Rossi Navi

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Address: Via dei Pescatori, 56
Zip Code: 55049
Place: Viareggio
Country: Italy
Additional address:
Phone: +39 0584 384227
Fax: + 39 0584 385114
Web site:

Rossi Navi News

30 Jun 2015Rossi Navi delivers superyacht Taransay

23 Jun 2015Rossinavi re-launches Pick Up after an extensive refit

15 May 2015Superyacht Taransay on seatrials

23 Apr 2015New photo of recently launched Taransay

22 Apr 2015Rossi Navi launches superyacht Taransay

16 Apr 2015Rossi Navi preparing the launch of superyacht Taransay

23 Mar 2015Rossi Navi signs contract for Longitude 47 project

12 Mar 2015Rossi Navi signs 50 metre superyacht contract

03 Mar 2015Superyacht Taransay nears completion at Rossi Navi

17 Feb 2015First photos of 62m superyacht FR031 under construction

03 Nov 2014Rossi Navi signs new contract for 62 metre superyacht

31 Aug 2014Superyacht of the Week: The 49 metre Rossi Navi Polaris

18 Jul 2014First look on board superyacht Polaris

14 Jul 2014Rossinavi unveils superyacht concept Poseidon

11 Jul 2014Rossinavi unveils 48 metre Palladium by T4D

26 May 2014Rossi Navi unveils new line of superyachts

06 Mar 2014Rossinavi makes Asia Debut at Singapore Yacht Show

10 Dec 2013Two new superyacht orders at Rossi Navi

20 Oct 2013Superyacht of the week: The spectacular Ketos

09 Sep 2013Superyacht of the week: The 49 metre project Prince Shark

21 Mar 2013Superyacht Vellmari undergoing seatrials in Italy

18 Mar 2013Superyacht Param Jamuna IV launched

15 Mar 2013Rossi Navi set to launch superyacht Param Jamuna IV

10 Mar 2013SuperYacht of the Week: The 45 metre Rossi Navi Aslec 4

11 Feb 2013Video of the roll-out operation of 48 metre superyacht Vellmari

11 Feb 2013Live from Italy: the launch of superyacht Vellmari

08 Feb 2013Rossi Navi pre-launches the 48 metre superyacht Vellmari

19 Nov 2012Rossi Navi turns the hull of 49 metre superyacht Prince Shark

14 Oct 2012Superyacht of the Week: The 46 metre superyacht 2 Ladies

26 Jul 201246 Metre Rossinavi 2 Ladies undergoing seatrials

10 Jul 2012Rossi Navi signs contract for 49 metre superyacht

25 May 2012Superyacht 2 Ladies ready to launch at Rossinavi

26 Mar 2012Rossi Navi starts outfitting of superyacht Ketos

16 Mar 2012Designer Tommaso Spadolini comments on new superyacht Aslec 4

12 Mar 2012Superyacht Aslec 4 launched at Rossi Navi

15 Feb 2012Rossi Navi preparing for the launch of superyacht Aslec 4

01 Oct 2011Superyacht of the Week: The magnificent 70 metre Numptia

08 Jul 201170 Metre superyacht Numptia nears completion

29 Apr 2011Rossi Navi’s 70m superyacht Numptia in the water

14 Apr 2011Exclusive: Rossi Navi launches 70m superyacht Numptia

22 Nov 2010Ocean Independence sells new 46m Rossi Navi superyacht

19 Nov 2008Take me South..

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09 Oct 2014Promotech’s custom lighting on board 49m Polaris

06 Oct 2014TEAM Italia's innovative technologies

01 Jul 2014Video of superyacht Vellmari crossing the Corinth Channel

16 Jun 201453 Metre superyacht South sold

10 Jun 2014High profile repeat bookings for Singapore Yacht Show 2015

03 Jun 2014The Rossi Navi superyacht Polaris in Viareggio​

13 Apr 2014Sales and significant leads at Singapore Yacht Show 2014

31 Mar 2014Superyacht Polaris launched by Rossi Navi

06 Jan 2014The 48 metre superyacht Vellmari in Saint Tropez

18 Dec 2013The Top 20 largest yachts ever built in Italy

14 Nov 2013Superyacht Param Jamuna IV in Monaco

18 Oct 201339 Metre Rossi Navi built Vellmari sold

07 Aug 2013Superyacht 2 Ladies in the Caribbean

17 May 2013The 45 metre superyacht Aslec 4 at anchor

06 Feb 2013Superyacht 2 Ladies in Saint Lucia

27 Nov 2012In pictures: The 46 metre superyacht 2 Ladies

21 Aug 2012Superyacht 2 Ladies delivered

14 Jun 201270m Superyacht Numptia sold by Burgess

11 May 2012Superyacht South for sale with Fraser Yachts

04 May 2012Edmiston lists new Rossi Navi superyacht for sale

30 Jan 201275 metre new build Rossi Navi superyacht project for sale

29 Jan 2012Superyacht of the Week: The 43 metre Why Worry

26 Jan 2012Superyacht Numptia arriving in Sint Maarten

21 Nov 2011Superyacht Numptia in Gibraltar

23 Aug 2011Superyacht Numptia anchored off Capri

08 Aug 2011Four Studio Spadolini superyachts by Rossi Navi for sale by Fraser Yachts

29 Jul 2011Baglietto superyacht Why Worry launched

15 Jul 2011New-build Baglietto 43 superyacht Why Worry for sale through YPI

24 May 2011Completed hull of Rossi Navi FR025 superyacht arrives in Viareggio

14 Oct 2010Superyacht Sud for sale through Fraser Yachts

19 Feb 2010Quartostile presents the Fratelli Rossi 100 superyacht

23 Aug 2008SuperYacht of the Week: South

29 May 2008Rossi Navi completes motor yacht South

29 Jan 200853.20m Rossi Navi scheduled for 2008 launch

14 May 2007Sud leaving Antibes