Pre-race preparation at Endeavour Quay

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Endeavour Quay was selected by three of this year’s Vendee Globe Race competitors for their pre-race preparation. Mike Golding Yacht Racing with Gamesa; Alex Thomson Racing with Hugo Boss; and Energa Sailing with Energa all chose the south coast facility to undertake their final preparations in the weeks leading up to the race.

All three yachts worked closely with the Endeavour Quay team who guaranteed the work was carried out to the highest standard and in plenty of time for the boats to be race ready and back on the water. All of the race teams made use of the large undercover boat sheds to ensure their work could be completed whatever the weather. This included Zbigniew “Gutek” Gutkowski’s new yacht, the former Hugo Boss 2, entering the yard in late September and leaving only two weeks later as Energa having undergone a mini refit and full rebranding.


The Vendee Globe is a single-handed, non-stop, circumnavigation that sees twenty skippers attempt to take their 60 foot yachts as fast as they can around the planet. The boats left Les Sables D’Olonne, France on Saturday 10th November and several have already been plagued with trouble, from fishing trawler collisions, to keel loss and damage from their own support vessels!

Mike Golding, skipper of Gamesa, currently in 5th place in the race, commented, “Endeavour Quay provided us with a fantastic service at a crucial time. We have been in and out of the water several times this year and nothing is ever too much for them, without their help it would have undoubtedly been harder to have the boat ready for the race. There are very few yards in the Solent area that can take boats like Gamesa, and that combined with the Open Yard Policy makes it the perfect choice for us.”

Hugo Boss’s Alex Thomson, currently in 10th position, added, “As a team with our home base in Gosport, it's great for us to use Endeavour Quay for our refit work when in the UK. It is really important for us to be able to sail and train in the Solent, and the location, access, service and equipment they have at Endeavour Quay perfectly suits our needs.”

Zbigniew “Gutek” Gutkowski, the first Polish skipper to enter the race, currently laying in 17th with Energa, said, “This is the best yard in the world for us. The access, the facilities and the friendly people makes it so easy.”

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