Perini Navi

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Address: Via Coppino 114
Zip Code: 55049
Place: Viareggio
Country: Italy
Additional address:
Phone: +39 0584 4241
Fax: +39 0584 424 210
Web site:

Perini Navi News

18 Jun 201515 Perini Navi yachts to take part in Perini Navi Cup

09 Jun 2015Perini Navi signs contract for 60 metre superyacht

27 May 201573 Metre superyacht Grace E arrives in NYC

28 Apr 2015Refit of 40 metre superyacht Ellen complete

02 Apr 2015Perini Navi Group delivers superyacht Perseus^3

12 Mar 2015Six Perini's to participate in St Barths Bucket Regatta 2015

19 Feb 2015Perini Navi appoints new Chairman of the Board

22 Jan 2015The 45m sailing yacht Helios completes refit

23 Dec 2014Philippe Briand comments on new 50 metre Vitruvius design

10 Dec 201470m Ketch Sybaris well underway at Perini Navi

04 Dec 2014Perini Navi project C.2130 due for July 2015 launch

03 Nov 2014Superyacht of the Week: The 73 metre Grace E

30 Oct 2014New custodians of the St. Barths and Newport Buckets

30 Oct 2014New Perini superyacht projects unveiled

29 Oct 2014Perini Navi Group and Rybovich sign Authorised Service Facility Agreement

29 Jul 2014Perini Navi completes mast stepping of Perseus 3

17 Jul 2014Perini to bring Perseus 3 and Grace E to Monaco Yacht Show

30 Jun 2014Perini Navi launches superyacht Perseus 3

01 May 2014Perini Navi Group announces sale of 3rd vessel of 60m Series

12 Apr 2014SYS 2014 Live Video: Burak Akgül of Perini Navi

04 Mar 2014Picchiotti's 73 metre motoryacht Grace E completes her sea trials

11 Feb 2014Perini Navi signs 38 metre superyacht contract

20 Jan 2014Enrico Dell’Artino appointed CEO of Perini Navi

11 Jan 2014Superyacht of the week: Perini Navi's 60 metre Seahawk

09 Jan 2014First look on board Perini's superyacht Seahawk

08 Jan 2014First look on board superyacht State of Grace

11 Nov 2013Perini Navi delivers 60 metre Seahawk

14 Oct 2013Perini Navi's 70 metre C.2227 arrives in La Spezia

20 Sep 2013Latest Perini Navi superyacht receives 76 metre mast

20 Sep 2013Perini's Seahawk and State of Grace to debut in Monaco

16 Sep 2013The Perini Navi Group delivers superyacht State of Grace

16 Sep 201373 Metre superyacht Grace E launched

03 Sep 2013Silencio victorious in the Perini Navi Cup 2013

31 Aug 2013Storms put racing on hold at Perini Cup

31 Aug 2013Video of Day 03 of the Perini Navi Cup

30 Aug 2013P2 takes line honours, Silencio leads the overall classification

30 Aug 2013Photo gallery of day one of the Perini Navi Cup

30 Aug 2013Video of Day 01 of the Perini Navi Cup

30 Aug 2013Video of Day 02 of the Perini Navi Cup

28 Aug 2013Superyachts taking part in the Perini Navi Cup 2013

28 Aug 2013Perini Navi Cup 2013 starts today

26 Aug 2013The preliminary Perini Cup programme

06 Aug 2013Fifth edition of the Perini Navi Cup fast approaching

24 Jul 2013Silencio gets new set of sails in time for 2013 Perini Cup

23 May 2013Perini Navi launches 60 metre superyacht Seahawk

14 May 2013Dates for the 2013 Perini Navi Cup announced

09 May 2013Perini Navi Group supports young talents

02 May 2013Perini Navi turns hull of first 70 metre superyacht

15 Apr 2013Perini Navi opens office in China

09 Apr 2013The Perini Navi Group at YARE 2013

20 Mar 2013Perini Navi to sponsor the 2013 Loro Piana Caribbean

25 Feb 2013The Perini Navi Group announces new management team

17 Feb 2013Superyacht of the week: The 30.65 metre Perini Navi Xnoi

14 Jan 2013Perini Navi launches superyacht State of Grace

10 Dec 2012The 88 metre Maltese Falcon in Antigua

09 Oct 2012The Maltese Falcon and Amerigo Vespucci inaugurate the Salone Nautico di Genova

21 Sep 2012MYS Video Preview: A closer look at Perini Navi

18 Sep 2012Perini Navi at the upcoming shows

17 Sep 2012Dirk Johnson joins the Perini Navi Group

14 Sep 2012Perini Navi C.2218 launched by Perini Istanbul

07 Sep 2012The 40m Perini Navi superyacht Principessa Vai via

11 Jul 2012Perini Navi delivers 50 metre project C.2173

05 Jul 2012Perini Navi C2130 for sale with CNI and Perini Navi USA

29 May 2012Perini Navi launches carbon fibre sloop Xnoi

18 May 2012Superyacht builder Perini Navi adds new sections to website

24 Apr 2012Perini Navi Group participates in YARE exhibition

05 Apr 2012Live from China: Perini Navi at the Hainan Rendez-Vous

04 Apr 2012Perini Navi launches 50 metre superyacht Enterprise

27 Mar 2012Hull turned of 60 metre Perini Navi superyacht project C. 2218

21 Mar 201210 Perini Navi yachts set to sail in the St. Barth’s Bucket Regatta 2012

13 Mar 2012The hull of Perini Navi’s first 60m sailing yacht has arrived in Viareggio

13 Dec 2011Perini Navi signs contract for 69 metre superyacht

09 Nov 2011Perini Navi delivers superyacht Clan VIII

05 Nov 2011Superyacht of the Week: The 56 metre Perini Navi Fidelis

07 Oct 2011Owner takes delivery of Picchiotti ice class superyacht Galileo G

07 Oct 2011Fabio Perini wins Piacenza Cashmere award

20 Sep 2011Perini Navi turns the hull of the 60 metre C.2193 upright

16 Sep 2011The Perini Navi Group at the Monaco and Fort Lauderdale yacht shows

05 Sep 2011Superyacht Maltese Falcon victorious at the Perini Navi Cup 2011

04 Sep 2011Wind gods smile on superyacht Panthalassa in day 2 of Perini Cup

03 Sep 2011Exciting first day of the Perini Navi Cup

03 Sep 2011Photo Gallery: Perini Navi Cup 2011 Day 2

02 Sep 2011Photo Gallery: Perini Navi Cup 2011 Day 1

01 Sep 2011Scene is set for the start of fourth edition of the Perini Navi Cup

24 Aug 2011Fourth edition of Perini Navi Cup to start next week

23 Aug 2011Live coverage of the Perini Navi Cup 2011 on SYT

02 Aug 2011Vitruvius series superyacht Galileo G launched at Picchiotti

25 Jul 2011Superyacht Galileo G ready to launch at Picchiotti

22 Jul 2011Perini Navi at the 2011 Monaco Yacht Show

18 Jul 2011Perini Navi signs contracts for two 60m sailing superyachts

24 Jun 2011Perini Navi delivers 56 metre superyacht Fidelis

11 May 2011Picchiotti Exuma wins motor yacht of the year award

06 May 2011The new Perini Navi Cup book

27 Apr 2011Perini Navi Cup book unveiled

15 Apr 2011Perini Navi Group launches superyacht Fidelis

11 Apr 2011The 4th edition of the Perini Navi Cup

26 Feb 2011Superyacht of the Week: Melek, the fiftieth yacht from Perini Navi

03 Feb 2011Perini Navi turns hull of the 40m fast cruising sailing yacht C. 2180

19 Jan 2011Perini Navi launches new website

22 Nov 2010Perini Navi wins many awards in 2010

15 Oct 2010Hull turning operations completed for Perini Navi hull C.2173

07 Oct 2010Perini Navi delivers sailing yacht Melek

09 Aug 2010Perini Navi signs contract for 45 metre hull C.2114

01 Aug 2010Superyacht of the Week: The Picchiotti 50 metre superyacht Exuma

16 Jul 2010Perini Navi launches superyacht Melek

22 Jun 2010Perini Navi delivers superyacht Fivea

28 May 2010First Picchiotti-Vitruvius superyacht nearing completion

23 Apr 2010Perini Navi Group launches 45m superyacht Fivea

23 Mar 2010Perini Navi at the Saint Barths Bucket Regatta 2010

08 Mar 2010The 56m superyacht Selene

12 Feb 2010Perini Navi at the 2010 Abu Dhabi Yacht Show

27 Jan 2010Perini Navi Group announces a new contract for a 40 metre cutter

01 Dec 2009Transfer of 55m Picchiotti-Vitruvius superyacht successfully completed

16 Nov 2009Perini Navi launches Foster + Partners designed superyacht Panthalassa

18 Sep 2009Maltese Falcon sailing out of Douglas Bay

08 Sep 2009High winds cancel final race day of Perini Navi Cup

05 Sep 2009Perini Navi Cup 2009: Day 1

03 Sep 2009Perini Navi fleet fills the skyline in Porto Cervo

26 Aug 2009Perini Navi sells 73m motor yacht and 50m sailing yacht

05 Aug 2009Record gathering of Perini Navi superyachts to race in Porto Cervo

27 Jul 2009Perini Navi C.2126 hull arrives in Viareggio

24 Jul 2009Perini Navi's P2 wins the Newport Bucket Regatta 2009

23 May 2009SuperYacht of the week: First look on board Perini Navi's Baracuda

20 May 2009Transfer and relocation of the Vitruvius 50m

11 May 2009Update on the Picchiotti-Vitruvius Ice Class 55 meters

30 Apr 2009Perini Navi launches Riela

18 Apr 2009SuperYacht of the Week: Philippe Briand's first Perini; P2

10 Mar 2009Perini Navi C.2146 superyacht arrives in Viareggio

16 Dec 2008Perini Navi delivers Silvana and sells new 56m superyacht

09 Dec 2008Hull turning of the first Picchiotti-Vitruvius superyacht

27 Nov 2008Perini Navi launches the 50m aluminium sailing yacht Baracuda

21 Oct 2008Perini Navi launches 56 metre ketch Silvana

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13 Jan 201645m Perini Navi Helios anchored off St. Barts

12 Jan 2016Capital increase confirmed for Perini Navi

24 Nov 2015Perini Navi sailing yacht Melek arriving in Monaco

05 Nov 2015ISS Design & Leadership Award winners

07 Sep 2015Rosehearty claims top spot as 2015 Perini Cup ends on a high

05 Sep 2015Rosehearty maintains winning streak at Perini Cup Day 2

04 Sep 2015Perini Navi superyacht Seahawk in Porto Cervo

04 Sep 2015Video of Perini Navi Cup 2015 Day 1

03 Sep 2015Perini Navi Cup kicks off today

03 Sep 2015Russell Coutts Presents Opening Of 2015 Perini Navi Cup

24 Aug 2015Preview: Perini Navi Cup 2015

20 Aug 2015The magnificent sailing yacht Maltese Falcon in Capri

22 Jun 2015Marie overall winner of the SYC 2015

15 Jun 201521 Yachts to compete in the Superyacht Cup Palma

12 May 2015Winners of the World Superyacht Awards

29 Apr 2015Superyachts in West Palm Beach

17 Apr 2015The Perini Navi Perseus 3 in Malta

24 Mar 2015Looking back at the 2015 St Barths Bucket Regatta

04 Mar 2015Brokerage deal of the week: Superyacht Victoria

26 Feb 2015The Perini Navi Enterprise in Viareggio

08 Dec 2014Superyacht Grace E in Gibraltar

14 Nov 2014Felicita West sold and renamed Spirit of the C’s

29 Oct 2014The New Zealand Millenium Cup 2015

26 Aug 2014Video: Perini Navi sailing Silencio in Tahiti

16 Jun 2014Superyacht Northern Spirit sold

17 Apr 2014Singapore Yacht Show sets new high for boating industry in Asia

16 Apr 2014SYS 2014 Interview: Captain Adolfo Oria of superyacht Exuma

12 Apr 2014Day 2 of the Singapore Yacht Show a great success

07 Apr 2014The Perini Navi Group debuts at the Singapore Yacht Show

26 Mar 2014Gearing up for the Asia Pacific Yachting Conference 2014

24 Mar 2014Auction of Perini photo prints in Hong Kong

05 Feb 2014Exuma joins the Singapore Yacht Show line up

18 Dec 2013Perini Navi superyacht Ellen V sold

18 Dec 2013The Top 20 largest yachts ever built in Italy

30 Aug 2013Rondal extends its composite workshop

30 May 2013The Perini Navi Salute in Newport

02 Apr 2013Doyle to supply the complete sail inventory for 60m Perini Navi sloop

26 Mar 2013The 56 metre Perini Navi superyacht Fidelis

28 Feb 2013Rondal signs contract for their tallest superyacht mast yet

17 Jan 201356 Metre Perini Navi superyacht Zenji sold

08 Jan 2013The 56 metre Perini Navi sailing yacht Salute

17 Dec 2012Perini Navi superyacht Selene sold

05 Dec 2012Live from Antigua: Lunch on superyacht Rosehearty

23 Aug 2012The 58 metre Perini Navi Taouey in Saint Tropez

14 Aug 2012The 40th Perini Navi Tamsen at anchor

31 Jul 2012The Perini Navi Gitana designed by Fabio Perini himself

26 Jul 2012The Perini Navi superyacht Silvana in Venice

24 Jul 2012Future Fibres signs contract for two 60 metre Perini Navi yachts

20 Jul 2012The 55.7 metre ketch rigged sailing yacht Burrasca

12 Jul 2012The 40 metre Perini Navi Ellen V in Greece

11 Jul 2012The iconic 88 metre superyacht Maltese Falcon under sail

03 Jul 2012The 38 metre 2008 Perini Navi sloop P2

29 Jun 2012The 56 metre Perini Navi Panthalassa in the Caribbean

28 Jun 2012Perini Navi superyacht Parsifal III sailing off Porto Cervo

11 May 2012OYS secure 60m Perini thruster order

22 Mar 2012Perini Navi’s P2 sailing past superyacht Eclipse

19 Mar 2012Perini Navi Galaxia for sale and charter with YPI

02 Mar 2012Three of the finest Perini Navi superyachts available for charter

28 Feb 2012Perini Navi Helios sailing off Sardinia

17 Feb 2012Superyacht Parsifal III visits Vilanova Grand Marina for mast repaint job

20 Jan 201250 Metre new Perini Navi now for sale with HMY Yachts

04 Jan 2012Perini Navi’s Antara sailing past superyacht Eclipse

22 Dec 2011Perini Navi Heritage for sale with Fraser Yachts & Perini Navi USA

22 Dec 2011Perini Navi Ohana sold by Fraser Yachts and Vripack

09 Nov 2011Superyacht Corelia for sale with Yachtzoo

28 Sep 2011Superyacht Panthalassa joins Y.CO charter fleet

16 Sep 2011Major price reduction for the sale of superyacht Burrasca

14 Sep 201150 Metre new Perini Navi only six months away from delivery

13 Sep 2011Superyacht Clan VI for sale with OCI and Perini Navi USA

05 Sep 2011Superyachts in Porto Cervo

04 Aug 2011Superyacht Felicita West attending the Monaco Yacht Show

07 Jul 2011New 38 metre Perini Navi for sale with YCO and Perini Navi USA

06 Jul 2011Superyacht Rosehearty joins Edmiston charter fleet

16 Jun 2011Price reduction on superyacht Malizia (ex: Ma Geisha) through Edmiston

06 Jun 201150 Metre 2012 Perini Navi for sale with Edmiston

14 Apr 2011Major price reduction of 2.9 million on Perini Navi superyacht Antara

24 Mar 2011The iconic Perini Navi Andromeda La Dea

18 Mar 2011Major price reduction for superyacht Burrasca

16 Dec 2010Perini sailing yacht Elettra for sale through Camper & Nicholsons International

24 Nov 2010Andromeda la Dea arrives at Pendennis for winter refit

09 Nov 2010Antigua Charter Show preview: The 53 metre supersailor Atmosphere

29 Oct 2010Perini superyacht Burrasca for sale through Edmiston

22 Oct 2010Superyacht Maltese Falcon cruising off Monaco

14 Sep 2010Hov Pod Hovercraft at the Monaco Yacht Show

29 Jul 2010Perini sailing yacht Ma Geisha for sale with Edmiston & Company

27 Jul 2010The 64 metre Felicita West built by Perini Navi

12 Jul 2010The 64 metre Perini Navi Felicita West at anchor

06 Jul 2010Exuma, the new 50 metre Picchiotti-Vitruvius superyacht off La Spezia

28 Oct 2009Perini Navi’s Antara sailing off St Barth

04 Jun 2009Selene, a 56m Perini Navi

03 Jun 2009Super sailing yacht Maltese Falcon keenly for sale

12 May 2009Perini's Squall in Villefranche

02 Mar 2009Athena and Maltese Falcon in Antigua

04 Feb 2009Millennium Cup entrants now include S/Y Zenji

27 Jan 2009Exuma C off Hvar

11 Jul 2008Maltese Falcon in Tahiti

03 Jul 2008Perini Navi announces the sale of a 55m Vitruvius explorer yacht

30 Jun 2008Perini Navi launches Briand designed 38m sailing yacht P2

25 Mar 2008Maltese Falcon for sale, asking € 115,000,000

17 Mar 2008S/Y Morning Glory arriving in Antigua

10 Mar 2008Tallest aluminium rig in the world

28 Feb 2008Perini Navi’s Legacy free after 2.5 years

14 Feb 2008Perini Navi launches 56 metre cutter Salute

21 Jan 2008Edmiston sells Romanza and lists La Numero Uno & Don Giovanni

09 Jan 2008Felicita West leaving Virgin Gorda

02 Jan 2008Perini Navi announces the sale of a 45m steel hulled cutter

07 Dec 2007“Leonardo Qualità Italia” award for 2007 to Fabio Perini

27 Nov 2007Perini Navi's Selene anchored off Cannes

20 Nov 2007Felicita West anchored off Virigin Gorda

06 Nov 2007Perini's La Numero Uno for sale through Floating Life

08 Oct 2007Perini Navi launches the 45 meter Helios

10 Sep 2007Galaxia departing Monaco

07 Sep 2007Taouey anchored off Sveti Stefan (Montenegro)

20 Aug 2007Perini's Independence cruising off Palma

14 Aug 2007The Superyacht Cup reflecting in the windows of the Maltese Falcon

01 Aug 2007Bruntons largest Varifold propeller delivered to Perini Navi

13 Jun 2007Perini Navi announces the sale of a new 56m superyacht

04 May 20073 Awards for Maltese Falcon in Venice

30 Apr 2007Perini Navi announces the launch of Tamsen

16 Mar 2007Perini Navi 38 metre sloop work in progress

01 Feb 2007Thalia, Maltese Falcon & Mirabella V off Monaco

19 Jan 2007Paz docking in Monaco

17 Jan 2007Perini Navi launches its 39th yacht: the 56m ketch Selene