Update on Dubai, the world’s largest yacht

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

It has been a while since we heard something of the world’s largest yacht, Dubai. She was launched on 5 April 2005 and during the following year she was completed next to her construction dock in the Jebel Ali port. During the summer of 2006 she underwent extensive sea trials, but where is she now and how does she look?

Thanks to photographer Gushl of Yacht-Images.com we can report that Dubai (project Platinum / Golden Star) is still docked in the Jebel Ali port. It’s still unknown if the yacht is already completed, but judging by the following photos one would think she is almost completed….

Photos taken in March 2007 in Dubai by Gushl / Yacht-Images.com:

The following photo of Dubai is from August 2005:

These were the first photos of Dubai just after her launch in April 2005: