Amels Holland B.V.

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Address: Koningsweg 2
Zip Code: 4381 NA
Place: Vlissingen
Country: Netherlands
Additional address:
Phone: + 31 118 485 002
Fax: + 31 118 485 002
Web site:

Amels Holland B.V. News

22 Jun 2015Amels to bring Madame Kate to Monaco Yacht Show

09 Jun 2015Amels and Damen unveil largest Yacht Support vessel

05 Jun 2015First 69 metre Yacht Support vessel sold

18 May 2015Video of newly delivered superyacht Madame Kate

18 May 2015Amels completes 30th precision RoFlo operation

20 Feb 2015Amels launches superyacht project 467

16 Feb 2015Amels joins hull and superstructure of 83m yacht

02 Feb 2015Amels launches superyacht Madame Kate

08 Jan 2015Amels enters custom 80m+ superyacht market

06 Nov 2014New Heli Hangar developed for Sea Axe vessels

06 Oct 2014First Limited Editions Amels 242 arrives at the yard

24 Sep 2014Debuting in Monaco, superyacht Z

18 Jul 2014Superyacht Volpini redelivered following refit at Amels

01 Jun 2014The Amels approach with Rob Luiendijk

01 Jun 2014The philosophy behind Limited Editions with Tim Heywood

01 May 2014Amels superyacht activity reaches new heights

07 Mar 2014Amels and Burgess sell newbuild Amels 180

24 Jan 2014Damen-built Fast Yacht Support vessel 6711 completes sea trials

13 Nov 2013More information released about Limited Editions Amels 242

23 Sep 201374 metre superyacht contract signed by Moran at Amels

06 Aug 2013Superyacht Event to make her world premier at the Monaco Yacht Show

30 May 2013Second Amels 199 superyacht sold

17 May 2013 55 Metre Amels superyacht Engelberg christened

26 Apr 2013The first Amels 199 superyacht Event christened

25 Mar 2013Amels superyacht Engelberg on schedule for delivery in May

04 Dec 2012Second 67 metre Sea Axe fast yacht support vessel sold

25 Nov 2012Superyacht of the Week: The 55 metre Amels 180 Step One

26 Sep 2012Amels and Heywood unveil 83 metre Amels 272 superyacht

18 Sep 2012MYS Preview Video: The Amels 55-metre Step One

14 Sep 2012Industry veteran joins Amels Refit team

11 Sep 2012MYS Preview Video: The inside story on fast yacht support vessel Garcon

11 Jul 2012The Amels Limited Editions 177 Spirit in Vancouver

06 Jul 201267 Metre Fast Yacht Support vessel to debut in Monaco

06 Jul 2012Amels 180 Step One attending 2012 Monaco Yacht Show

20 Jun 2012Musical christening for 65 metre Amels Sea Rhapsody

15 Jun 2012Superyacht Ilona gets a new helipad and pool at Amels

30 Mar 2012Four Amels superyachts to be delivered this spring

15 Feb 2012Amels launches superyacht Step One

17 Sep 2011Superyacht of the Week: Imagine, the first Limited Editions Amels 212

16 Sep 2011Two superyacht world premiers from Amels in Monaco

07 Jun 2011Imtech system integrator onboard Amels 6503

12 May 2011Update on Amels Limited Edition 180 superyacht

18 Mar 2011Amels announces contract for first Amels 199

21 Dec 2010Two Limited Editions Amels 177 superyachts sold

01 Dec 2010Amels launches the first Limited Editions Amels 212 ahead of schedule

19 Jul 2010Amels sells first 67m Sea Axe Fast Yacht Support Vessel

07 Jul 2010Amels to display superyacht Bel Abri at Monaco Yacht Show

19 Jun 2010Superyacht of the Week: The Amels 171 Bel Abri

30 Apr 2010Oberon changes the support vessel market

28 Apr 2010The first Amels 177 superyacht Addiction

23 Dec 2009Second Limited Editions Amels 177 superyacht sold

05 Sep 2009SuperYacht of the week: My Shanti, a proud, solid, and beautiful Amels

19 Aug 2009Amels delivers fifth Limited Editions 171 superyacht

06 Jul 2009Amels to introduce the Damen Fast Yacht Support Vessel in Monaco

30 Jun 2009Amels announces addition to Limited Editions range

16 Mar 2009Amels and Imtech celebrate partnership

10 Mar 2009Exclusive: Sneak preview of the first Amels 212 Limited Editions superyacht

02 Mar 2009Third Amels Limited Editions superyacht created

16 Feb 2009Amels launches fifth Limited Editions 171 superyacht

04 Feb 2009Amels completes refit of 68.5m superyacht

27 Jan 2009Second Limited Editions Amels 212 superyacht sold

10 Sep 2008Amels introduces all-new website

06 Aug 2008Dutch prime minister honors Amels with visit

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12 Jan 2016Amels superyacht Lady Georgina at anchor

06 Jan 2016First 74 metre Amels 242 superyacht launched

04 Jan 2016The Amels superyacht Z in Tarragona

22 Dec 2015Top superyacht sales of 2015

17 Dec 2015The 55 metre Amels superyacht 4You in the Caribbean

11 Dec 2015In Pictures: 73 metre Amels superyacht Ilona arriving in London

06 Dec 2015Superyacht of the Week: the elegant 60m superyacht Madame Kate

03 Dec 2015Closer look at 60m Amels superyacht Madame Kate

01 Dec 2015Amels superyacht TJ Esperenza sold

20 Nov 2015Amels 199 superyacht Event sold

20 Nov 2015Success for SuperYacht Night Amsterdam

11 Nov 2015Record number of Amels projects currently underway

09 Nov 2015SuperYacht Night Amsterdam tickets selling fast

06 Nov 2015Calling all captains! Limited tickets available to METS social event

03 Nov 2015Y.CO announces sale of 67m superyacht Aquarius

02 Nov 2015Limited tickets available for SuperYacht Night Amsterdam

28 Oct 2015Tickets now available for SuperYacht Night Amsterdam

22 Oct 2015SuperYacht Night Amsterdam to be bigger than ever before

20 Oct 201567.75m superyacht Archimedes in St Barth

14 Oct 2015Amels shipyard open day taking place next month

02 Oct 2015Fraser Yachts’ Antoine Larricq speaks about the sale of the Amels LE242 superyacht

24 Sep 2015Damen officially introduce Damen SeaXplorer at MYS

23 Sep 2015MYS Exclusive: The top 10 must see yachts at MYS

23 Sep 2015Amels announce sale of new Amels 180

23 Sep 2015Amels officially introduce the Amels 188 superyacht

22 Sep 2015Amels to reveal the new Amels 188 at MYS

21 Sep 2015Superyachts preparing for the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show

21 Sep 2015MYS Exclusive: Damen reveals new SeaXplorer superyacht range

21 Sep 2015Amels sells second 74 metre Amels 242 superyacht

31 Aug 2015Amels LE 180 superyacht Astra in Portofino

26 Aug 2015Amels superyacht Madame Kate in St. Tropez

05 Aug 2015Amels superyacht Gene Machine in Mykonos

28 Jul 2015Superyacht Astrid Conroy in Venice

27 Jul 2015Cramm Yachting Systems installs custom passarelle for Amels 180 superyacht

09 Jul 2015Superyacht Sheergold in Monaco

01 Jul 2015Amels Limited Editions 180 superyacht sold by Y.CO

25 Jun 2015Charter Deal of the Week: Lady Nag Nag

01 Jun 2015Vava II in Port Everglades Fort Lauderdale

27 May 2015In Pictures: Superyacht La Familia in Genova Marina Aeroporto

27 May 2015The 54.86 metre superyacht Engelberg sold

22 May 2015La Familia in Puerto Banús

11 May 2015The 55m Amels superyacht Step One sold

13 Apr 2015Superyacht Deniki in St Barths

10 Apr 2015Final day at the London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show

16 Mar 2015The largest yachts at the upcoming Palm Beach show

12 Mar 2015Dutch superyacht industry exhibiting at TEFAF

25 Feb 2015The London Yacht, Jet and Prestige Car Show tickets now on sale

11 Feb 2015Superyachts in Miami

02 Feb 2015The 96 metre superyacht Vava II in Vlissingen at the Amels yard

14 Jan 2015The 36.50m Amels superyacht Secret Love in Barcelona

12 Jan 2015The London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show 2015

01 Dec 2014Superyacht builders sign up for Singapore Yacht Show 2015

04 Nov 2014200 Exhibitors take part in the METS Superyacht Pavilion

31 Oct 2014The Amels superyacht Astrid Conroy

26 Sep 2014Superyachts at the MYS - superyacht Event

10 Sep 2014Brokerage deal of the week: 50m superyacht TJ Esperanza

08 Sep 2014Top 10 brokerage superyachts at the Cannes Yachting Festival

02 Sep 2014Burgess announces full integration of OceanStyle

05 Aug 2014Superyacht Event at anchor

01 Aug 2014Superyacht Altair III at anchor off Capri

23 Jul 2014In Pictures: The new Amels 212 Z

10 Jun 2014The recently delivered superyacht Astra in Gibraltar

26 May 2014Explorer superyacht Akula in Genoa

23 Apr 2014Brisk yachting activity at Marina Port Vell

01 Apr 2014Update: New award show happens to be April Fool’s joke from Dutch and German shipyards

27 Mar 2014The former Dutch pilot vessel Akula in the Caribbean

24 Mar 2014Amels launches 55 metre superyacht hull 466

18 Mar 2014Dutch superyacht industry present at world's most prestigious art fair

13 Mar 2014Superyachts Alwaeli and White Cloud anchored side by side

26 Feb 2014Superyacht Ilona under refit at STP

20 Feb 2014The construction of superyacht My Gail III in 1985

18 Feb 2014In Pictures: Sea Rhapsody moments before sunrise

07 Feb 2014Think Yachts, Think Holland

20 Jan 2014Superyachts Aquarius and Givi at anchor

20 Jan 2014Amels launches 55 metre superyacht hull 465

17 Jan 2014The 50 metre Amels superyacht T.J. Esperanza

09 Jan 2014Sneak preview of new 65 metre superyacht in Holland

12 Dec 2013Superyacht Marjorie Morningstar sold

04 Dec 2013In Pictures: The 55 metre superyacht Engelberg underway

16 Sep 2013The 67-metre Fast Yacht Support vessel Garcon

19 Aug 2013The 73 metre superyacht Ilona in Saint Tropez

31 Jul 2013The 40 metre CRN Aqualibrium at anchor

12 Jul 2013In Pictures: The delivery of the 55 metre Amels Apollo

09 Jul 2013In Pictures: The brand new superyacht Kamalaya

14 Jun 2013Superyacht Reborn anchored off Monaco

10 Jun 2013In Pictures: The first Amels 199 Event

28 May 2013Superyachts Sunrays, Battered Bull and Montkaj in Antibes

03 May 2013The 68.50 metre superyacht Lady S

27 Feb 2013The second 65.70 metre Limited Editions Amels 212 Sea Rhapsody

12 Feb 2013The luxury superyacht Secret Love at anchor

06 Feb 2013Chartering the stunning superyacht Deniki

04 Feb 2013The 58 metre Amels superyacht Gu underway

04 Feb 2013SYT yard visit: ISA Yachts in Italy

30 Jan 2013The largest Amels superyacht to date, the 78 metre Montkaj

28 Jan 2013The 67-metre Fast Yacht Support vessel Garcon in Antigua

23 Jan 2013Amels' 65.50 metre superyacht Imagine at anchor

03 Jan 2013Three superyachts sold over the holidays

14 Dec 2012The bow of the 54.30 metre Amels superyacht Spirit

12 Dec 2012In pictures: the 65.50 metre Amels superyacht Imagine

06 Dec 2012Live from Antigua: Superyacht Deniki in Falmouth

20 Nov 2012Amels Limited Editions Amels 171 Bel Abri sold

13 Nov 2012The 68.50 metre Amels superyacht Lady S at anchor

15 Oct 2012New Amels 199 Event joins Imperial charter fleet

09 Oct 2012The Amels superyacht Deniki in Saint Tropez

02 Oct 2012The Michael Leach designed Amels superyacht Solemar

28 Sep 2012The Amels Monte Carlo for sale with CNI

08 Aug 2012Superyacht Ilona under Tower Bridge in London

08 Aug 2012Amels superyacht Blue Attraction sold

31 Jul 2012Recently delivered superyacht 4YOU joins Ocean Independence fleet

29 Jun 2012Superyacht 4You delivered

26 Jun 2012The 86 metre iconic superyacht Kingdom 5KR

15 Jun 2012The 61.5 metre Amels superyacht Solemar

25 May 2012The brand new Amels 55-metre yacht Step One

23 May 2012Amels Marjorie Morningstar for sale with Merle Wood

14 May 2012Superyacht Sheergold in Italy

07 May 2012Unique 50m fast support yacht for sale

03 May 2012Amels 212 superyacht receives Green Passport

26 Mar 2012The Limited Editions Amels 177 Addiction

13 Feb 2012Amels Marjorie Morningstar joins Merle Wood charter fleet

31 Jan 2012The 55 metre custom build Amels La Masquerade

24 Jan 2012Superyacht Imagine starts carbon offsetting fuel consumption

23 Jan 2012The 73 metre Amels superyacht Ilona at the IYCA

14 Dec 2011Superyacht Malibu for sale with Edmiston

06 Dec 2011Superyacht Lady S (ex Lady Anne P.B.) cruising off Saint Tropez

23 Nov 2011The first Limited Editions Amels 212 Imagine

17 Nov 2011The Amels superyacht Solemar arriving in Gibraltar

04 Nov 2011Superyacht Bel Abri for sale with Merle Wood and Imperial Yachts

27 Sep 2011Raytheon Anschütz to supply integrated navigation system to Amels

22 Sep 2011New price structure for the sale of the 49 metre Larissa

15 Sep 2011Lady Georgina leaving St. Katherine’s Dock Marina in London

12 Aug 2011Burgess sells 68.5 metre superyacht Lady Anne PB

08 Aug 2011Sunrise over superyacht Cleopatra C in Capri

20 Jul 2011Amels Limited Editions 177 Spirit joins YCO charter fleet

05 Jul 2011New price structure for the sale of superyacht Larissa

14 Jun 2011The 57 metre Bannenberg designed Cleopatra C

04 Jun 2011Superyacht of the Week: The 76 metre superyacht Reborn

27 Apr 2011Alewijnse signs contract with Amels for electrical outfit on 6 superyachts

31 Mar 2011Limited Editions Amels 212 Imagine in Gibraltar

17 Mar 2011Superyacht La Mirage in Gibraltar

07 Mar 2011Superyachts Seahorse, Lady Anne P.B. and Caneli cruising off Monaco

25 Feb 2011First Amels Limited Editions 180 sold by Ocean Independence

18 Feb 2011Superyacht TJ Esperanza for sale with CNI

14 Feb 2011Superyacht Secret Love joins charter fleet of IYR

18 Jan 2011The 52 metre Amels superyacht Marjorie Morningstar

18 Nov 2010The Limited Editions Amels 171 Were Dreams

13 Oct 2010Burgess sells 52 metre superyacht Tigre d'Or in inhouse deal

06 Oct 2010YPI sells the latest Limited Editions Amels 177 superyacht

04 Oct 2010Superyacht Larissa for sale with Peter Insull's Yacht Marketing

01 Oct 2010Lantic Premium system on board superyacht Bel Abri

15 Sep 2010Superyacht Aquarius for sale through Fraser Yachts

07 Sep 2010Superyacht Deja Too off Dubrovnik

01 Sep 2010The recently refitted superyacht Reborn

12 Jul 2010New 54 metre Amels 177 for sale through YPI Brokerage

17 Jun 2010The 58 metre Amels Gu

26 May 2010Superyacht Lady Nag Nag at night off Monaco

13 May 2010La Masquerade in the South of France

23 Mar 2010Superyacht Intuition II in the Caribbean

10 Feb 2010Amels superyacht Monte Carlo for sale through Northrop and Johnson and YPI

28 Jan 2010DB9 and Lady Georgina at Cap d'Ail

13 Jan 2010Superyacht Lady in Blue off Monaco

06 Jan 2010The 55m Amels La Masquerade in Maui

27 Oct 2009Sirona III and Aquarius (ex My Shanti) in Miami

06 Oct 2009Latest Amels 171 showcases Lantic System

12 Aug 2009Deniki in Juneau, Alaska

06 Jul 2009Lady Mona K anchored off Fira, Santorini

02 Jul 2009Amels' Sarah off the coast of Cannes

13 May 2009Amels' latest superyacht; Addiction

09 Apr 2009Altair III, a former pilot vessel

01 Apr 2009My Shanti arriving in Antibes

03 Feb 2009Intuition II off Virgin Gorda

28 Nov 2008Lalika & Deniki anchored off Hvar

01 Sep 2008Ocean Independence Cavendish White announces delivery of Lady Nag Nag

11 Jul 2008Third Limited Editions Amels 171 delivered

12 Jun 2008Alewijnse Marine Systems signs new contract with Amels

03 Jun 2008Amels holds open house for 3000 visitors

29 May 2008Solemar anchored off Cannes

27 May 2008Lady in Blue anchored off Cannes

26 May 2008Amels launches hull 454 - the 4th Limited Editions 171

23 May 2008The Amels Paris off Cannes

22 Apr 2008T.J. Esperanza leaving Antibes after the yacht show

21 Apr 2008Saint Nicolas & Montkaj in the IYCA

20 Feb 2008Amels launches Were Dreams (Sunrise) – the third Limited Editions 171

12 Feb 2008Malibu arriving in Monaco

15 Jan 2008Faribana V (ex Sarafsa) refueling in Valletta

04 Jan 2008Amels increases capacity and efficiency

18 Oct 2007The Amels TJ Esperanza cruising off Monaco

11 Oct 2007The Amels 171 Deniki in Venice

05 Oct 2007Sarah leaving Monaco

04 Oct 2007The Amels Deja Too (formerly Amevi) off Monaco

02 Oct 2007Cleopatra C cruising off Monaco

19 Jul 2007Altair arriving at Capri

12 Jul 2007Amels delivers Deniki, the first 171 Limited Editions

14 Jun 2007The Amels Sarafsa leaving the IYCA

08 Jun 2007Recent drydocking and repair of Karima

05 Jun 2007Altair anchored off Cap d'Antibes

14 May 2007Deniki on her way to the Mediterranean

09 May 2007Deniki under sea trials

27 Mar 2007The Amels Lady Mona K off Cannes

22 Mar 2007The Amels Sarah is for sale

20 Mar 2007Amels Yachts launched the first Limited Editions 171 Deniki

08 Mar 2007The Amels La Masquerade at night in the Port of Nice

02 Mar 2007The Amels Ilona at night in Antibes

28 Feb 2007World exclusive: Deniki is nearing completion for on time delivery

06 Feb 2007Update on MY Shanti

18 Jan 2007The Benetti Sai Ram & the Amels Gu

14 Nov 2006Ocean Independence appointed to manage latest Amels project

17 Oct 2006Lady in Blue at Fort Lauderdale

11 Oct 2006Amels at Mets Super Yacht Pavilion

13 Jul 2006Amels to begin work on second Limited Edition superyacht