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Address: Via Enrico Mattei, n. 26
Zip Code: 60125
Place: Ancona
Country: Italy
Additional address:
Phone: +39 071 5011 111
Fax: +39 071 200 008
Web site:

CRN Spa News

29 May 2015Superyacht Eight relaunched after refit at CRN

11 May 2015CRN launches the 55m superyacht Atlante

07 May 2015CRN presents new 50m superyacht design projects

17 Apr 2015First photo of 55m custom CRN superyacht

20 Feb 2015Lamberto Tacoli headed for the leadership of UCINA

13 Jan 2015CRN turns 77 metre LOI into signed contract

15 Dec 2014CRN unveils two new Paszkowski projects

12 Jul 2014Superyacht of the week: The 61 metre Saramour

10 Jul 2014Sneak preview of 61 metre superyacht Saramour

26 Jun 2014Burgess sells 74 metre CRN new build project

06 Jun 2014CRN delivers 61 metre superyacht Saramour

03 Jun 2014Video of the launch of the 73m Yalla

20 Mar 2014CRN to participate in Hainan

13 Mar 2014CRN signs a new Letter of Intent for 77 metres superyacht

03 Mar 2014CRN launches 61 metre superyacht

14 Feb 2014CRN signs two Letters of Intent for 44m superyachts

05 Feb 2014CRN prepares for launch of 60 metre superyacht

21 Jan 2014CRN signs Letter of Intent with a Chinese client for 68m superyacht

10 Nov 2013Superyacht of the week: The 80 metre CRN Chopi Chopi

24 Oct 2013CRN introduces new superyacht line

19 Aug 201380 Metre superyacht Chopi Chopi delivered

06 Aug 2013CRN delivers superyacht Lady Genyr

06 Jun 2013Closer look at 60 metre superyacht CRN 133

04 Jun 2013Closer look at 74 metre superyacht CRN 131

02 May 2013CRN launches Navetta 43 superyacht Lady Genyr

28 Apr 2013Superyacht of the week: The 58.2 metre CRN J'Ade

16 Jan 2013Video of the launch of the 80 metre CRN superyacht Chopi Chopi

13 Jan 2013The launch of the 80 metre CRN superyacht Chopi Chopi

12 Dec 2012CRN prepares for launch of 80 metre superyacht Chopi Chopi

29 Oct 2012The Ferretti Group announces new operating structure

22 Jan 2012Superyacht of the Week: The 60 metre CRN Darlings Danama

07 Jan 2012Superyacht of the Week: The CRN Navetta 43 Lady Trudy

13 Oct 2011CRN and Riva at the Frieze Art Fair London 2011

03 Aug 2011Superyachts Lady Trudy and Darlings Danama at the upcoming boat shows

08 Jul 2011CRN signs contract for 73 metre superyacht

08 Jul 2011CRN introduces the CRN Dislopen superyacht line

23 Jun 2011CRN introduces the CRN Classic 52m superyacht

28 Mar 2011CRN launches 60 metre superyacht

21 Mar 2011CRN to launch two superyachts this week

19 Feb 2011Superyacht of the Week: The 72 metre CRN masterpiece Azteca

10 May 2010CRN launches hull number 6 of the CRN 43 line

14 Apr 2010CRN launches 60m superyacht

21 Nov 2009SuperYacht of the week: Blue Eyes, a journey of emotions towards the East

30 Oct 2009CRN launches 43m Eviva

27 Oct 2009CRN to present 54m Maraya at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

08 Oct 2009CRN and Riva present 68 metre superyacht

30 Sep 2009CRN launches 72m Clarena 2

07 Aug 2009CRN's presence at the upcoming season’s boat shows

04 Jul 2009SuperYacht of the week: CRN's Rubeccan

03 Jun 2009CRN launch CRN Conciergerie Monaco

14 May 2009CRN launches the 60m Blue Eyes

14 Apr 2009CRN launches Sofico

13 Feb 2009CRN Ancona presents 80 metre superyacht

12 Dec 2008CRN launches new website

29 Nov 2008SuperYacht of the Week: Romance, a regal and Baroque CRN masterpiece

27 Nov 2008CRN launches Lady Belmor, the latest CRN 128 superyacht

27 Oct 2008CRN launches Rubeccan

15 Sep 2008CRN launches the 60m MS

06 Aug 2008The CRN fleet at the boat shows

31 Jul 2008CRN opens office in Monaco

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18 Oct 2015Superyacht of the Week: CRN’s 55 metre Atlante

15 Oct 2015Exclusive: first look on 55m CRN superyacht Atlante

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29 Sep 2015The 55m CRN superyacht Atlante in Monaco

23 Sep 2015Superyacht Yalla at the Monaco Yacht Show

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21 Sep 2015Superyachts preparing for the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show

21 Sep 2015MYS Exclusive: First photos of superyacht Atlante underway

01 Sep 201580m Chopi Chopi at anchor off St. Tropez

13 Aug 2015Charter Deal of the Week: The 54m CRN Maraya

05 Aug 2015CRN delivers 55m naval-inspired superyacht Atlante

13 Jul 2015CRN signs contract for 50m superyacht Superconero

09 Jul 2015CRN presents the Oceansport Series

03 Jul 2015CRN to present three yachts at Monaco Yacht Show

30 Jun 2015Superyacht Yalla at anchor

18 Jun 2015Chopi Chopi, Dionea and Lady Petra at Beaulieu sur Mer

05 Jun 2015Zuccon unveils new 50m explorer for CRN

25 May 2015Superyacht of the week: The 28.6 metre refitted Elvis

13 May 2015On board charter superyacht Suncoco

08 May 2015Zuccon International Project present 50m superyacht Teseo

03 Apr 2015The 73 metre Yalla off the Caribbean island of Anguilla

25 Feb 2015The London Yacht, Jet and Prestige Car Show tickets now on sale

12 Feb 2015The 72 metre superyacht Azteca in Fort Lauderdale

30 Jan 2015Superyacht Chopi Chopi anchored off Positano

12 Jan 2015The London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show 2015

09 Jan 2015The 47.80m superyacht Azzurra II in Cannes

08 Jan 2015Guido de Groot redesigns classic CRN Sylviana

11 Dec 2014CRN superyacht Ariela sold

01 Dec 2014The 73 metre superyacht Yalla underway

20 Nov 2014The classic superyacht Sarita Si at anchor

17 Nov 2014The CRN Maracunda in Doha, Qatar

02 Sep 2014Burgess announces full integration of OceanStyle

01 Sep 2014In Pictures: The 73m CRN superyacht Yalla in Capri

29 Jul 2014Video of 80 metre Chopi Chopi backing into Bonifacio

21 Jul 2014Strong bookings at Genoa Boat Show

30 Jun 2014Fiat uses Chopi Chopi in international advertising campaign

05 Jun 2014CRN's brand new 61 metre Saramour in Ancona

29 May 2014Exclusive: CRN preparing the launch of 73m superyacht Yalla

20 May 2014The classic explorer F100 in La Spezia

13 Mar 2014Superyachts Alwaeli and White Cloud anchored side by side

20 Feb 2014The 80 metre Chopi Chopi at Yacht Haven Grande in St. Thomas

20 Jan 2014Superyachts Aquarius and Givi at anchor

15 Jan 2014In Pictures: The 80 metre CRN Chopi Chopi

18 Dec 2013The Top 20 largest yachts ever built in Italy

17 Oct 2013Time lapse video of a day on board superyacht Chopi Chopi

30 Sep 2013Superyacht Chopi Chopi in Monaco

04 Sep 2013Superyacht Lady Genyr cruising off Porto Cervo

27 Aug 2013The 59.5 metre CRN Blue Eyes London

20 Aug 201339.6 Metre CRN built motor yacht Lady Belmor sold

19 Aug 2013Superyacht Darlings Danama sold

31 Jul 2013The 40 metre CRN Aqualibrium at anchor

31 May 2013Superyachts Blue Eyes London and Samadhi in Port Adriano

21 Mar 2013The 61.30 metre CRN superyacht New Sunrise

04 Mar 2013The iconic 47.80 metre superyacht Azzurra II

18 Jan 2013The 58.2 metre CRN superyacht J’Ade in Ancona

17 Jan 2013The Middle Eastern owned superyacht Alwaeli at anchor

20 Dec 201261.30 Metre CRN superyacht New Sunrise sold

11 Dec 201235 Metre superyacht Ragazza sold and renamed Sylviana

07 Nov 2012Riva introduces new flagship, the 122' Mythos

06 Jan 2012Superyacht Aqualibrium for sale and charter with Burgess

02 Jan 2012The 60 metre CRN Darlings Danama

14 Oct 2011The 59.5 metre CRN superyacht Blue Eyes

09 Aug 2011CNI and Burgess sell superyacht Emerald Star

14 Jun 2011Superyacht Kanaloa joins Ocean Independence charter fleet

30 May 2011Bureau Veritas classified superyacht Azteca

19 May 2011The CRN superyacht Magnifica in Poros

23 Feb 2011Superyacht Bella Stella joins the charter fleet of Primo Yacht

07 Feb 2011The 60 metre Tacanuyaso MS at anchor

27 Jan 2011Zuccon International Project sets up Maxi Yacht division

04 Jan 2011The 72 metre CRN Azteca

08 Dec 2010The 54 metre superyacht Maraya off Saint Tropez

24 Nov 2010The 68 metre Alwaeli in Antibes

09 Nov 2010Superyacht New Sunrise for sale through Burgess

30 Aug 2010Superyacht Azteca off Monaco

14 Jun 2010Superyachts New Sunrise and Altitude for sale with Burgess

09 Jun 2010Superyacht Ariela for sale through Fraser Yachts

08 Jun 2010Superyacht Kanaloa for sale through Merle Wood & Associates

13 May 2010Engel & Völkers Yachting brokers 72 metre superyacht Clarena II

25 Jan 2010The 55m superyacht Achilles in Gibraltar last week

21 Jan 2010Sofico joins charter fleet of Yachting Partners International

11 Dec 2009Blue Eyes off Antigua

28 Aug 2009CRN’s 60 metre Blue Eyes joins Burgess Charter Fleet

07 Jul 2009The 42 metre CRN luxury yacht Alexandra K

01 Jul 2009Superyacht Il Vagabondo Again

21 Apr 2009The Custom Line 112 superyacht Two Kay off Monaco

19 Mar 2009AquaLibrium in the Caribbean

18 Nov 2008Givi in Cannes

30 Sep 2008Lady Eva anchored of Juan-les-Pins

05 Sep 2008CRN’s Maraya

30 Jul 2008New Sunrise at the Hamilton Wharf

14 May 2008CRN launches the 57m Romance (hull 122)

28 Apr 2008CRN transfers hull of 59m superyacht to new outfitting shed

25 Apr 2008The Navetta 30 Klobuk leaving Split

04 Apr 2008CRN launches the 43m superyacht Hana

20 Mar 2008AquaLibrium arriving in Antibes

05 Mar 2008Ava cruising towards Monaco

11 Jan 2008New CRN megayachts under construction

11 Jan 2008New superyachts on - 02/2008

09 Jan 2008CRN and Paul Madden split ways

12 Dec 2007Ladies First leaving Monaco

23 Nov 2007New industrial shed for CRN’s 72 metre Clarena II

16 Nov 2007Achilles leaving Monaco

15 Nov 2007CRN's Magnifica in Venice

06 Nov 2007CRN's Jameel in the IYCA

31 Oct 2007Givi arriving in Monaco

04 Oct 2007Emerald Star unveiled in Cannes

03 Oct 2007CRN launches the 54 meter Maraya

19 Sep 2007The Cannes International Boat and Yacht Show 2007

19 Sep 2007The Monaco Yacht Show 2007 - Day 1

03 Sep 2007Il Vagabondo Again, anchored off Cannes

22 Aug 2007The CRN Kanaloa leaving Monaco

15 Jun 2007The 4th CRN 128 Sima

24 May 2007CRN launches 43m Emerald Star

16 May 2007The CRN Vespucci arriving in Antibes

24 Apr 2007Historic success registered by the CRN sales office

16 Apr 2007CRN starts construction of a new 59-metre yacht

06 Apr 2007The second "Ship Convergence" of the Ferretti Group held in Barcelona

06 Mar 2007CRN Yachts launches the 4th CRN 128 Sima

26 Feb 2007CRN projects update

06 Feb 2007 Norberto Ferretti and his management team increase the stake in the capital to 40%

12 Jan 2007A new succes for CRN

27 Nov 2006The hull of CRN's 72-metre takes shape