Baglietto S.p.A.

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Address: Viale San Bartolomeo 414
Zip Code: 19126
Place: La Spezia
Country: Italy
Additional address:
Phone: +39 0187 59831
Fax: +39 0187 564765
Web site:

Baglietto S.p.A. News

09 Apr 2015Baglietto launches new 46m displacement motor yacht

02 Apr 2015Baglietto readies to launch 46.3m superyacht

20 Feb 2015Lamberto Tacoli headed for the leadership of UCINA

30 Nov 2014Superyacht of the week: Baglietto's 46 metre superyacht

09 Sep 2014Baglietto completes 46 metre displacement yacht

04 Jul 2014Baglietto launches 46-metre displacement superyacht

25 Mar 2014Baglietto signs contract for 46m superyacht

27 Feb 2014Baglietto signs contract for 54 metre superyacht

17 Sep 2013The Baglietto MV13 unveiled in Cannes

01 Jul 2013First look on board superyacht Monokini

08 May 2013Baglietto launches 44 metre superyacht Monokini

01 May 2013Baglietto launches new website

01 Nov 2012Three superyacht models unveiled by Baglietto and Paszkowski Design

05 Jun 2012Paszkowski to design new line of superyachts for Baglietto

12 Mar 2012Baglietto under new management

29 Sep 2010Overmarine announces the purchase of Baglietto and Cantieri di Pisa

02 Mar 2010Baglietto launches the new 42m Wide Body superyacht Lucky Me

10 Oct 2009SuperYacht of the week: Natori – a striking 41m superyacht

15 Aug 2009SuperYacht of the Week: Ancòra by Baglietto

29 Jun 2009Apache II launched by Baglietto

27 May 2009Cantieri Navali Baglietto launches 53m superyacht Baraka

23 Feb 2009Baglietto launches 41 metre superyacht Natori

02 Feb 2009Baglietto superyacht damaged by fire

30 Oct 2008Baglietto launches the 58 metre superyacht Viki

10 Oct 2008Gruppo Baglietto opens new London sales office

21 Sep 2008SuperYacht of the Week: 33 knots of Pure Insanity by Baglietto

05 Jul 2008SuperYacht of the Week: First look onboard Baglietto's 53m Gitana

05 Mar 2008Gruppo Baglietto announces new CEO

22 Oct 2007The Gruppo Baglietto is founded

12 Feb 2007The Baglietto Varazze Shipyard

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07 Feb 2016Superyacht of the week: Baglietto's 46.3m Only One

05 Feb 2016The 46.3m superyacht Only One in Montenegro

05 Feb 2016 Insight: A growing market for fast aluminium yachts?

22 Jan 2016The 44m superyacht Apache II sold

18 Jan 2016Baglietto launches new 54m displacement superyacht

08 Jan 2016Baglietto getting ready for launch of 54m superyacht

18 Dec 2015Baglietto appoints new General Manager

30 Nov 201534 metre Baglietto superyacht My Space sold

29 Nov 2015Superyacht of the Week: Baglietto’s 43 metre Pachamama

29 Oct 2015New issue of the SuperYacht Times newspaper published

11 Sep 2015Live from Cannes: Onboard Baglietto's new 43m superyacht Pachamama

09 Sep 2015Baglietto’s 43.5m superyacht Pachamama in Cannes

05 Aug 2015Baglietto enters Central American market with new 48m superyacht

09 Jun 2015Superyacht Hemilea in the Villefranche-sur-Mer drydock

19 May 2015The 53m superyacht Blue Scorpion sold

03 Apr 2015Gavio Group acquisition of the Bertram brand

30 Mar 2015Superyacht Vicky at anchor in Villefranche

09 Mar 2015Superyacht Al Fahedi moored along the Creek in Dubai

16 Feb 2015Major Italian shipyards return to UCINA

09 Feb 2015Gavio Group buys Bertram Yachts

06 Oct 2014TEAM Italia's innovative technologies

04 Sep 2014Top 10 new superyachts at the Cannes Yacht Festival

10 Dec 2013The 42.75 metre Baglietto superyacht Mi Vida

19 Jul 201344 Metre Baglietto superyacht Tatiana Per Sempre sold

27 May 2013Baglietto superyacht Ancora sold

28 Feb 2013The 42.75 metre Baglietto superyacht Sofia 3 at anchor

11 Feb 2013The custom built Baglietto Vicky

16 Nov 2012Unknown superyachts; The 42 metre Geosand

06 Aug 2012Amazing charter season for superyacht Ancora

13 Jul 2012The 37.6 metre superyacht Rominta arriving in Saint Tropez

25 Apr 2012Baglietto superyacht Ilios now for sale

20 Feb 201244 Metre high performance superyacht Tatiana Per Sempre for sale

09 Feb 2012Baglietto superyacht Obsesion joins charter fleet of Athens Yachts

01 Feb 2012Baglietto superyacht Sofia 3 for sale with OCI

29 Jan 2012Superyacht of the Week: The 43 metre Why Worry

15 Dec 2011Baglietto superyacht Spago for sale with Fraser Yachts

06 Oct 2011Superyacht RC by Baglietto

30 Sep 2011Superyacht Burkut for sale with Merle Wood

13 Sep 2011€ 1,500,000 Price reduction for the sale of superyacht Blue Scorpion

19 Aug 2011Baglietto superyacht Burkut in Capri

17 Aug 2011Baglietto superyacht Why Worry nearing completion

04 Aug 2011Famous superyacht RC for sale with Fraser Yachts

29 Jul 2011Baglietto superyacht Why Worry launched

15 Jul 2011New-build Baglietto 43 superyacht Why Worry for sale through YPI

07 Jul 2011€ 1,500,000 price reduction on superyacht Apache II

06 Jul 2011Classic superyacht Sincerity for charter in New England

29 Jun 2011Baglietto superyacht Revitality for sale with CNI

22 Jun 2011Special offer for charter bookings on Superyacht Apache II

19 May 2011Superyacht Antalis relaunches after refit at FIPA Group

18 May 2011Further € 2,500,000 price reduction for superyacht Blue Scorpion at Yachtzoo

16 May 2011The 59.4 metre superyacht Vicky for charter with Ocean Independence

14 Apr 2011Major price reduction for Baglietto superyacht Blue Scorpion at Yachtzoo

13 Apr 2011The 58 metre superyacht Vicky

05 Apr 2011The 41 metre Baglietto Natori at anchor

15 Feb 2011Edmiston and Kaukonen & Kaukonen sell 42-knot superyacht Astarte

25 Jan 2011Overmarine finalises acquisition of Baglietto Group

05 Jan 2011Major price reduction for superyacht Bellissima

12 Nov 2010Superyacht Apache II joins Edmiston charter fleet

11 Nov 2010Superyacht Lucky Me in Porto Montenegro

29 Sep 2010Superyacht Alfa One in Greece

28 Sep 2010Effebi-Overmarine buys Baglietto and Cantieri di Pisa

20 May 2010Superyacht Vicky by Baglietto

16 Mar 2010Baglietto superyacht Alfa One for sale through Edmiston & Pacifica Yachting

03 Nov 2009Le Yana off Monaco

07 Sep 2009Fraser Yachts sells Baglietto’s Percal II

02 Sep 2009Baglietto’s fast open yacht Astarte for sale through Edmiston

09 Mar 2009The 46m Baglietto Al Fahedi in Dubai

24 Dec 2008Blue Ice arriving in Saint Tropez

18 Dec 2008Francesco Paszkowski designs new 44 metre Baglietto superyacht

10 Nov 2008Sperry Marine supplies navigation systems for new megayacht in Italy

19 Sep 2008Telemar Yachting supplies complete integrated bridge

15 Sep 2008Macalulu by Baglietto

29 Aug 2008The Giugiaro designed Antalis

26 Aug 2008New Master by Baglietto

17 Jul 2008Benedetta 2 by Baglietto

17 Jun 2008B-17 by Baglietto Yachts

30 May 2008Baglietto’s Albat leaving Antibes

16 May 2008Rominta by Baglietto

05 May 2008The One leaving Antibes

01 May 2008The new 53m Baglietto Gitana

09 Apr 2008Baglietto’s No Name anchored off Villefranche-sur-Mer

19 Sep 2007The Cannes International Boat and Yacht Show 2007

29 May 2007The Baglietto Nina J cruising off Monaco