Drumarkon International at the Monaco Yacht Show

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Drumarkon International BV, a member of the Holland Yachting Group and a member of Holland Marine Equipment, will exhibit for the first time at the Monaco Yacht Show (24-27 September 2008).

“This will show our commitment to the international yacht building market and give us the opportunity to show our products and solutions when building a modern yacht interior”, says CEO Jeroen Overing. “At the same time it will be a possibility to share our knowledge, show our innovation capacity and help old and new relations to find solutions.

Amongst others Drumarkon will show the first Solas certified lightweight sound reduction products. Another highlight are ultra light weight (non metal) incombustible ventilation shafts which do not need post insulation and have an interesting sound dampening characteristic. Drumarkon can be found at the Holland Yachting Group Pavilion, in the Darse Nord Air Conditioned Tent, QD73.

Drumarkon is world wide specialist of certified interior wall systems, which protect passengers and crew against fire, smoke and sound. These B15 certified hardcore walls are covered with hpl or veneers to form an aesthetic finishing. Drumarkon supplies the walls including soft and post-formed elements. By supplying just in time, and with a logistical system the shipyard or ship interior builder only has to install this turn key system. Drumarkon also supplies ceiling and floor panels bonded with all kind of decorative finishes, softcore walls, ceilings, A and B certified doors, wet-units, Drumaflex (real wood laminate) and the Drumarkon hpl Marine Range. Drumarkon is developing a new yacht interior wall system, inclusive doors, under the maritime Innovation Programme of the Dutch Government.

Drumarkon is active in the supply to passenger ships like; Cruise ships, Ferries, High Speed Crafts, Mega Yachts and the Oil Industry.