Closer look at underwaterbodies of the DART superyacht series

Monday, 21 October 2013

Royal Huisman and Andrew Winch have released these sketches of the underwater bodies of the new DART superyacht series. DART is an 80m/ 262ft yacht, in a sailing and motoryacht version, that totally connects with its ocean environment.


The yachts have been designed with a “Total Energy” approach, where many advanced technologies work in concert. They include programmes to optimise weight, to reduce energy consumption and to extract, exclude or re-cycle waste heat. They include the use of microturbines and alternative energy generation techniques such as hydro-generators in place of traditional diesel generators, together with advanced energy storage and management systems. Royal Huisman has pioneering experience and proven expertise in the application of these technologies, enabling them to deliver “game changing” advantages.


Below the waterline, the sailing yacht's low-wetted surface area hull, high aspect foils and centreboard are designed for fast passage making and manoeuvrability while retaining access to shoal waters for the perfect anchorage. Excellent stability is assured by the relatively low centre of gravity resulting from DART’s low profile and the internal ballast designed around a deep yet retractable centerboard.


DART motoryacht is driven by two azimuthing pulling propellers. A versatile and efficient variable output power generation system will be directed to a twin propulsion set-up that, among many other advantages, supplies added power for a forward and retractable bow-thruster.

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