas removes Cuban wreck

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

As a result of Camper & Nicholsons Marinas' on going effort to clean up Port Louis Marina, Grenada has a new and rare tourist attraction to add to it’s collection of wrecks that serve as dive sights for scuba divers. The island currently boasts 16 wrecks and now a Cuban fishing vessel will become the 17th wreck in Grenada’s diving portfolio.

Last week a 50 ft Cuban fishing vessel was removed from the Port Louis Marina and relocated off Grand Anse Beach at a current dive sight called the Valleys, which is part of Boss Reef. Phil Saye President of The Grenada Scuba Diving Association said that “The new wreck sight will serve to enhance an already amazing dive site and offer scuba divers a rare chance to view a piece of maritime history.” The Cuban fishing vessel is rare in that it is made entirely of concrete and is thought to be designed and built in the 1970’s as a Cuban attempt to building ships at a lower cost.

As there is very little information on the history of the boat including her proper name, she’s affectionately been called Daisy in honour of the barge operator who removed her from the Port Louis Marina and put her in her new home at Boss Reef.

Camper & Nicholsons Marines is thrilled to be part of unearthing a piece of maritime history as a result of their efforts to clean up the marina and are hopeful that the addition of a 17th dive site will provide a boost to Grenada’s already booming scuba diving product.

This is the second wreck that Camper & Nicholsons Marinas has donated to the dive associations efforts to increase the scuba diving attractions for tourists. Six weeks ago another small barge was removed from Port Louis and relocated in Dragon Bay as the first attraction in what the Grenada Scuba Diving Association hopes will become a new snorkelling adventure destination.

Prior to this, during the first clean up phases of the lagoon in 2007, Peter de Savary Group had also removed wreck Hilda and sunk it in the open waters outside of Mollinierre where it would contribute as a dive site also.