CMB Yachts

Web site: Phone: +90 242 259 51 84
E-mail: Fax: +90 242 259 51 89

CMB Yachts is part of The Basaran Group. Literally translated as Success, they have been expanding through smart business ventures for over 25 years.

CMB Yachts is located in the world’s most rapidly developing superyacht city. With advantageous tax-rules and a heritage of shipbuilding spanning a millennia, Antalya in the South coast of Turkey is the location of choice for their shipyard.

The primary business objective is to create high quality luxury superyachts for distinguished clients. Delivering two superyachts since 2009, CMB Yachts have working partnerships with renowned and successful yacht designers in the world; leading to the creation of elite superyachts.

At the forefront of technology, CMB Yachts drives ideas into creativity, dreams into reality, and brings new scientific advances into yachting. Equipped with a selection of bespoke furniture, advanced design machinery, and the latest digital technology, CMB Yachts operate without any concessions on quality, safety or perfection.