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Lürssen Yachts - News

Exclusive: Lürssen launch 156m superyacht project Omar

Saturday, 14 November 2015

​Just minutes ago Lürssen launched the 156 metre superyacht project Omar. The German shipyard only moved the finished h​ull and superstructure in the outfitting dock in April 2015, as exclusively revealed by SYT. Not many details are known about the project; only that she could possibly be the largest yacht in the world measured by gross tonnage. Read More

Video of 125 metre superyacht Tatiana

Monday, 15 June 2015

Launched by the German shipyard Lürssen on the 20th March, the 125 metre project Tatiana is currently undergoing seatrials. Not much is known about Tatiana as yet, though we can confirm she is designed by Martin Francis, and that she has a gross tonnage of around 7,600. Read More

Four of the worlds largest yachts on the move in the Middle East

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

​Four of the largest yachts in the world are all on the move in the Middle East. Yesterday, we spotted the 180 metre Azzam and the 155 metre Al Said cruising side by side through the Suez Canal. We have not yet seen photos of them cruising together, but it must have been an impressive sight. Read More

Superyacht of the Week: The 66 metre superyacht Ester III

Sunday, 31 May 2015

​Measuring 66 metres in length, Ester III was delivered by the world renowned German shipyard Lürssen in 2014, and combines a truly authentic classic interior designed by Reymond Langton Design and unusual deck layout with a unique, distinct and masculine external profile from Espen Øino International. Read More

More details on Lürssen's new 91m superyacht Orchid

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

​German shipyard Lürssen has launched their latest superyacht project. Named Orchid, she was launched from the floating dock 29 months after her keel was laid in 2012, and 19 months after her technical launch in 2013. Project coordination has been undertaken by Y.CO since her inception. Read More

New photos of large new Lürssen superyacht

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Here are the some more photos of the new Lürssen superyacht pictured at their facilities in Germany. The project is being kept tightly under wraps for the time being, and though the SuperYacht Times enquired with the brand whilst at the Singapore Yacht Show today, they remained tight lipped. Read More

New 100m+ Lürssen superyacht emerges from yard

Thursday, 23 April 2015

​Pictured here is the newest 100+ metre Lürssen superyacht being moved from one shed to another, where she will be completed. She is still wrapped up as yet, but her lines are already showing. More information will be published online as soon as it becomes available. Read More

New close up footage of 150m+ Lürssen project

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

​Following the exclusive photos published on the SuperYacht Times last Friday, a new video showing close up footage of the latest 150+ metres superyacht project from the German shipyard Lürssen has been published. Read More

Time lapse video of the launch of 125m project Tatiana

Monday, 13 April 2015

​Launched by the German shipyard Lürssen on the 20th March, the following video shows a time lapse account of the launch of the 125 metre project Tatiana. Not much is known about Tatiana as yet, though we can confirm she has a gross tonnage of around 7,600 and is reported to have a diesel-electric propulsion system. Read More

First photos of new 150m+ Lürssen project

Friday, 10 April 2015

​Early this morning at Lürssen, a new very large yacht could be seen as it was being moved from one of Lürssen's construction halls into another one, where the high volume yacht will be completed. No information has been ever released about this project, but guessing by her photos, we estimate she is over 150 metres long. Read More

20 Mar 2015Exclusive: Lürssen launches 125 metre superyacht Tatiana

20 Mar 2015New photos of the launch of the 125 metre Tatiana

18 Mar 2015New photos of 125 metre superyacht Tatiana at Lürssen

26 Feb 2015Video of Lürssen's 66 metre Ester III

21 Jan 2015Superyachts Quantum Blue and Pelorus side by side

22 Oct 2014Lürssen to deliver three yachts at the end of 2014

15 Sep 2014Moran Yacht & Ship signs 112 metre Lürssen Palo Alto

10 Sep 201495m Lürssen superyacht Kismet completes sea trials

14 Aug 2014Lürssen's superyacht Ester III on sea trials

11 Jul 2014Yard, designers and broker comment on the launch of 95m Kismet

09 Jul 2014Speaking to Lürssen's Michael Breman at SO!Dalian

09 Jul 2014Lürssen launches 94m superyacht Kismet II

04 Jul 2014Lürssen completes refit on 68.15m Global (ex Kismet)

23 Jun 2014New 100m+ superyacht project at Lürssen

12 Jun 2014Alberto Perrone Da Zara joins Lürssen sales team

03 Jun 2014Update on the launch of the 66m Lürssen project Green

30 May 2014Lürssen's Young Designer Award shipyard tour

27 May 2014Lürssen launches 66 metre superyacht Ester III

26 May 201485 Metre superyacht Solandge added to Monaco line-up

15 Apr 2014SYT 2014 Interview: Michael Breman of Lürssen Yachts

14 Mar 2014Lürssen project Thor under construction

27 Feb 2014Lürssen joins exhibitors at Singapore Yacht Show

05 Dec 2013The 87 metre Lürssen superyacht Ace

25 Nov 2013World's largest yacht Azzam delivered

18 Sep 2013Hull of 91 metre Lürssen Orchid launched

06 Sep 2013New photos of 180 metre superyacht Azzam

19 Aug 2013More details about the refit of Ronin at Lürssen

16 Aug 2013Lürssen superyacht project Solandge on sea trials

15 Aug 201358 Metre Ronin delivered after refit at Lürssen

27 Jun 2013Lürssen comments on launch of superyacht Solandge

27 Jun 2013Lürssen presents Quattroelle at the Monaco Yacht Show

20 Jun 2013Lürssen launches 85.10 metre superyacht Solandge

19 Jun 2013Video of the seatrials of 180 metre Lürssen Azzam

10 Jun 2013Superyacht Special: First look on board 86m superyacht Quattroelle

08 Apr 2013New photos of the 180 metre superyacht Azzam

05 Apr 2013World Exclusive: First photos of the launch of 180 metre superyacht Azzam

05 Apr 2013Video of the launch of the 180 metre superyacht Azzam

05 Apr 2013More details released on 180 metre Lürssen superyacht Azzam

03 Apr 2013Scoop: 180m superyacht Azzam ready to launch at Lürssen

20 Feb 201385 Metre superyacht Quattroelle delivered

20 Dec 2012Time to play Lürssen's new game

12 Nov 2012More information on 87 metre Lürssen superyacht Global

09 Nov 2012Hull of Lürssen superyacht Global launched

07 Nov 2012The 68.5 metre Espen Oeino designed superyacht Hermitage

06 Nov 2012Lürssen's Quattroelle completes sea trial

25 Oct 2012Lürssen's 85 metre superyacht Quattroelle on seatrials

01 Oct 2012The 68.5 metre Lürssen superyacht Hermitage at anchor

30 Sep 2012Superyacht of the Week: The 61 metre Lady Kathryn V

19 Sep 2012MYS Preview Video: New build and refit projects at Lürssen

23 Aug 2012Lürssen launches 85 metre superyacht Quattroelle

25 May 2012Lürssen staged the seventh Lürssen Rowing Regatta

24 May 2012World Exclusive: World's largest yacht in build at Lürssen

16 May 2012World Exclusive: 147m superyacht Topaz launched

15 May 2012New photo of 147 metre superyacht Topaz at Lürssen

12 May 2012Scoop: 147m superyacht Topaz ready to launch at Lürssen

20 Mar 2012Seatrial photos of 87 metre superyacht Ace

06 Feb 2012Lürssen introduces the Lürssen App

23 Jan 2012Lürssen launches hull of 85 metre superyacht Niki

10 Jan 2012Lürssen launches 87 metre superyacht Ace

31 Oct 2011Superyacht builder Lürssen relaunches their website

16 Sep 2011Lürssen makes offer to buy Blohm & Voss

21 May 2011Scoop: Lürssen ready to launch superyacht Lady Kathryn V

18 Mar 2011Moran and Lürssen announce delivery of superyacht Hermitage

16 Dec 201068 Metre superyacht Hermitage undergoing seatrials

25 Nov 2010Photo Gallery: Superyacht Pacific completed by Lürssen Yachts

16 Oct 2010Superyacht of the Week: Lürssen's 60 metre Solemates

28 Aug 2010Superyacht of the Week: The 75.4 metre Lürssen Northern Star

27 Aug 2010Adam Voorhees unveils two new superyacht designs with Lürssen

27 Jul 2010Luiz de Basto and Lürssen unveil 88 metre design

26 Jul 2010Moran & Lürssen announce delivery of superyacht Phoenix 2

29 Jun 2010Lürssen's latest launch Solemates at Monaco Yacht Show

04 Jun 2010Lürssen’s superyacht Phoenix 2 starts sea trials

02 Jun 2010Superyacht Katie Sue II launched by Lürssen

04 May 2010Lürssen launches 124 metre superyacht project Crystal

15 Apr 2010Lürssen launches superyacht Phoenix 2 (project J24)

14 Dec 2009Completed hull of Lürssen superyacht Firebird launched

28 Nov 2009SuperYacht of the week: the 60m Lürssen Arkley

18 Sep 2009Lürssen superyacht calendar photo contest

16 Sep 2009Alastair Callender’s super-green superyacht Soliloquy at the Monaco Yacht Show

26 Aug 2009Seatrials of the new Lürssen Northern Star

08 Aug 2009SuperYacht of the Week: Lürssen's Vive la Vie

16 Jul 2009Lürssen launches 75m superyacht Northern Star

19 Jun 2009Lürssen's Ice

19 Jun 2009Lürssen presents Arkley at the Monaco Yacht Show 2009

03 Jun 2009Lürssen launches 60m superyacht Arkley

28 Apr 2009Lürssen launches 110m superyacht Darius

18 Mar 2009Lürssen to deliver three superyachts in 2009

24 Feb 2009Lürssen's 85 metre J-24 enters new floating dock

09 Oct 2008Lürssen’s Madsummer starts sea trials

01 Oct 2008Lürssen's Dilbar, first yacht with green engines concept

15 Aug 2008Exclusive First: Lürssen's superyacht Madsummer

18 Jul 2008Lürssen’s new 110m superyacht Opal becomes Dilbar

16 Jun 2008Lürssen launches 110 meter superyacht Opal

29 Apr 2008Lürssen launches Vive La Vie (project Bounty Hunter)

13 Feb 2008Lürssen's 70m Martha Ann under sea trials in the Ostsee

12 Feb 200870m Lürssen Saint Nicolas – The second of a hat-trick

20 Dec 2007Lürssen to deliver 5 superyachts in 2008!

20 Sep 2007Update: Lürssen launches 155-meter Sunflower

31 May 2007EOS, the world’s largest sailing yacht

11 May 2007Lürssen Yachts completes refits of Queen K & Al Salamah

18 Apr 2007Lürssen's stunning 60m Linda Lou

02 Mar 2007Lürssen launches 70m Saint Nicolas (project Nemo)

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03 Nov 2015155m megayacht Al Said in Muscat

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10 Jul 2015Superyacht Phoenix 2 in Palma de Mallorca

07 Jul 2015Lürssen to present Ester III at Monaco Yacht Show

22 Jun 2015The 104 metre Quantum Blue at anchor

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17 Feb 2015The Oceanco Natita in the Bahamas

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12 Jan 2015The London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show 2015

06 Jan 2015Lürssen superyachts Katara, Saint Nicolas and Solandge seen in Porto Cervo

06 Jan 2015Superyacht Azzam in Tarragona, Spain

05 Jan 2015Superyacht Ester III underway to the Caribbean

22 Dec 2014Video of 85.20 metre superyacht Pacific coming into Sydney

17 Dec 2014In Pictures: The worlds largest yacht, Azzam

15 Dec 2014Superyacht Kismet in Gibraltar

08 Dec 2014The Asia Superyacht Rendezvous lineup

03 Dec 2014Interview with Y.CO's Charlie Birkett

28 Nov 2014Superyacht Vive La Vie in Paros, Greece

25 Nov 2014Nauta Yachts comment on Azzam's maiden voyage

21 Nov 2014QIBS 2014 a resounding success

19 Nov 2014In Pictures: The 180 metre Azzam, the world's largest yacht

10 Nov 2014The 180 metre Azzam on her maiden voyage

07 Nov 2014The classic schooner Aschanti IV of Vegasack in Saint Tropez

04 Nov 2014In Pictures: The 115 metre Pelorus

04 Nov 2014Kismet docked in the centre of London

24 Oct 2014Helicopter taking off from superyacht Global

23 Oct 2014Superyacht Ace off Antibes

21 Oct 2014Lürssen's Lime Light to undergo refit at Feadship

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10 Oct 2014What's inside this month's superyacht publications - September/October 2014

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08 Jul 2014Photos of superyacht professionals at SO!Dalian

25 Jun 2014110 Metre superyacht project Nemo Rose

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30 May 2014Fireworks over superyacht Ace

06 May 2014Video of 180 metre Azzam underway

23 Apr 2014Brisk yachting activity at Marina Port Vell

01 Apr 2014Update: New award show happens to be April Fool’s joke from Dutch and German shipyards

11 Mar 2014The 162 metre superyacht Dubai in Dubai

07 Mar 2014Moran Yacht & Ship releases more details about Kismet 2

04 Mar 2014Dubai International Boat Show 2014 opens today

03 Feb 2014Superyacht Phoenix 2 off Anguilla

03 Feb 201486 Metre Lürssen Quattroelle sold

24 Jan 2014Superyacht Northern Star off St Barths

10 Jan 2014The 75.6 metre Lürssen Northern Star off Monaco

17 Dec 2013The Top 20 largest yachts ever built in Germany

06 Dec 2013Photos of Madame Gu and Dilbar anchored side by side

06 Dec 2013Nauta Yachts comments on delivery of Azzam

02 Dec 2013Superyacht Hermitage in Barcelona

25 Nov 2013The 2003 Lürssen superyacht Capri in Monaco

15 Nov 2013Lürssen's Quattroelle at night in Monaco

15 Nov 2013Superyacht Kismet renamed Global following recent sale

07 Nov 2013Superyacht Kismet sold, and Kismet II announced

29 Oct 2013The 87 metre superyacht Ace in Gibraltar

26 Sep 2013The Lürssen Quattroelle in Monaco

23 Sep 2013Interview with the designers of Azzam, the world's largest yacht

20 Sep 2013In Pictures: The 138 metre Lürssen Rising Sun

16 Aug 2013The 124 metre superyacht Katara in Bergen Norway

15 Aug 2013In Pictures: The 110 metre Lürssen Radiant

30 Jul 2013The 147 metre superyacht Topaz in La Ciotat

12 Jul 2013The 75 metre Lürssen Northern Star at anchor

02 Jul 2013In Pictures: The 110 metre superyacht Dilbar at sea

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20 Feb 2013What ever happened to superyacht Platinum?

08 Feb 2013The 60 metre superyacht Solemates in the Caribbean

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19 Dec 2012SYT Top 5: The best read superyacht launch articles in 2012

18 Dec 2012The 70 metre superyacht Skat at anchor

17 Dec 2012In pictures: The 84 metre superyacht Valerie at sunrise in Gibraltar

28 Nov 2012The 60 metre Lürssen superyacht Lime Light in Saint Tropez

16 Nov 2012The top 100 in photos: Number 39, the 90.10 metre Ice

09 Nov 2012The successful refit of superyacht Be Mine

09 Nov 201288 Metre superyacht Quattroelle joins Moran charter fleet

18 Oct 2012The 110 metre Lürssen superyacht Radiant

15 Oct 2012The 87 metre superyacht Ace at anchor

04 Oct 2012The 70 metre Espen Oeino designed Lürssen Martha Ann

04 Oct 2012Titania and Capri now available for charters in Greece and Turkey

11 Sep 2012Lürssen superyacht Ace in Nice

23 Aug 2012147 Metre superyacht Topaz arrives in the Mediterranean

21 Aug 2012The top 100 in photos: Number 13, the 124 metre Katara

17 Aug 2012The 138 metre Lürssen superyacht Rising Sun in Capri

15 Aug 2012147 Metre superyacht Topaz delivered

10 Aug 2012Andrew Weir Yacht Management provide services to superyacht Ace

09 Aug 2012The 115 metre Lürssen Pelorus at anchor

24 Jul 2012Last minute berths available at Portland Port for the Olympics

12 Jul 2012The 126 metre superyacht Octopus arrives in Hamburg

10 Jul 2012The 138 metre superyacht Rising Sun at anchor

03 Jul 2012The 86 metre superyacht Ecstasea and the 115 metre Pelorus at anchor

29 Jun 2012The 87.2 metre superyacht Phoenix 2 at night

26 Jun 2012Largest yacht in the world Azzam designed by Nauta Yachts

25 Jun 2012The 110 metre Lürssen superyacht Radiant

24 May 2012Superyacht Titania re-launched and available for charter

15 May 2012Lürssen completes refit of superyacht Titania

11 May 2012Superyacht Carinthia VII in Gibraltar

24 Apr 2012The 75 metre 4 masted superyacht Phocea

23 Apr 2012The private 96 metre superyacht Limitless in Gibraltar

19 Apr 201295 Metre superyacht concept by Docq Concepts

18 Apr 2012The 155 metre Al Said and the 136 metre Fulk Al-Salamah in Dubrovnik

03 Apr 2012The 124 metre Lürssen superyacht Katara

23 Mar 2012Superyacht Skat arriving in Europe after Atlantic crossing

20 Mar 2012The Lürssen superyacht Kismet off Monaco

09 Mar 2012Two refit projects head towards completion at Royal Huisman

05 Mar 2012Refit of charter yacht Apoise nearing completion

20 Feb 2012Lürssen Solemates for sale with Luxury Yacht Group

27 Jan 2012The 93 metre Lürssen sailing yacht Eos

16 Jan 2012New images of 87 metre superyacht Ace

16 Dec 2011Refit of 70 metre superyacht Martha Ann at Melita Marine Group

13 Dec 2011Superyacht Skat docked at Secret Harbour Marina in Grenada

29 Nov 2011Superyacht Northern Star at Falmouth Harbour Marina, Antigua

11 Nov 2011Superyachts EOS and Be Mine undergo Royal Huisman refits

10 Nov 2011The classic Lürssen superyacht Allahou

04 Nov 2011The Andrew Winch designed superyacht Phoenix 2

18 Oct 2011The 75 metre Espen Oeino designed Lürssen superyacht Northern Star

10 Oct 2011Superyacht Kismet in Gibraltar

13 Sep 2011Superyacht Be Mine cruising off Porto Cervo

16 Aug 2011Superyacht Octopus in Santorini

09 Aug 2011The new Lürssen Lady Kathryn V in Capri

03 Aug 2011The 124 metre superyacht Katara in Capri

28 Jul 2011Superyachts Lady Ann Magee and Radiant in Monaco

19 Jul 2011The 85 metre superyacht Pacific in Portofino

15 Jul 2011Lürssen superyachts Radiant and Dilbar off Monaco

04 Jul 2011The 110 Metre superyacht Dilbar at the IYCA

27 Jun 2011Superyachts Saint Nicolas and Carinthia VII in Antibes

16 Jun 2011The 67 metre Lürssen superyacht Apoise

16 Jun 2011Major price reduction on superyacht El Chris through Ocean Independence

27 May 2011Lürssen superyacht Valerie under sea trials

24 May 2011The unique 85 metre Pacific in Porto Montenegro

20 May 2011Lürssen's brand new superyacht Hermitage

16 May 2011Lürssen superyacht Pelorus sold by Merle Wood

09 May 2011147 metre Lürssen superyacht Topaz enters final phase of construction

19 Apr 2011The 124 metre Lürssen Katara

18 Apr 2011Superyacht Pacific in Gibraltar

07 Apr 2011Superyacht Dilbar in Antibes at night

28 Mar 2011The 60 metre superyacht Linda Lou

21 Mar 2011The 70 metre Lürssen Saint Nicolas in Gibraltar

16 Mar 2011Burgess signs two Blind Dates for sale and charter

14 Mar 2011The 96 metre Lürssen superyacht Limitless

10 Mar 2011 The 124.40m superyacht Katara in St Barth

03 Mar 2011Superyacht Vive La Vie in Gibraltar

02 Mar 2011Superyacht Phoenix 2 in Gibraltar

24 Feb 2011The 126.20 metre superyacht Octopus in Italy

24 Feb 2011Superyacht Marlin Delrey V’s price reduced with $ 1,000,000 at Ardell

22 Feb 2011The 70 metre superyacht Martha Ann along Bonifacio coastline

27 Jan 2011Superyacht Northern Star for sale with Moran Yacht & Ship

19 Jan 2011Superyachts TV and Sofia II in Sint Maarten

01 Dec 2010Superyacht Polar Star joins charter fleet of IYR

29 Nov 2010Edmiston adds 79 metre superyacht TV to charter fleet

22 Nov 2010Moran Yacht & Ship sell 79 metre superyacht Madsummer

12 Nov 2010Lürssen's superyacht Polar Star

10 Nov 2010Peter Insull and IYC reduce price of Lürssen superyacht Blind Date

30 Oct 2010Superyacht Hermitage launched by Lürssen

28 Oct 2010The Lürssen Blind Date in Cannes

15 Oct 2010David Geffen now sole owner of 138 metre superyacht Rising Sun

13 Oct 2010Superyacht Solemates joins Luxury Yacht Group charter fleet

28 Sep 2010Lürssen’s 124 metre superyacht Katara in Gibraltar

27 Sep 2010Superyacht Octopus visiting Alaska

23 Aug 2010124 metre Lürssen now named Katara

04 Aug 2010The 72.60 metre Lürssen Queen K

02 Aug 2010Moran Yachts & Ship announces the recent sale of Solemates

30 Jul 2010Superyacht Martha Ann off the coast of Palermo

28 Jul 2010The Lürssen Ice off Antibes at night

21 Jul 2010The 110 metre superyacht Radiant off Monaco

08 Jul 2010Breaking News: Superyacht Pacific ready to launch at Lürssen

16 Jun 2010Superyacht icon The One

11 Jun 2010The 155 metre Al Said and the 124 metre Crystal at Lürssen

08 Jun 2010Superyacht Phoenix sold by Edmiston and Burgess

04 Jun 2010Superyacht Dilbar in Monaco

02 Jun 2010Lurssen superyacht Crystal under sea trials

27 May 2010Massive price reduction for Lurssen superyacht Blind Date

21 May 2010Superyacht Radiant by Lürssen

14 May 2010Madsummer in Monaco

14 Apr 2010Moran Yacht & Ship list Lürssen’s superyacht Kismet for sale

13 Apr 2010Superyacht Coral Island off Antibes in 2007

01 Apr 2010Major price reduction for superyacht Phoenix

04 Feb 2010The 115m Lürssen Pelorus

26 Jan 2010Linda Lou, berthed at Ocean Village Marina, Gibraltar

21 Jan 2010Lürssen superyacht Capri sold by Moran Yacht & Ship

12 Jan 2010Superyacht Pelorus at anchor

11 Jan 2010Skat passing Tobago Cays

08 Jan 2010Lürssen’s Rising Sun anchored off the Tobago Cays

21 Dec 2009The 73m Lürssen The One

29 Oct 2009The 67m Lürssen Apoise

13 Oct 2009Lürssen’s Ice and Abeking’s Eminence off Antibes

02 Sep 2009Lürssen's Leonora

23 Jul 2009Leonora completes multi-million dollar refit

15 May 2009Lürssen’s 126m superyacht Octopus off Antibes

01 May 2009Oceanco's Ona in Antibes

16 Apr 2009Dilbar in Valencia

02 Apr 2009Blind Date off Antibes

31 Mar 2009Crew on board Martha Ann

26 Mar 2009Lürssen’s Phoenix off Saint Lucia

20 Mar 2009Pelorus in the Caribbean

27 Nov 2008Polar Star arriving in Fort Lauderdale

26 Nov 2008Linda Lou in Fort Lauderdale

20 Oct 2008Vive la Vie by Lürssen Yachts

14 Oct 2008Capri & Martha Ann in Portofino

23 Sep 2008Dilbar in Antibes

10 Sep 2008Lürssen’s Apoise at night off Sicily

19 Aug 2008Madsummer & Scout at Lürssen Rendsburg

07 Aug 2008Vive la Vie

03 Jul 2008Skat passing the Nord-Ostsee-Kanal

16 Jun 2008Prince Abdulaziz

21 Apr 2008Saint Nicolas & Montkaj in the IYCA

18 Apr 2008Carinthia VII in Antibes

30 Jan 2008Interview with the owner of Hakvoort’s Allegria

28 Jan 2008Boot Düsseldorf 2008

16 Jan 2008Preview of Boot Düsseldorf 2008

11 Jan 2008New superyachts on SuperyachtTimes.com - 02/2008

11 Dec 2007Lürssen’s launches the 70m Martha Ann (project Shark)

10 Dec 2007Lürssen's Phoenix in the Port of Kotor

19 Nov 2007Lobanov enters the superyacht scene with a spectacular 105m design

29 Oct 2007Lürssen's Ice

08 Oct 2007Leonora under refit in Barcelona

19 Sep 2007The Monaco Yacht Show 2007 - Day 1

18 Sep 2007Eos in the River Dart

13 Sep 2007Yachting Partners unveils Lürssen conversion

06 Sep 2007Queen K at the foot of Stromboli

20 Aug 2007Skat in Hamburg

16 Aug 2007Ardell announces the sale of Lürssen's Twirlybird V

11 Jul 2007Oasis anchored off Eden Roc

29 Jun 2007Philosophy & Polar Star off Monaco

28 Jun 2007Skat anchored off Juan Les Pins

20 Jun 2007Apoise in the Caribbean

07 Jun 2007The One arriving in Monaco

04 Jun 2007Lürssen's Phoenix

28 May 2007Coral Island at full speed off Cap d'Antibes

23 May 2007EOS anchored off Cannes during the Film Festival

18 May 2007Lürssen's Oasis

30 Apr 2007Lürssen's Oasis off St Barth

25 Apr 2007Al Salamah passing a bridge

17 Apr 2007The China International Boat Show (CIBS) 2007

04 Apr 2007Carinthia VII, Ecstasea & White Cloud in the IYCA

30 Mar 2007Shipyard update; Lürssen Rendsburg, Nobiskrug & Peters Schiffbau

28 Feb 2007The Lürssen Apoise anchored off St Lucia

08 Feb 2007Eos alongside the dock in Falmouth, Antigua

07 Feb 2007Coral Island at the IYCA

23 Jan 2007Boot Düsseldorf 2007: the people, companies and yachts

16 Jan 2007Carinthia VII leaving Antibes

11 Jan 2007Moran Yacht & Ship sells Northern Star (now Polar Star)

01 Jan 2007The One leaving Monaco

13 May 2000i3D lighting on board the 147.25m superyacht Topaz

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