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Yacht Finance

Organising loans for yachts (nationally and internationally) is a niche market that requires highly specialised expertise. Ciris Capital is the only specialised provider of yacht finance, from 150,000 euros up to 50,000,000 euros, with a maximum term of ten years. Your request for yacht finance can be for various purposes:

  • Financing the purchase of a new yacht
  • Financing the purchase of an existing yacht
  • Re-financing your current yacht
  • Financing a refit or rebuild
  • Transitional finance

A loan by Ciris Capital is based a mortgage on your yacht combined with your personal guarantee. We do not look for other securities related to your business interests or other assets. The financial  package is based upon your yacht, not your house or your share portfolio. The securities we ask for are:

  • First mortgage on the yacht
  • Personal liability of the owner
  • Assignment of insurance policies on the yacht

Financing at Ciris Capital offers you more than just taking out a mortgage on your yacht. First we make an assessment of the value of your yacht – we are familiar with the specifics of every yacht – and your financial position. Then we draw up the optimal finance construction for you and negotiate with various banks on your behalf. Being entirely independent from all banks, we can guarantee you the most cost-effective and reliable finance solution.

Other services

We can provide you with information and professional advice at every entry level, without obligation. Becoming more familiar with the yachting market. The intricacies of sale or build contracts. Yacht insurance and all related documentation. From first time buyers to experienced yacht owners and those looking to sell, Ciris Capital is always on hand to answer your questions.

Why Ciris Capital

Ciris Capital is specialised in customised yacht finance, combining comprehensive expertise in yachts and their financing.

Of course you could approach ten different national and international banks to negotiate your yacht finance or leasing arrangement. Or you can approach the one specialised company that knows them all. Let us get the best possible deal on the market for you.

Ciris Capital was established in 2001 by the current Board members, Hans Groen and Remco Immink. Together, they have over 20 years of international experience in yacht finance. Both clients and banks make daily use of our knowledge, experience and network within this market sector.

Other reasons to choose Ciris Capital: 

  • Focussed on results
  • Clear communication
  • We ensure your time is never wasted

Click here to download the Yacht Finance Plan of Ciris Capital (PDF file, 368kb).

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