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Address: Via Armezzone 3
Zip Code: 19031
Place: Ameglia
Country: Italy
Additional address:
Phone: +39 (0)187 6181
Fax: +39 (0)187 618316
Web site:

SanLorenzo News

02 Feb 2016Sanlorenzo inaugural 42.2m explorer completes maiden voyage

26 Jun 2015Sanlorenzo to unveil SL86 in Cannes

25 Jun 2015Sanlorenzo 460EXP expected to debut in Monaco

08 Jun 2015Sanlorenzo's first SY70 unveiled in Hong Kong

26 May 2015Sanlorenzo launches 46 metre superyacht Scorpion

03 May 2015Superyacht of the week: the Sanlorenzo SD126 To-Tok

22 Apr 2015Sanlorenzo celebrate 10 years

21 Apr 2015Sanlorenzo and Chris Bangle Associates design collaboration

15 Apr 2015Sanlorenzo launches SD112 Piacere and a SL118

02 Apr 2015First look on board Sanlorenzo's first SD 126

04 Mar 2015Sanlorenzo's 52 Steel seen for the first time

28 Jan 2015Sanlorenzo sells 8 in new model series

14 Nov 2014Sanlorenzo Egypt opens in Hurghada - Red Sea

07 Nov 2014Sanlorenzo 60 Steel currently in build

05 Nov 2014Sanlorenzo sells second 42 metre explorer

24 Oct 2014Sanlorenzo Spa appoint new Group President

01 Oct 2014Two new Sanlorenzo models at the Genoa Boat Show

09 Jul 2014Sanlorenzo will present 2 new models at Cannes & Genoa

19 Jun 2014Sanlorenzo launches 4 superyachts

29 May 2014Sanlorenzo launches 46 metre superyacht Trident

13 May 2014Sanlorenzo launches hull of 460Exp superyacht

24 Apr 2014Sanlorenzo launches SD112 superyacht "O"

18 Apr 2014Sanlorenzo Americas sells first SD126

21 Mar 2014The Sanlorenzo 40 Alloy in Dubai

10 Feb 2014Newly launched Sanlorenzo SL104 makes her way to the US

05 Feb 2014Superyacht H1 launched by Sanlorenzo

03 Feb 2014First Sanlorenzo SD110 nears completion

03 Dec 2013Two contracts signed by Sanlorenzo at FLIBS

15 Nov 2013Live from Qatar: Q&A with Sanlorenzo

29 Oct 2013Sanlorenzo China opens in Hong Kong

18 Sep 2013Sanlorenzo sign joint venture with Chinese group Sundiro Holding

05 Sep 2013Sanlorenzo SD92 Minu launched

06 Aug 2013New 62 metre Sanlorenzo superyacht unveiled

17 Jul 2013Sanlorenzo launches SD122 superyacht Therapy

10 Jul 2013Sanlorenzo to kick off the boat show season in Cannes

05 Jun 20132nd Sanlorenzo Americas yacht sold in a month

27 May 2013Sanlorenzo launches 46m superyacht Starling

07 May 2013Sanlorenzo launches three superyachts in one week

14 Mar 2013Sanlorenzo delivers 40 Alloy superyacht to the ruler of Dubai

15 Feb 2013Sanlorenzo launches fractional ownership program

14 Feb 2013Fulvio Dodich has been appointed new CEO of Sanlorenzo

21 Jan 2013Sanlorenzo launches superyacht Alchemist Too for Mexican owners

04 Dec 2012Sanlorenzo enters Chinese market

15 Nov 2012Sanlorenzo delivers SD122 and sells superyacht in Hong Kong

07 Nov 2012Sanlorenzo opens new office and sells new SL82 motoryacht

06 Nov 2012Sanlorenzo sells the first Sanlorenzo 42EXP

22 Oct 2012Four Sanlorenzo yachts on display in Fort Lauderdale

02 Oct 2012Sanlorenzo fills the size gap with the SD110

26 Sep 2012Sanlorenzo's new superyacht explorer line

23 Jul 2012Sanlorenzo launches superyacht Achilles

20 Jun 2012Sanlorenzo opens Sanlorenzo Istanbul

29 May 2012Sanlorenzo launches SL94 Silvie VI and SL108 Regine

10 May 2012Sanlorenzo launches the 7th 40 Alloy 111

19 Apr 2012Sanlorenzo launches superyacht Souraya

14 Feb 2012Premiere of Sanlorenzo SL94 at the 2012 Miami International Boat Show

12 Feb 2012Superyacht of the Week: The Sanlorenzo SL104

24 Nov 2011The Sanlorenzo 46 Steel superyacht Carol

19 Oct 2011Sanlorenzo at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

25 Jul 2011Worldwide premiere of Sanlorenzo SL94 at Monaco Yacht Show

22 Jul 2011Sanlorenzo strenghtens financial position with a 2010 turnover of € 196,000,000.

15 Jul 2011Sanlorenzo inaugurates new Marina Travelift and opens marina

06 Jul 2011Sanlorenzo unveils the SL94 superyacht

28 Jun 2011Sanlorenzo launches superyachts Scorpion, Santa Anna and Reve 'Or

10 Jun 2011Sanlorenzo celebrates another double launch:Triple Fun and Mia Rocca IX

05 Apr 2011Superyacht Feluca completes refit

23 Mar 2011Sanlorenzo has launched SD92 superyacht Bubu Forever

21 Mar 2011Sanlorenzo showcase at Hainan Rendez‐Vous and Singapore Yacht Show

04 Mar 2011Sanlorenzo awarded in Miami at Nautical Design Awards 2011

24 Feb 2011Sanlorenzo sells four yachts at the first two 2011 Boat Shows

15 Feb 2011Sanlorenzo launches 14th SD92 superyacht

31 Jan 2011Sanlorenzo launches the second 46 Steel superyacht Carol

23 Dec 2010Sanlorenzo and Rodriguez Group sign commercial agreement

20 Dec 2010Sanlorenzo launches new website

29 Nov 2010Sanlorenzo becomes member of SYBAsas

27 Nov 2010Superyacht of the Week: Sanlorenzo's 46 metre Lammouche

28 Sep 2010Sanlorenzo financial highlights 2010-2011

07 Jul 2010Sanlorenzo launches 5th 40 Alloy superyacht, Lena

07 Jun 2010Sanlorenzo SD122 FX wins award

31 May 2010Sanlorenzo launched third SD 122, Anastasia M

27 May 2010Edmiston Mexico appointed as Sanlorenzo brand representative

19 May 2010Sanlorenzo and Bradford Yacht Sales sell SL108 superyacht Japimana

28 Apr 2010Sanlorenzo launches the 4th 40 Alloy superyacht Princess Claudia

20 Apr 2010Stephen Huish Yacht Design unveils interior for superyacht Lady Jane

15 Apr 2010Sanlorenzo launches SD92 superyachts Lady Jane and Genie 2

08 Apr 2010Sanlorenzo launches superyacht Dandy Six

25 Feb 2010Sanlorenzo launches 44 Steel

07 Nov 2009SuperYacht of the Week: The SanLorenzo 100 New

30 Oct 2009Sanlorenzo 2009 financial results and prospects for 2010

17 Aug 2009Sanlorenzo and Bluegame official partners of the Yacht Club of Parma

01 Aug 2009SuperYacht of the week: Keep Cool, the new Sanlorenzo SL108

17 Jul 2009Sanlorenzo launches SD92 Telli 3 and SD122 FX

13 Jul 2009Sanlorenzo unveils the SL100 New superyacht

19 May 2009Latest Sanlorenzo 40 Alloy superyacht tours Viareggio at night

11 May 2009Sanlorenzo launches two new superyachts; SL108 Keep Cool and 40 Alloy iBoat

17 Apr 2009Sanlorenzo unveils 44m steel superyacht

16 Apr 2009Roberto Franzoni new Marketing and Communication Director of Sanlorenzo Spa

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20 May 2014Superyacht 4H sold

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30 Apr 2014Superyacht Reve d'Or in Porto Montenegro

02 Apr 2014Yacht Moments sells Sanlorenzo SD92 Lady Victoria

09 Jan 2014Superyacht Onyx sold

13 Dec 2013Sanlorenzo Atsko sold

04 Dec 2013Whyko sells Sanlorenzo 88 motoryacht Marcelina

18 Oct 2013Yacht Moments sells new built Sanlorenzo SD 92-33

10 Sep 2013Visit superyacht Onyx in Cannes this week

21 Aug 2013Yacht Moments sells new Sanlorenzo 108

17 Jun 2013Yacht Moments sells new SanLorenzo SD92

03 Jun 2013SuperYachtsLondon joins OCI to sell superyacht Onyx

08 Oct 2012MTU unveils new automation system and restyled bridge components

05 Apr 2012Live from China: Superyacht Onyx participating in Hainan Rendez-Vous

27 Feb 2012The 46 metre Sanlorenzo superyacht Lammouche

20 Feb 2012Leading yacht brands coming to the Singapore Yacht Show

16 Feb 2012Rodriguez Group closes the 1st quarter of its 2011/2012 financial year

11 Jul 2011CMC Marine sells 20 Stabilis Electra systems in 12 months

18 May 2011Superyacht Aria joins AqvaLuxe Yacht Charters fleet

16 Feb 2011An encouraging 1st quarter for the Rodriguez Group

22 Jul 2010Ocean Independence sell new Sanlorenzo 40 Alloy

19 Apr 2010Merle Wood & Sunseeker Florida lists the Sanlorenzo 108 superyacht Petrus

23 Oct 2009The first SanLorenzo SD 122 Dancing Milly III

24 Aug 2009SanLorenzo’s 4H cruising off Monaco

09 Jan 2009Francesco Paszkowski Design working on second SanLorenzo SD 122

28 Jan 2008Boot Düsseldorf 2008

25 Oct 2007Francesco Paszkowski wins at World Yachts Trophies 2007 with Sanlorenzo SD 92

25 Sep 2007The new SanLorenzo 40 Alloy 4H anchored off Cannes

20 Sep 2007The Monaco Yacht Show 2007 - Day 2