Benetti SpA

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Address: Via Michele Coppino 104
Zip Code: 55049
Place: Viareggio
Country: Italy
Additional address:
Phone: +39 (0)584 3821
Fax: +39 (0)584 396232
Web site:

Benetti SpA News

04 Feb 2016The 41.93m superyacht Mr. D to make US debut in Miami

23 Dec 2015Henrik Fisker and Benetti 50m superyacht series concept

30 Jul 2015Benetti completes Crystal 140 superyacht Mr. D

16 Jul 2015Benetti signs 66 metre contract for John Staluppi

29 Jun 2015Benetti launches Vivace 125'

06 Jun 2015Superyacht of the Week: Benetti's 50 metre Vica

04 Jun 2015First look on board superyacht Vica

21 May 2015Exclusive: Benetti rolls out 63 metre project FB265

08 May 2015Benetti launches new yacht operation programme, Dedicato

26 Apr 2015Interviewing Benetti's Luigi Adamo at the Singapore Yacht Show

24 Apr 2015Benetti reveals Asia strategies at Singapore Yacht Show 2015

10 Apr 2015Video of Benetti superyacht Surpina on sea trials

18 Mar 2015More information released about Benetti's latest superyachts

09 Mar 2015Benetti sells the 7th Classic Supreme superyacht 132

27 Feb 2015Record attendance for Azimut-Benetti Yachtmaster 2015

25 Feb 2015Benetti launches superyacht Incontatto

20 Feb 2015Lamberto Tacoli headed for the leadership of UCINA

12 Feb 2015Benetti sells 9 superyachts since September

11 Feb 2015Superyacht of the week: The Benetti Veloce 140’

15 Dec 2014The 15th Azimut/Benetti Yachtmaster event

04 Dec 2014Benetti prepares launch of 60 metre FB 255 Formosa

04 Dec 2014Superyacht Formosa now launched

22 Nov 2014Superyacht of the week, Illusion V

13 Nov 2014Live from Qatar: Benetti positive about the potential of the region

12 Nov 2014First look onboard Benetti superyacht Edesia

04 Nov 2014First look on board Benetti's Veloce 140

21 Oct 2014Mingfa 5th Benetti Supreme 132 to be delivered

15 Oct 2014Benetti Veloce 140’ to debut at FLIBS

10 Sep 2014Breaking News: Benetti signs two 100m+ superyacht contracts

01 Sep 2014Benetti appoints Chief Commercial Officer, new chairman for Fraser Yachts

20 Aug 2014Benetti's Illusion I to debut in Monaco

12 Aug 2014Benetti launches 58 metre superyacht Illusion I

04 Aug 2014Benetti Ocean Paradise exhibited at Cannes Yachting Festival

28 Jul 2014Benetti delivers first Fast Displacement superyacht

18 Jul 2014Benetti launches superyacht Cheers 46

11 Jul 2014Speaking to Benetti's Giordano Pellacani at SO!Dalian

05 Jul 2014Superyacht of the Week: My Paradis

24 Jun 2014Benetti launches superyacht Edesia

23 Jun 2014Benetti delivers superyacht My Paradis

21 May 2014Benetti launches 45m superyacht Latiko

12 May 2014Superyacht of the Week: The Benetti Delfino 93’ Zaphira

06 Apr 2014Superyacht of the week: The exquisite Benetti Lady Candy

02 Apr 2014Benetti delivers Delfino 93 superyacht to Brazilian owner

20 Feb 2014Benetti Mister Z launched for a first time Belgian owner

17 Feb 2014Benetti launches the third Classic Supreme 132

19 Jan 2014Superyacht of the week: Charter yacht Dyna ® by Benetti

15 Jan 2014Video of the Benetti superyacht Panthera

18 Dec 2013First of Benetti's Fast Displacement line arrives at the yard

17 Dec 2013Two superyachts launched at Benetti

15 Dec 2013Superyacht of the week: The contemporary Benetti superyacht Panthera

09 Dec 2013First look on board Benetti's superyacht Panthera

06 Dec 2013In Pictures: The Benetti Reverie

14 Nov 2013Live from Qatar: Benetti offering close shipyard experience

01 Oct 2013Benetti receives RINA Award by Prince Albert of Monaco

18 Sep 2013Beach-style-designs by Cor D. Rover Design for Benetti

17 Sep 2013Ferruccio Luppi new CEO of the Azimut | Benetti Group

11 Sep 2013Benetti unveils new fast displacement superyacht range

11 Sep 2013Benetti announces 64 metre superyacht contract signed in August

29 Aug 2013Benetti to bring superyacht Checkmate to Fort Lauderdale

23 Aug 2013Benetti CEO comments on fire on project FB261

21 Aug 2013Lightning possible cause of fire on board Benetti's FB261

21 Aug 2013First pictures of recently delivered superyacht Panthera by Benetti

20 Aug 2013Official statement Benetti regarding fire on 54 metre superyacht

23 Jul 2013Benetti launches 56 metre superyacht FB261

14 Jul 2013Superyacht of the week: The Benetti Ocean Paradise

09 Jul 2013First look on board superyacht Ocean Paradise by Benetti

03 Jul 2013Superyacht Luna delivered by Benetti

02 Jul 2013Azimut Benetti invites 600 guests to Portofino

02 Jul 2013Azimut Benetti Group appoins Fabio Ermetto as new President of Yachtique

18 Jun 201354 Metre Benetti Lady Michelle to be delivered this summer

28 May 2013Benetti unveils superyacht Lady Candy

12 May 2013Superyacht of the week: The Benetti Checkmate

25 Mar 2013Benetti launches superyacht Ocean Paradise

15 Mar 2013Benetti launches superyacht Luna

14 Mar 2013Cor D Rover unveils superyacht design for Benetti

18 Feb 2013 Central Yacht announces order for 56 metre Benetti FB266

15 Feb 2013Fire under control at Benetti yard in Livorno

11 Feb 2013Benetti launches superyacht Dyna

03 Feb 2013Superyacht of the Week: The Benetti Classic Supreme Petrus II

23 Jan 2013First look on board superyacht Petrus II

14 Jan 2013Fourth Benneti Classic Supreme 132’ sold

10 Jan 2013Ludovica and Roberto Palomba design Benetti Jolly Roger

09 Dec 2012Superyacht of the Week: Benetti's 65 metre Seanna

29 Nov 2012Luca Dini designs 55 and 72 metre superyachts for Benetti

22 Nov 2012The Benetti Tradition Supreme 108 under construction

13 Nov 2012Quartostile unveils 70 metre Benetti superyacht design

07 Nov 2012What ever happened to M/Y Galu - Part 1

31 Oct 2012Azimut Benetti directors concentrate on Italian heritage

30 Oct 2012First look at 63 metre superyacht under construction at Benetti

29 Oct 2012Benetti launches 5th Delfino 93

26 Oct 2012Eidsgaard Design and Benetti unveil 70 and 90 metre superyachts

19 Oct 2012Sneak preview of the new Benetti Supreme 108

12 Oct 2012New 90 metre superyacht design for Benetti by Marco Casali

10 Oct 2012Axis Group Yacht Design unveils 88 metre design for Benetti

16 Sep 2012Superyacht of the Week: Diamonds Are Forever

26 Jul 201261 Metre Diamonds Are Forever largest yacht ever at Cannes show

21 Jul 2012Superyacht of the Week: The 56 metre Benetti Ulysses

13 Jun 2012Benetti launches superyacht Checkmate for US owner

22 May 2012Benetti launches Classic 121 Option B

08 May 2012Benetti launches the first Classic Supreme 132 superyacht

18 Apr 2012Benetti today launches Benetti Delfino 93’

02 Mar 2012On board superyacht Diamonds Are Forever

27 Feb 2012New Benetti Tradition 105’ superyacht Miamaa launched

27 Feb 2012Benetti announces 90 metre contract in Miami

30 Jan 2012Opening of design showroom dedicated to Benetti clients

23 Dec 2011Mauro Moscardi becomes head of Corporate Services at Azimut-Benetti

15 Dec 2011Organisational restructuring operations at Azimut Benetti Group

10 Dec 2011Superyacht of the Week: Told U So

07 Dec 2011New Benetti Classic 121 superyacht FF1 launched

28 Nov 2011Benetti launches superyacht Diamonds Are Forever

09 Nov 2011Benetti forms boat-building business network in Livorno

14 Oct 201161 Metre superyacht Diamonds Are Forever hits the water at Benetti

12 Sep 2011Benetti signs contract for 50 metre superyacht FB801

07 Sep 2011Azimut/Benetti launches Yachtique Concierge Club

03 Aug 2011Open day at the Benetti yard in Livorno

03 Aug 2011Benetti and Altraluce present LED lights

04 Jul 2011Benetti opens new production area

28 Jun 2011Stradivarius concert on board superyacht Bistango

31 May 2011Benetti launches superyacht FB 248

30 May 2011Seatrial of Benetti superyacht Nataly

23 May 2011Benetti launches Tradition superyacht hull BT024

05 Apr 2011Benetti launches Redman Whiteley Dixon designed superyacht Nataly

04 Mar 2011Azimut-Benetti Group doing good business in the UAE

24 Feb 2011Benetti’s superyacht Amnesia IV sold

17 Feb 2011Azimut-Benetti Group reveals new strategy to maintain position in market

14 Feb 2011Benetti launches 16th Vision superyacht Told U So

01 Feb 2011Benetti launches the first new Classic 121 superyacht

29 Jan 2011Superyacht of the Week: The Benetti Tradition 105'

16 Dec 2010Benetti launches the first Crystal 140 superyacht

25 Nov 2010Benetti Vision 145 superyacht Told U So by Molori Design

14 Nov 2010Superyacht of the Week: Benetti's 47 metre Imagination

14 Oct 2010The Benetti Diane at anchor off Cannes

27 Jul 2010Superyacht Adora nearing completion at Benetti

25 May 2010Benetti launches 47 metre superyacht Imagination

10 May 2010Azimut-Benetti present good results

22 Dec 2009Ocean Independence sells 57.5m new-build Benetti superyacht

03 Dec 2009First Benetti Delfino arrives in Viareggio

30 Nov 2009Benetti presents the new Tradition 105

07 Sep 2009Amnesia IV moves into the outfitting shed

29 Jul 2009Benetti delivers 12 and sells 5 superyachts

18 Feb 2009Benetti launches 65m Silver Angel & 45m Harmony III

10 Dec 2008Two new superyacht lines by Benetti

05 Nov 2008Benetti introduces B.E.S.T. (Benetti Exclusive Sea Technology)

26 Sep 2007Benetti Yachts signs four contracts at the Monaco Yacht Show

02 Mar 2002Video of 65 metre superyacht Seanna

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24 Jan 2016New exclusive photos of the new 90m Benetti superyacht Lionheart

23 Jan 2016Exclusive: Benetti preparing to launch 90m superyacht Lionheart

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13 Jan 2016Countdown to inaugural Thailand Yacht Show

12 Jan 2016New 50m Benetti superyacht project Breeze sold

22 Dec 2015Top superyacht sales of 2015

11 Dec 2015First Azimut/Benetti YachtMaster Asia

27 Nov 2015In Pictures: 56m Benetti Genesis II in Greece

25 Nov 2015Benetti’s 56m superyacht Ulysses

25 Nov 2015New Benetti superyacht Genesis II arrives in Hong Kong

23 Nov 2015QIBS 2015 a great success

12 Nov 2015Mariotti to build 180 metre superyacht?

06 Nov 2015Live from FLIBS: Benetti’s growing success in the Americas

25 Oct 2015Superyacht of the Week: the 38.10m Benetti Iron Man

13 Oct 2015Mulder Design presents new 115m superyacht concept

12 Oct 2015First Look: Benetti’s Vivace 125 superyacht Iron Man

06 Oct 2015 Superyachts under moonlight outside Port Hercule

23 Sep 2015Benetti announce sale of 66m custom superyacht

22 Sep 2015The 63m superyacht 11/11 in Monaco

21 Sep 2015Superyachts preparing for the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show

15 Sep 2015Van Oossanen starts Fluid Dynamics sales agency in Italy

11 Sep 2015Azimut Benetti reports growth at Cannes Yachting Festival

10 Sep 2015Live from Cannes: Benetti's new 116 Mediterraneo

07 Sep 2015Benetti announces sale of new 49m project Zafiro

28 Aug 2015Azimut Benetti sells 12% stake to Tamburi Investment Partners

27 Aug 2015Benetti’s 63m superyacht 11/11 leaving Porto Cervo

07 Aug 2015Benetti Superyacht St. David anchored off Stromboli

23 Jul 2015Benetti superyacht Sea Blue’Z in Trogir

23 Jul 2015Benetti 57m superyacht project sold

22 Jul 2015Benetti unveils 63 metre superyacht 11/11

17 Jun 2015Superyacht Ocean Paradise sold

16 Jun 2015Benetti superyacht Zita sold

02 Jun 2015Video of Benetti superyacht Chocolat

12 May 2015Africa and Lady Dee in Poros on Sunday

06 May 2015Um Hurair at Jebel Ali Golf Resort Marina

28 Apr 2015Benetti superyacht Pokrov sold

17 Apr 2015The 34.95m Benetti superyacht Domani sold

15 Apr 2015Superyacht St. David in Malta two days ago

15 Apr 2015Ocean Independence announce Favorita sold

10 Apr 2015Petrus II in Sint Maarten

03 Apr 2015Benetti superyacht St. David sold

16 Mar 2015The largest yachts at the upcoming Palm Beach show

13 Mar 2015Superyacht Lumiere in Cancun

11 Mar 2015Superyacht Soy Amor at nighttime

10 Mar 2015Superyacht +Lejos in the Miami Beach Marina

09 Mar 2015The 45m Benetti superyacht Told U So sold

25 Feb 2015The London Yacht, Jet and Prestige Car Show tickets now on sale

19 Feb 2015The 60 metre superyacht Swan in the Bahamas

17 Feb 2015Superyacht Aquila sold

16 Feb 2015Superyacht Checkmate in Nassau

16 Feb 2015Major Italian shipyards return to UCINA

22 Jan 2015The 1983 superyacht Freemont in Viareggio

15 Jan 2015Superyacht QM of London in Monaco

15 Jan 2015Benetti preparing the launch of new 56 metre superyacht

13 Jan 2015Blue Water Yachting announce price change on superyacht Giorgia

12 Jan 2015The London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show 2015

07 Jan 2015Drone video of the highly private superyacht Lionheart

23 Dec 2014Benetti superyacht Sai Ram sold

11 Dec 2014An insider's view of superyacht Lady Candy

10 Dec 2014Superyacht Camarina Royale in Fort Lauderdale

03 Dec 2014Superyacht Annaeva in Capri

01 Dec 2014Benetti launches 50 metre Vica

01 Dec 2014In Pictures: Benetti's Illusion V

28 Nov 2014Speaker programme announced at International Superyacht Coatings Conference

10 Nov 2014CMC Marine​'s​ focus​ on innovation

10 Nov 2014Fourth Benetti Veloce 140 superyacht sold

29 Oct 2014Superyacht Tanusha at anchor

20 Oct 2014Superyacht Diamonds are Forever in Nice

16 Oct 2014First photo of 62 metre Benetti FB264

10 Oct 2014Superyachts new home in the Gulf of Siam

08 Oct 2014The future of the Genoa Boat Show

06 Oct 2014TEAM Italia's innovative technologies

01 Oct 2014Benetti superyacht Luna off Positano

25 Sep 2014Superyacht Illusion I in rough weather off Monaco

24 Sep 2014Second edition of Qatar International Boat Show announced

17 Sep 2014Interview with superyacht designer Cristiano Gatto

16 Sep 2014Superyacht Freedom in Venice

15 Sep 2014Hull of Benetti project FB701 completed

08 Sep 2014Top 10 brokerage superyachts at the Cannes Yachting Festival

04 Sep 2014Top 10 new superyachts at the Cannes Yacht Festival

20 Aug 2014Interview with Jan Jaap Minnema of Fraser Yachts

15 Aug 2014The Benetti superyacht Seanna in Positano

11 Aug 2014The recently delivered Benetti Anastasia K at anchor

01 Aug 2014Benetti's Giorgia offered for sale and charter

21 Jul 2014Strong bookings at Genoa Boat Show

08 Jul 2014Photos of superyacht professionals at SO!Dalian

25 Jun 2014550 Yachts to be displayed at rebranded Cannes show

12 Jun 2014Burgess sells Benetti Vision Domani

12 Jun 2014Alberto Perrone Da Zara joins Lürssen sales team

23 May 2014Superyacht Sirahmy in Viareggio

21 May 2014Benetti launches 47 metre superyacht FB503

15 May 2014Benetti Coconuts sold by Fraser Yachts

07 May 2014Benetti superyacht Imagination sold

04 May 2014Building superyacht Lady Candy

04 Apr 2014Benetti's superyacht Lumiere in Dubrovnik, Croatia

01 Apr 2014Benetti superyacht Illusion I sold

27 Mar 2014Sneak preview of the Asian owned superyacht Lady Candy

26 Mar 2014Azimut | Benetti to display 6 yachts at the Hainan Rendez-Vous

25 Mar 2014The 54 metre Benetti Moonlight in Dubai

19 Mar 2014The Andrew Winch designed superyacht St.David

14 Mar 2014Ocean Paradise passing a large cruiseship in Monaco

18 Feb 2014Fraser Yachts sells 19th Benetti Vision

14 Feb 2014Sensei cruising from Saint Tropez towards Cannes

09 Jan 2014The 44.76 metre Il Sole at anchor

19 Dec 2013Benetti Tradition Zazou sold

18 Dec 2013The Top 20 largest yachts ever built in Italy

17 Dec 2013Benetti Classic superyacht Symphony sold

06 Dec 2013The 46.05 metre superyacht Illusion I in Monaco

02 Dec 2013Diamonds Are Forever sold

18 Nov 2013Benetti superyacht Reverie sold

06 Nov 2013In Pictures: The Benetti Ulysses

15 Oct 201350 Metre Benetti Cuor di Leone sold

08 Oct 2013The 61 metre Benetti superyacht Diamonds Are Forever

17 Sep 2013Benetti superyacht JL Seagull sold

03 Sep 2013Burgess sells superyacht Galaxy

23 Aug 2013The 60 metre superyacht Swan in Saint Tropez

19 Aug 2013In Pictures: The 56 metre Benetti superyacht Galaxy underway

29 Jul 2013In pictures: The legendary Kingdom 5KR

05 Jul 2013Benetti superyacht Taiba sold by SuperYachtsLondon

03 Jul 2013The 65 metre Benetti superyacht Seanna

18 Apr 2013I Dynasty, the largest yacht at the Singapore Yacht Show

02 Apr 2013Superyachts Smile and Starship sold

18 Mar 201330.20 Metre superyacht Beyond The Clouds sold

26 Feb 201354 Metre new build Benetti project Lady Michelle for sale

13 Feb 2013The 1980's 60 metre superyacht Darnice III

13 Feb 2013First look on board new Benetti charter yacht Ocean Paradise

24 Jan 2013Rhoades Young Design working on the interior of 47 metre Benetti

20 Dec 2012Benetti superyacht Four Aces sold

19 Dec 2012Lift Emotion supplies elevators for 90 metre Benetti FB262

07 Dec 2012Live from Antigua: Benetti's 65 metre Seanna

20 Nov 2012Y.CO sells Benetti superyacht Larisa

19 Nov 2012The Bannenberg designed Benetti superyacht Queen Aida

08 Nov 201241 metre superyacht Trinity II sold

19 Oct 2012Best priced Tradition worldwide for sale with Fraser Yachts

17 Oct 2012Superyacht Taiba underway in Cannes

11 Oct 2012The 62 metre superyacht Bistango at anchor

09 Oct 2012Confiscated superyacht Limoncello to be auctioned

04 Oct 2012QM of London now for sale with Merle Wood & Associates

28 Sep 2012The 70 metre Reverie at anchor in Monaco

25 Sep 2012Superyacht Illusion I joins CNI sales fleet

11 Sep 2012Benetti Taiba on display in Cannes and Monaco

13 Aug 201261 Metre superyacht Diamonds Are Forever for sale

03 Aug 2012Benetti superyacht India joins Mortola charter fleet

02 Aug 2012Fraser Yachts offers superyacht Trinity II for sale

01 Aug 2012New Benetti superyacht Checkmate joins N&J charter fleet

01 Aug 2012Superyacht QM of London sold

28 Jul 2012Superyacht of the Week: The 60 metre charter yacht Lyana

25 Jul 2012Benetti superyacht Taiba for sale with Bluewater

09 Jul 2012Benetti Vision Domani for sale with Burgess

06 Jul 2012Video of new 57 metre charter superyacht Ulysses

26 Jun 2012The 86 metre iconic superyacht Kingdom 5KR

04 Jun 2012The Benetti Seanna in the Caribbean

01 Jun 2012Benetti superyacht Ulysses joins Fraser Yachts charter fleet

31 May 201265 Metre superyacht Seanna for charter with Burgess

21 May 2012Fraser Yachts sells new 60 metre Benetti superyacht

21 May 2012Quid Pro Quo introduces Yacht Carbon Offset

02 May 2012Superyacht Meamina joins the YPI charter fleet

27 Apr 2012The 50 metre Benetti superyacht Jo in the Caribbean

18 Apr 2012Benetti superyacht Stella Fiera sold

12 Apr 2012The 58,6 metre superyacht Sunday in Poros

29 Mar 2012Northrop and Johnson host VIP's on superyacht Told U So

29 Mar 2012Superyacht Smile for sale with CNI

22 Mar 201255 Metre superyacht Lady Candy under construction at Benetti

21 Mar 2012Superyacht Galaxy for sale with Burgess

12 Mar 201247 Metre superyacht Imagination for sale with CNI

07 Mar 2012The 70 metre Benetti Reverie

23 Feb 2012Refit of Benetti superyacht Tommy at Varadero Valencia

22 Feb 2012Benetti Sofia of Tortola for sale with Ocean Independence

22 Feb 2012Benetti Aminah for sale with Fraser and Viare Yachts

13 Feb 2012Benetti Four Aces now for sale with IYC and Merle Wood

13 Jan 2012The recently launched 61 metre superyacht Diamonds Are Forever

19 Dec 2011Superyacht Diamonds Are Forever joins OCI charter fleet

19 Dec 201161 Metre superyacht Lyana joins CSO charter fleet

23 Nov 2011Benetti Diane for sale with Ocean Independence

14 Oct 2011Superyacht African Queen joins Oceanstyle charter fleet

13 Oct 2011Benetti superyacht Kai for sale with Fraser Yachts

29 Sep 2011Molori Design’s superyacht Told u So wins prestigious award

28 Sep 20111974 Benetti Salve for sale with YPI

21 Sep 2011The 70 metre Reverie arriving in Monaco

14 Sep 2011Benetti Tradition superyacht Avagliani for sale with Fraser Yachts

13 Sep 2011€ 1,000,000 Price drop for the sale of superyacht QM of London

31 Aug 2011Benetti superyacht Meamina in Capri

18 Aug 2011$ 350,000 price reduction for superyacht Keiki Kai

12 Aug 2011The Benetti Sunday in Greece

14 Jul 2011Good charter record in first year for superyacht Andreas L

11 Jul 2011CMC Marine sells 20 Stabilis Electra systems in 12 months

06 Jul 2011Ocean Independence and Fraser Yachts sell superyacht Quantum of Solace

04 Jul 2011€ 500,000 price reduction on superyacht Beyond the Clouds

24 Jun 2011Superyacht Le Mirage for sale with Kardinal Marine

14 Jun 2011Burgess signs up superyachts Smile, S.Q.N and Miss Rose for sale

09 Jun 2011Superyacht Cuor di Leone for sale with Ocean Independence

08 Jun 2011Benetti superyacht Quivira for sale with Fraser Yachts

06 Jun 2011Price reductions for superyachts Yaakun, Andiamo and La Cima II

03 Jun 2011Major price reduction on superyacht Lady Sheila

31 May 2011The 50 metre Benetti sailing yacht Blue Gold

20 May 2011Benetti superyacht project FB260 Lady Candy unveiled

19 May 2011Further price reduction of Benetti superyacht Keiki Kai

17 May 2011Superyacht Sunday in the port of Hydra

04 May 2011Benetti Classic superyacht Stella Fiera now for sale with Edmiston and Fraser Yachts

30 Mar 2011Superyacht Silver Angel in Livorno

30 Mar 2011Azimut Yachts to attend the 2011 Hainan International Boat Show

16 Mar 2011Superyacht Beyond The Clouds for sale through Fraser Yachts and Levante Mare

14 Mar 2011Superyacht Tumberry C under refit at Atollvic Shipyard

28 Feb 2011Third “La Belle Classe Superyachts” symposium in Monaco

23 Feb 2011The 52m Superyacht Quantum of Solace in Croatia

17 Feb 2011Major price reduction on 56m Benetti superyacht Four Aces

09 Feb 2011One million Dollar price reduction for superyacht Keiki Kai

04 Feb 2011Superyacht Il Odyssey for sale with Fraser Yachts

03 Feb 2011Major price reduction for superyacht Smile

31 Jan 2011Superyacht Libra Star in Saint Tropez

12 Jan 2011Superyacht Reverie for sale with Ocean Independence

25 Nov 2010Superyacht Kingdom 5KR leaving Antibes

24 Nov 2010Major price reduction for superyacht Platinum

10 Nov 2010Northrop & Johnson signs contract for a Benetti Vision superyacht

20 Oct 2010Price reduction for superyacht Lady Sisa at Gaspard Yachts

13 Oct 2010Benetti sailing yacht Blue Gold for sale through Ardell

04 Oct 2010The Benetti Four Aces in Gibraltar

10 Sep 2010The 61.50 metre Adora at anchor in Cannes today

02 Sep 2010Liveras Yachts acquires superyacht Andreas L (formerly Amnesia)

16 Jul 2010Superyacht Candyscape sold by Edmiston & Company

07 Jul 2010Superyachts Ulysses and Illusion launched by Benetti

14 Jun 2010Superyachts New Sunrise and Altitude for sale with Burgess

28 May 2010Sapphire Seas unveils first rendering of new 54m Benetti superyacht

19 May 2010Sapphire Seas LLC sells new 54m Benetti superyacht

18 May 2010Superyacht Amnesia at nighttime

21 Apr 2010Superyacht Candyscape back on the market with major price reduction

16 Apr 2010Fraser Yachts sells 52m Benetti Latinou

08 Apr 2010Superyacht Starfire in St Lucia

07 Apr 2010Superyacht Happy Day sold by Edmiston and International Yacht Collection

24 Mar 2010The 60m Benetti Amnesia in the caribbean

19 Mar 2010The 59m Benetti Lady Lara in the Caribbean

18 Feb 2010Luxury charter yacht JO off Antigua

15 Feb 2010New 62m Benetti superyacht Bistango joins Burgess’ charter fleet

27 Nov 2009Benetti superyacht Kai joins Fraser Yachts’ charter fleet

17 Nov 2009Superyacht Libra Star off St Jean Cap Ferrat

09 Oct 2009The 59m Meamina off Monaco

10 Aug 2009The Benetti Multiple off Cannes

03 Jun 2009Altitude off Antibes

02 Jun 2009Redman Whiteley Dixon unveils new drawings of 65 metre Amnesia IV

27 May 2009Benetti's Wild Thyme

30 Apr 2009The Benetti Tradition Carlamaria in Hvar

27 Apr 2009Benetti's Reverie

03 Apr 2009Silver Angel for sale through Camper & Nicholsons International

11 Mar 2009Moonlight in Dubai

25 Feb 2009Aquila in Malta

05 Feb 2009Starfire anchored off Monaco

07 Jan 2009Kaleido Beau & Stanley off Monaco

06 Jan 2009Fraser Yachts celebrate the Art of Bespoke Design

28 Nov 2008Lalika & Deniki anchored off Hvar

10 Nov 2008The 56m Benetti Allegro passing the 17th Street Bridge

03 Oct 2008The beautiful new Xanadu

19 Sep 2008Graham de Zille, the man behind the Amnesia series of Superyachts

14 Sep 2008SuperYacht of the Week: Amnesia III; the ultimate charter yacht

22 Jul 2008Um Hurair in Gibraltar

10 Jul 2008Sneak preview: Benetti’s new 60m Xanadu

09 Jul 2008Benetti completes Alibella (FB 238)

27 May 2008SYT Sales Review: Benetti Classic 115 Follow Me 4

23 May 2008SuperYacht of the Week: Mylo - a modern classic by Benetti

07 May 2008Benetti’s Reverie in Gibraltar

24 Apr 2008Benetti launches the 52m Latinou (FB237)

11 Apr 2008QM of London anchored off Sardinia

07 Apr 2008Alouette docked in Split

15 Feb 2008Beverley – the first Benetti Classic with a black hull

13 Feb 2008Benetti launches the 60m Amnesia (FB 245)

05 Feb 2008ART Marine introduces its first Benetti yacht to the Middle East

21 Jan 2008Edmiston sells Romanza and lists La Numero Uno & Don Giovanni

11 Jan 2008New superyachts on - 02/2008

19 Dec 2007Amnesia IV by Benetti & Redman Whitely Dixon

22 Nov 2007Benetti's Salee leaving Brindisi

21 Nov 2007Bravelove One docking in Monaco

25 Oct 2007Benetti's Sai Ram leaving Monaco

03 Oct 2007Benetti's Benalex arriving in Antibes

20 Sep 2007Wind by Benetti

18 Sep 2007Cannes' best new motor yachts

17 Aug 2007Benetti's latest launch Geanelle under Fraser Yachts contract

18 Jul 2007The Benetti Altitude leaving Portofino

16 Jul 2007Multiple anchored off St Jean Cap Ferrat

04 Jul 2007The 65m Benetti Ambrosia III wins award

03 Jul 2007VT Naiad Marine & Benetti sign long term supply agreement

22 Jun 2007The Benetti Limoncello

19 Jun 2007The Benetti Taiba at anchor

01 May 2007Benetti launches 56m Annaeva (FB 234)

24 Apr 2007Desamis B at the Antibes Yacht Show

17 Apr 2007The China International Boat Show (CIBS) 2007

16 Apr 2007Idyllwild at the Cannes Boat Show

26 Feb 2007The Benetti Altitude cruising off Virgin Gorda

16 Feb 2007Benetti Desamis B off Cap d'Antibes

18 Jan 2007The Benetti Sai Ram & the Amels Gu

08 Jan 2007Benetti Lionheart in choppy waters off Monaco

12 Feb 2000Superyacht of the week: the 41.93m Mr. D