Ocean Independence

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Address: Dufourstrasse 65
Zip Code: CH-8702
Place: Zollikon
Country: Switzerland
Additional address:
Phone: +41 44 390 25 75
Fax: +41 44 392 26 88
Web site: http://www.oceanindependence.com
E-mail: zurich@ocyachts.com

Ocean Independence News

30 Jun 2015Sailing yacht Moonlight II of London sold

17 Jun 2015Astondoa 102 GLX Celtic Dawn sold

09 Jun 2015Superyacht Mystere sold

26 May 2015The 30.95m superyacht Maluhea sold

20 May 201526 Metre Champagne O’Clock Sold

19 May 2015Moonen 100 Explorer sold

28 Apr 2015Benetti superyacht Pokrov sold

24 Apr 2015Superyacht Sea Loafers III sold

23 Apr 2015Damen Sea Axe support vessel sold

23 Apr 2015The 34.50 metre superyacht Mimu sold

22 Apr 2015Superyacht Maestro of Gibraltar sold

15 Apr 2015Ocean Independence announce Favorita sold

20 Mar 2015The 25.6 metre Burger Jubilee sold

05 Feb 2015Thom Conboy and team join Ocean Independence

20 Jan 2015Classic superyacht RS Eden sold

17 Dec 2014Superyacht L'Or sold

11 Dec 2014CRN superyacht Ariela sold

06 Aug 2014IAG yard starts building range of Warren Yachts

30 Jul 2014Superyacht Olah sold

15 Jul 2014Sailing yacht Psyrax sold

13 Jun 2014Superyacht Pegasus V sold

05 Jun 2014The Brokerage Deal of the Week: The 90 metre superyacht Athena

28 May 2014Superyacht Sea Dweller sold

20 May 2014Superyacht 4H sold

01 May 2014Live from Palma: The 43 metre superyacht Mystere

18 Apr 2014Edward Pegan joins Ocean Independence

08 Apr 201449.90 Metre superyacht Mar sold

20 Mar 2014Charter Deal of the Week: Scandinavian offer on superyacht Daydream

26 Feb 2014Mangusta 165 Sharq sold in sealed bid

18 Feb 2014Superyacht Ineke IV sold

09 Jan 2014Superyacht Onyx sold

17 Dec 2013Benetti Classic superyacht Symphony sold

02 Dec 2013Diamonds Are Forever sold

20 Nov 2013Ocean Independence sells Hetairos

18 Nov 2013Benetti superyacht Reverie sold

15 Oct 201350 Metre Benetti Cuor di Leone sold

17 Sep 2013Mangusta 165 Sharq offered for sale by way of sealed bid

28 Aug 2013Sailing yacht Obsession II sold

21 Aug 201334.60 Metre superyacht Polycarpus sold

21 Jul 2013Superyacht of the week: The Esenyacht Glorious

03 Jul 201333 Metre Bilgin superyacht D'Angleterre sold

19 Jun 2013Riva 85 Volero sold

05 Jun 2013Ferretti 881 Louis and the Girls sold

03 Jun 2013SuperYachtsLondon joins OCI to sell superyacht Onyx

23 May 2013New build Arcadia 115 sold by Ocean Independence

17 May 2013 55 Metre Amels superyacht Engelberg christened

15 May 2013OCI sells superyacht berth in Genoa

25 Mar 2013Amels superyacht Engelberg on schedule for delivery in May

19 Feb 2013Codecasa Vintage hull F73 sold

30 Jan 2013Ocean Independence sells superyacht Element

17 Jan 2013On board the charter superyacht Berzinc

08 Jan 201342.5 Metre superyacht Lady Feryal sold

03 Jan 2013Three superyachts sold over the holidays

21 Dec 201254.9 Metre superyacht Harbour Island sold

08 Nov 201241 metre superyacht Trinity II sold

16 Oct 2012Scorpione dei Mari for sale with Dahm and OCI

14 Oct 2012Superyacht of the Week: The 46 metre superyacht 2 Ladies

12 Oct 201226.5 Metre explorer Kama Bay for sale

02 Oct 2012Joint broker partners for the America’s Cup Superyacht Program

16 Sep 2012Superyacht of the Week: Diamonds Are Forever

12 Sep 2012Live from Cannes: The Jade 91 Smiling-T

20 Aug 2012Codecasa 86 Ladyar B for sale with OCI

15 Aug 2012Leila Lina joins OCI / Primo charter fleet

13 Aug 201261 Metre superyacht Diamonds Are Forever for sale

31 Jul 2012Recently delivered superyacht 4YOU joins Ocean Independence fleet

25 Jul 2012Ferretti 881RPH Juna sold

18 Jul 2012Codecasa superyacht Mimu for sale with OCI

17 Jul 2012Superyacht Glorious available for charter in Turkey

13 Jul 2012Superyacht O'Rama for sale with OCI and Atalanta Golden Yachts

11 Jul 2012Classic yacht Moonmaiden II sold

03 Jul 2012Superyacht Harbour Island now for sale with Worth Avenue and OCI

20 Jun 2012Musical christening for 65 metre Amels Sea Rhapsody

14 Jun 2012Azimut 98’ Leonardo Seven now for charter

06 Jun 2012Reverie now for sale with Burgess and OCI

01 Jun 2012Superyacht Zeepaard for sale with Fraser Yachts and OCI

01 Jun 2012OCI sells Dutch built sailing yacht Ameena

01 Jun 2012Clear Eyes back on the market with Ocean Independece

25 May 2012Sailing yacht Obsession II now for charter with Primo Yacht / OCI

15 May 2012Classic yacht Eleanor Allen sold

03 May 2012Amels 212 superyacht receives Green Passport

20 Apr 2012Motoryacht Melange joins OCI charter fleet

16 Apr 2012Ocean Independence launches new charter portfolio book

05 Apr 2012Live from China: Superyacht Onyx participating in Hainan Rendez-Vous

29 Mar 2012Charter yacht Beyond Capricorn joins OCI in French Polynesia

19 Mar 201226 metre Dutch/German build project for sale with OCI

08 Mar 2012Ocean Independence sells the 42 metre Imbros

07 Mar 2012Jongert Sea Shuttle joins OCI charter fleet

01 Mar 2012Mangusta 80 Speedy T for sale with OCI

22 Feb 2012Benetti Sofia of Tortola for sale with Ocean Independence

21 Feb 2012Superyacht Hetairos now for sale with Edmiston and OCI

10 Feb 2012Superyacht berth for sale in Port Vauban, Antibes

08 Feb 2012Superyacht Tatiana joins OCI charter fleet in Turkey

01 Feb 2012Baglietto superyacht Sofia 3 for sale with OCI

30 Jan 2012The ISA superyacht Olah for sale with OCI

30 Jan 201275 metre new build Rossi Navi superyacht project for sale

27 Jan 2012Ocean Independence lists 52 metre partially built yacht for sale

26 Jan 2012Superyacht Espresso now for charter in Greece

24 Jan 2012Superyacht Golden Compass joins OCI charter fleet

23 Dec 2011Ferretti 881RPH Juna for sale with Ocean Independence

22 Dec 2011Superyacht Maluhea for sale with OCI

19 Dec 2011Superyacht Diamonds Are Forever joins OCI charter fleet

02 Dec 2011Superyacht Perla del Mare is back on the charter market

01 Dec 2011Superyacht Lady Feryal for sale with OCI and Dbeere Yachts

29 Nov 2011Superyacht Puma for sale with OCI

28 Nov 2011Superyacht Asteria joins OCI charter fleet

23 Nov 2011Benetti Diane for sale with Ocean Independence

10 Nov 2011Superyacht Pollux for sale with OCI

25 Oct 2011Superyacht Aurelia joins OCI charter fleet

17 Oct 2011Superyacht Sea Dweller for sale with Ocean Independence

14 Oct 2011Sailing yacht Astro de l’Est sold

14 Oct 201161 Metre superyacht Diamonds Are Forever hits the water at Benetti

12 Oct 2011Primo Yacht Charter bought by Ocean Independence

05 Oct 2011Rachel Bradley joins Ocean Independence as charter broker

13 Sep 2011Superyacht Clan VI for sale with OCI and Perini Navi USA

06 Sep 2011Charter yacht Clear Eyes to embark on world tour

30 Aug 2011Ocean Independence adds Black Pearl to charter fleet

29 Aug 2011Price reduction for superyacht D’Angleterre at OCI

18 Aug 2011Ocean Independence joins Oceanstyle to sell superyacht Lady Natinia

12 Aug 2011Vitters superyacht Havana for sale with OCI

08 Aug 2011Superyacht Erasmo for sale with OCI with price reduction

04 Aug 2011Superyacht Merlin for sale with OCI

02 Aug 2011Superyacht Daniella joins OCI charter fleet with reduced rates

01 Aug 2011Superyacht Koala now for sale with OCI Palma

26 Jul 2011New-build Carbon Ocean 82 superyacht for sale through OCI

26 Jul 2011Major price reduction for sale of superyacht Aslec 3

22 Jul 2011Price drop for superyacht New Life with Ocean Independence

22 Jul 2011Superyacht Dione Star sold by Ocean Independence and Yacht Connections

18 Jul 2011Major price reduction for sale of superyacht Element

12 Jul 2011Superyacht Ouranos Too for charter with Ocean Independence

06 Jul 2011Ocean Independence and Fraser Yachts sell superyacht Quantum of Solace

29 Jun 2011Superyacht Anedigmi for sale with Ocean Independence

28 Jun 2011Superyacht Haida G sold by Ocean Independence and Edmiston

27 Jun 2011Superyacht Passe Partout now for sale with Ocean Independence

23 Jun 2011Ocean Independence opens Auckland office

16 Jun 2011Major price reduction on superyacht El Chris through Ocean Independence

16 Jun 2011Superyacht Asteria sold by Ocean Independence

14 Jun 2011Superyacht Kanaloa joins Ocean Independence charter fleet

09 Jun 2011Superyacht Cuor di Leone for sale with Ocean Independence

09 Jun 2011Mangusta 105 superyacht Magnifico for sale through Ocean Independence

08 Jun 2011Superyacht Jade 120 for sale with Ocean Independence

08 Jun 2011Price reduction on Jongert Yachts superyacht Sailing T

07 Jun 2011The 34 metre superyacht Cornelia for charter with Ocean Independence

07 Jun 2011Price reduction for sailing yacht Palmyre

31 May 2011Superyacht Annagine joins Ocean Independence charter fleet

31 May 2011Classic Feaship superyacht Monaco for sale through Ocean Independence

26 May 2011Custom Line Navetta 26 superyacht Ulyssia reduced in price by OCI

25 May 2011Price reduction for S/Y Hermina at Ocean Independence

20 May 2011Price reduction for Broward superyacht Sovereign at OCI

20 May 2011Superyacht Picnic joins Ocean Independence charter fleet

17 May 2011Superyacht Eleanor Allen back on the charter market after succesful refit

16 May 2011The 59.4 metre superyacht Vicky for charter with Ocean Independence

16 May 2011Superyacht Lumar now for charter through Ocean Independence

12 May 2011Major € 500,000 price reduction on superyacht Aslec 3

29 Apr 2011Superyacht Kanaloa sold by MW& Associates and Ocean Independence

20 Apr 2011Massive price reduction for superyacht Ionian Princess

15 Apr 2011Ocean Independence reduces price of superyacht Dione Star

11 Apr 2011NedShip 46 metre superyacht construction project for sale

08 Apr 2011Ocean Independence and Maxi Dolphin present the MD90 in Antibes

05 Apr 2011Superyacht Moonmaiden II for sale with Ocean Independence

25 Mar 2011New Rossi Navi 74m superyacht construction project for sale

23 Mar 2011Superyacht catamaran Douce France for charter in South East Asia

10 Mar 2011Superyacht Sovereign listed for sale by Ocean Independence

08 Mar 2011Superyacht Aslec 3 for sale with Ocean Independence

25 Feb 2011Sailing yacht Hermina listed for sale by Ocean Independence

25 Feb 2011First Amels Limited Editions 180 sold by Ocean Independence

17 Feb 2011Superyacht Annagine nears completion

16 Feb 2011Piers Flood joins Ocean Management as superyacht manager

10 Feb 2011Superyacht SeaDweller joins charter fleet of OCI

08 Feb 2011Superyacht Eleanor Allen for sale with Ocean Independence

07 Feb 2011Sailing yacht Adesso joins Ocean Independence charter fleet

04 Feb 2011Ocean Independence sells superyacht Masquerade of Sole

01 Feb 2011New-build Tecnomar Maxima 37 superyacht for sale with OCI

19 Jan 2011Major price reduction for motoryacht Mrs Robinson

12 Jan 2011Superyacht Reverie for sale with Ocean Independence

10 Jan 2011Superyacht Polycarpus for sale with Ocean Independence

20 Dec 2010Superyacht Antibes completed by Saenz Yachts

01 Dec 2010Sailing yacht El Aleph joins charter fleet of Ocean Independence

01 Dec 2010Major price reduction for superyacht Aqualibrium

25 Nov 2010Superyacht Sensation sold by Fraser Yachts and Ocean Independence

23 Nov 2010Two Eurocraft Explorer 44 superyachts for sale with OCI

22 Nov 2010Ocean Independence sells new 46m Rossi Navi superyacht

09 Nov 2010McMullen & Wing’s Ermis2 for sale through Ocean Independence and Atalanta Marine

22 Oct 2010Superyacht Mamba for sale through Ocean Independence

21 Oct 2010Superyacht Gliss sold by YCO and Ocean Independence

20 Oct 2010Superyacht Mariposa for sale through Ocean Independence

12 Oct 2010Ocean Independence sells project Courage

08 Oct 2010Altair shines at Les Voiles de St Tropez 2010

04 Oct 2010A year with the owner of superyacht Onyx on board

31 Aug 2010Sailing yacht Palmyre for sale through Ocean Independence

06 Aug 2010Ocean Independence adds Mumbai to network of worldwide offices

22 Jul 2010Ocean Independence sell new Sanlorenzo 40 Alloy

11 Jun 2010Superyacht Aqualibrium for sale through Ocean Independence

03 May 2010Golden Horn joins Ocean Independence charter fleet

21 Apr 2010ISA superyacht Olah joins charter fleet of Ocean Independence

16 Apr 2010Superyacht Spirit for sale with Ocean Independence

30 Mar 2010Ocean Independence appointed central agents of superyacht Imbros

17 Mar 2010Sailing superyacht Sunny Hill for sale through Ocean Independence

17 Mar 2010Oceanfast’s 69m superyacht Nomad sold

11 Mar 2010Ocean Independence appointed central agents of superyacht Courage

03 Mar 2010Motor yacht Caramella for sale through Ocean Independence

23 Feb 2010Traditional motor sailor Arktos for sale through Ocean Independence

17 Feb 2010Sofia of Tortola joins Ocean Independence charter fleet

17 Feb 2010Tempest Marine superyacht Trilogy for sale through OCI

16 Feb 2010Ocean Independence lists superyacht Altair for sale

12 Feb 20102011 Akhir 135 for sale through Ocean Independence

03 Feb 2010Superyacht Onyx joins Ocean Independence charter fleet

28 Jan 2010Ocean Independence lists superyacht My Max for sale

22 Jan 2010Heavenly Daze joins charter fleet of Ocean Independence

19 Jan 2010Megayacht Wheels back on the market with major price reduction

13 Jan 2010Major price reduction for the Mangusta 92 Elektra’s

09 Jan 2010SuperYacht of the week: Katya, built to travel the world’s oceans

07 Jan 2010Ocean Independence lists new Akhir 118 superyacht for sale

23 Dec 2009New-build superyacht Pherousa for sale through Ocean Independence & Ardell

23 Dec 2009Ocean Independence lists motor yacht Lady Goodgirl for sale

22 Dec 2009Ocean Independence sells 57.5m new-build Benetti superyacht

18 Dec 2009Brand new Akhir 108 for sale through Ocean Independence

16 Dec 2009New CA charter manager at Ocean Independence’s new Fort Lauderdale office

02 Dec 2009Superyacht Red Sapphire for sale

25 Nov 2009OCI appoints Yannis Misopoulos and promotes Axel Douqué to yacht broker

19 Nov 2009Seagull II and Azzurra II join Ocean Independence charter fleet

13 Nov 2009Superyacht Daniella arrives in the Red Sea

10 Nov 2009Special Report: Haida G celebrates her 80th year

04 Nov 2009OCI adds My Trust to their charter fleet

27 Oct 2009Ocean Independence sells 2 and signs 6 new superyachts for sale

17 Aug 2009Quantum of Solace for sale through Ocean Independence

04 Aug 2009Christine of London for sale through Ocean Independence

29 Jul 2009RS Eden and Mamba join Ocean Independence charter fleet

30 Jun 2009Ocean Management now commercial passenger ship certified

04 Jun 2009The beautiful William Fife & Son Cintra for sale

27 May 2009Charter Special I: Feadship's 46m superyacht Jana

11 May 2009Charter yacht Jana at Amico

22 Apr 20093 Major sales by Ocean Independence (OCI) and 11 new CA's

03 Apr 2009Ocean Independence announces sale of Casino Royale

02 Apr 2009Ocean Independence launch charter portfolio

19 Mar 2009Ocean Independence sells M/Y Celine Ashley

10 Mar 2009Jeroen Minnema joins Ocean Independence

05 Mar 2009The Ocean Independence (OCI) charter fleet continues to develop

27 Jan 2009Second Limited Editions Amels 212 superyacht sold

26 Jan 2009Two exciting new build projects by Ocean Independence

22 Jan 2009January superyacht sales and charter news from Ocean Independence

18 Dec 2008December superyacht sales and charter news from Ocean Independence

13 Oct 2008New branding for Ocean Independence

10 Oct 2008Ocean Independence opens in Vienna

01 Sep 2008Ocean Independence Cavendish White announces delivery of Lady Nag Nag

25 Aug 2008OCI opens in Cavendish Square

19 Feb 20085 New CA's for Ocean Independence

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22 Jun 2015Codecasa launches superyacht Gazzella

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13 Jan 2015More Dubois yachts join the New Zealand Millenium Cup

25 Nov 2014Codecasa sells 50m Vintage hull C121

29 Oct 2014The New Zealand Millenium Cup 2015

16 Oct 2014Mayra Yachts launch first vessel and work continues on 50m superyacht

07 Oct 2014Hakvoort signs 38 metre contract for Diana designed superyacht

02 Oct 2014Superyacht yard, broker and designer team up to promote 80m British project

25 Sep 2014Refit of 57 metre Tacanuya well underway

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18 Jul 2012The Jongert Mbolo under sail

12 Jun 2012Superyacht Passe Partout at the Dahm Club Yachting Life Regatta

29 Mar 2012The 60 metre converted Royal Navy ship Titan

21 Mar 2012Asia Pacific set to become a preferred chartering destination

13 Feb 2012New superyacht sales and charter event in Mallorca

01 Feb 2012Port Adriano will host first Mallorca Superyacht Days

01 Dec 2011Jade Yachts launch superyacht Jade 90

28 Nov 2011Benetti launches superyacht Diamonds Are Forever

30 Sep 2011Sailing yacht Annagine arriving in Monaco

30 Aug 2011Eurocraft delivers explorer superyacht Baron Trenck

24 May 2011Completed hull of Rossi Navi FR025 superyacht arrives in Viareggio

12 May 2011Update on Amels Limited Edition 180 superyacht

20 Apr 2011Oceanfast’s 69 metre superyacht Nomad

06 Apr 2011Superyachts at the 5th Antibes Yacht Show

09 Mar 2011Superyacht Annagine left for maiden voyage

06 Apr 2010The 32 metre Trilogy off Monaco

07 Jan 2010Katya in Fort Lauderdale

31 Aug 2009The classic Feadship Celine Ashley in Saint Tropez

24 Aug 2009SanLorenzo’s 4H cruising off Monaco

30 Jun 2009The classic Lady Goodgirl

26 May 2009Element off Cap Ferrat

04 May 2009The Feadship Monaco

30 Apr 2009The Benetti Tradition Carlamaria in Hvar

27 Apr 2009Benetti's Reverie

10 Apr 2009Paolyre leaving Antibes

19 Mar 2009AquaLibrium in the Caribbean

02 Feb 2009Gliss at the Superyacht Cup Palma

22 Sep 2008Arethusa by Nereids Yachts

30 Jul 2008Christensen completes M/Y Casino Royale

17 Jul 2008Why Ocean Independence bought Cavendish White

11 Jul 2008Third Limited Editions Amels 171 delivered

02 Jul 2008OCI yachts Marco Polo and 4H win ShowBoats International awards in Monaco

10 Jun 2008Happy birthday Ocean Independence Cavendish White

27 Apr 2008The SYT10 – the 10 most impressive superyachts for sale in Antibes

21 Apr 2008Photo review of the Antibes Yacht Show 2008

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08 Apr 2008Cavendish White joins Ocean Independence

07 Apr 20084 Exciting new yacht options offered by OCI

19 Mar 2008Ocean Independence Charter Portfolio 2008 launch

18 Feb 2008Sea D arriving in Antibes

15 Jan 2008Faribana V (ex Sarafsa) refueling in Valletta

03 Dec 2007Ocean Independence sells Netanya VII

26 Oct 20078 Magnificent superyachts for sale!

22 Oct 20079 new CA's and another 2 sales for Ocean Independence

24 Sep 2007The Monaco Yacht Show 2007 - Day 3 & 4

17 Sep 2007Ocean Independence brings Sarafsa, Marco Polo, Alta & Spirit of Zen to Monaco

23 Aug 2007Ocean Independence sells 8 yachts in 14 days

11 Jul 2007New charter broker for Ocean Independence

02 Jul 2007Latest news from Ocean Independence

24 May 2007OCI on show in Italy and Germany

18 May 2007Three new yachts for Ocean Independence

04 May 2007Best brokerage sail yachts from the Med

25 Apr 2007Magazines & Books - April

13 Apr 2007Two new charter CA's for Ocean Independence

12 Apr 2007Ocean Independence new charter portfolio a hit with clients

11 Apr 2007Ocean Independence sells Titan, Vinidrea II & Phantom

10 Apr 2007Ocean Independence launches charter portfolio in Zurich

27 Feb 2007Ocean Independence sells 85m motor yacht Annaliesse (now Delma)

05 Feb 2007Ocean Independence sells the Jongert Ion

27 Nov 2006Dragos Yachts launches Asfar

14 Nov 2006Ocean Independence appointed to manage latest Amels project

08 Nov 2006Sedation II - New Worldwide Central Agency for Charter

17 Oct 2006Ocean Management receives official ISM verification

12 Oct 2006New Ocean Independence Management Division opens

16 Aug 2006Update from Ocean Independence

08 Dec 2000Basaran's 42.5m superyacht under construction