Heesen Yachts

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Address: Rijnstraat 2
Zip Code: 5347 KL
Place: Oss
Country: Netherlands
Additional address:
Phone: +31 (0) 412 66 55 44
Fax: +31 (0) 412 66 55 66
Web site: http://www.heesenyachts.com
E-mail: sales@heesenyachts.com

Heesen Yachts News

20 Jul 2015Exclusive: Heesen delivers superyacht Ann G

19 Jul 2015Superyacht of the week: Heesen's Elena

29 Jun 2015Heesen's latest superyacht now named Ann G

17 Jun 2015Heesen Yachts starts construction of new 85m dry dock

15 Jun 2015Superyacht Azamanta undergoing seatrials

10 Jun 2015Refitted superyacht Ilona to host open day in Nice

10 Jun 2015Heesen comments on sale of 51m Eidsgaard design

04 Jun 2015Heesen launches 50 metre custom superyacht

04 Jun 2015Heesen sells 51m Eidsgaard designed superyacht

29 May 2015Heesen sales team expands

12 May 2015Newly refitted superyacht Ilona to host open day in London

07 May 2015Superyacht Project Akoya sold

04 May 2015Heesen Yachts launches 55m Azamanta

01 May 2015Heesen’s new 50m superyacht Project Nova

24 Mar 2015Thom Conboy joins Heesen Yachts sales team

23 Mar 2015Heesen unveils new superyacht project 17850

20 Mar 2015Heesen Yachts appoint new Director Operations

20 Mar 2015Superyacht Sibelle delivered by Heesen

13 Mar 2015Superyacht Akoya moved at Heesen Yachts

05 Mar 2015Heesen delivers the 47m superyacht Asya

09 Feb 2015Heesen launches superyacht Sibelle

26 Jan 2015Heesen launches superyacht Asya

11 Jan 2015Superyacht of the week, Heesen's 40 metre Galatea

09 Jan 2015Hull and superstructure of 70m Kometa joined

09 Jan 2015Heesen delivers the 51 metre superyacht MySky

21 Nov 2014Heesen superyacht Alive ​delivered

25 Sep 2014Heesen releases more information about 70m Kometa

24 Sep 2014Heesen launches superyacht Alive

12 Aug 2014Owner comments on delivery of 47 metre superyacht Elena

17 Jul 2014Heesen superyacht project Hé sold

24 Jun 2014Heesen superyacht project Necto sold

16 Jun 2014Heesen sells superyacht project Margarita

12 Jun 2014Heesen delivers superyacht Monaco Wolf

04 Jun 2014Visiting ongoing superyacht projects at Heesen

09 May 2014Heesen Yachts launches 51m superyacht My Sky

18 Mar 2014Heesen Galatea completes sea trials and exceeds contractual speed

18 Feb 2014Heesen Yachts and Burgess sell superyacht project Azuro

04 Feb 2014Exclusive: Heesen launches superyacht Galatea

24 Jan 2014Heesen Yachts launches Galactica Star iPad App

10 Jan 2014Heesen's superyacht project Azuro nearing completion

18 Dec 201370 Metre Fast Displacement superyacht sold by Heesen

28 Oct 2013Superyacht of the week: Heesen's Galactica Plus

30 Sep 2013Heesen Yachts sells project Galatea

25 Sep 2013Heesen's revolutionary Galactica Star arrives in Monaco

15 Sep 2013Superyacht of the week: The groundbreaking Galactica Star

12 Sep 2013First look on board Heesen's superyacht Galactica Star

12 Jul 2013Video of the revolutionary 65 metre Galactica Star

01 Jul 2013New board members at Heesen

18 Jun 2013In Pictures: Heesen's 65 metre Galactica Star delivered

30 May 2013Heesen launches superyacht Crazy Me

28 May 2013Heesen's revolutionary 65 metre superyacht completes sea trials

15 May 2013In Pictures: The brand new Heesen superyacht Ventura

03 May 2013Heesen launches 65 metre superyacht Galactica Star

19 Apr 2013Heesen Yachts exhibiting at the Singapore Yacht Show

28 Mar 2013Heesen Yachts launches superyacht Ventura

25 Feb 2013Al-Futtaim Marine is Heesen's new agent in the Middle East

19 Feb 2013New 55 metre superyacht contract signed at Heesen

10 Jan 2013Video of 58 metre Paszkowski designed Heesen superyacht

09 Jan 2013Heesen unveils new 58 metre Francesco Paszkowski superyacht

23 Dec 2012Superyacht of the Week: The 46.7 metre Heesen My Secret

21 Dec 2012Heesen Yachts sells 50 metre fully custom superyacht

14 Dec 2012Hull and superstructure Heesen project Azuro joined together

26 Oct 2012Heesen sells 51 metre superyacht project Paloma

12 Oct 2012Oortgiese renamed Heesen Yachts Interiors

23 Sep 2012Superyacht of the Week: The stunning Heesen Lady Petra

19 Sep 2012Heesen presents new superyacht models in Monaco

20 Jul 2012Heesen delivers superyachts Galactica Plus and My Secret

19 Jun 2012Team Synergy/Heesen win the match race in the RC44 Austria Cup 2012

11 Jun 2012Heesen Yachts delivers superyachts Lady L and Lady Petra

25 May 2012Heesen superyacht project California sold

25 May 2012Heesen Yachts sells 42 metre Fast Displacement superyacht

02 May 2012Heesen Yachts launch superyacht Lady Petra for founder

26 Apr 2012Heesen Yachts participates in the Singapore Yacht Show

13 Apr 2012Team Synergy/Heesen takes first and third place at Cascais Cup

06 Apr 2012Live from China: Heesen Yachts at the Hainan Rendez-Vous

25 Mar 2012Superyacht of the week: The 37 metre Heesen Aurelia

24 Feb 2012Heesen's Team Synergy wìnd third place at the RC44 Puerto Calero Cup

06 Feb 2012Heesen Yachts main sponsor of the Synergy team

30 Jan 2012Videos of the construction of the Heesen 65 metre

27 Jan 2012Hull and superstructure of Heesen 65m FDHF now joined together

26 Jan 2012Heesen Yachts delivers superyacht Serenity

26 Jan 2012Seakeeper gyros standard on the new Heesen 65 metre yacht

24 Jan 2012More information on the recently launched superyacht Lady L

17 Jan 2012The recently launched 55 metre Heesen superyacht Serenity

16 Jan 2012New images of Heesen’s latest superyacht Lady L

13 Jan 2012Heesen Yachts launches superyacht Lady L today

06 Jan 2012Heesen Yachts sells superyacht project Ventura

02 Jan 2012Superyacht Aurelia fitted with Seakeeper gyro stabilization

18 Nov 2011Heesen and Nakhimov sell superyacht project Zentric

02 Nov 2011Heesen Yachts signs contract for 50 metre fast displacement superyacht

09 Oct 2011Superyacht of the Week: The stunning 50 metre Heesen Satori

07 Oct 2011Superyacht Satori wins Prix du Design and two World Yacht Trophies

08 Sep 2011Live report from Cannes: Heesen's Aurelia

20 Aug 2011SuperYacht of the Week: Heesen's 55m Quinta Essentia

05 Aug 2011A busy summer at Heesen Yachts

20 Jul 2011Heesen Yachts at the September yacht shows

16 Jun 2011Heesen Yachts launches the 37 metre superyacht Aurelia

01 Jun 2011Superyacht Zentric under construction at Heesen

31 May 2011Francesco Paszkowski designs interior of new 50 metre Heesen superyacht

26 May 2011Heesen Yachts delivers superyacht Satori

19 May 2011Heesen Yachts introduces the free Heesen iPad app

14 Mar 2011Heesen launches 55m superyacht Quinta Essentia

02 Mar 2011Heesen Yachts launches 50 metre superyacht Satori

08 Feb 2011Heesen Yachts lay the keel of a 65-metre fast displacement superyacht

02 Feb 2011Heesen Yachts signs contracts for 51 and 50 metre superyachts

23 Dec 2010Heesen Yachts launches 47 metre superyacht Air

02 Nov 2010Heesen Yachts receives two Gold Neptunes at the 2010 ShowBoats Design Awards

19 Oct 2010Heesen Yachts sells first 65 metre superyacht and sixth new-build contract of 2010

28 Sep 2010Heesen Yachts presents the 65 metre Fast Displacement concept

09 Aug 2010Bannenberg & Rowell to design the interior of Heesen YN 15747

13 Jul 2010Heesen Yachts delivers superyacht Perle Noire (ex Willpower)

11 Jul 2010Superyacht of the Week: Heesen's 47 metre Blind Date

21 Jun 2010YCO signs unique new build project

18 Jun 2010Heesen Yachts sells a 47 metre and 50 metre superyacht

02 Jun 2010Heesen Yachts receive two Neptunes at the 2010 World Superyacht Awards

24 May 2010Heesen’s Blind Date wins World Superyacht Award

18 May 2010Heesen launches 3700 superyacht Willpower

28 Apr 2010Heesen Yachts presents revolutionary 6500 fast displacement hull form

20 Mar 2010SuperYacht of the week: 4YOU, Heesen's latest masterpiece

16 Mar 2010Heesen launches 50m superyacht Sky

25 Feb 2010Heesen Yachts and VistaJet launch joint marketing collaboration

09 Feb 2010Heesen's Blind Date in Gibraltar

08 Feb 2010Heesen Yachts opens Mediterranean office in Viareggio

01 Feb 2010Heesen Yachts signs order for 47m superyacht

25 Jan 2010Construction update on Heesen’s second 5000 class superyacht

28 Dec 2009SuperYacht Special: Heesen Yachts shipyard in Oss

27 Nov 2009Frans Heesen receives three career awards during the boat show season

17 Oct 2009SuperYacht of the week: Heesen's My Petra

08 Sep 2009Heesen’s latest 4400 My Petra at the Cannes International Boat Show

13 Aug 2009Heesen Yachts launch Blind Date

17 Jul 2009Heesen’s latest 4400 Jems off Monaco

22 Jan 2009Fabio Ermetto back at Heesen Yachts

17 Dec 2008Heesen Yachts launches motor yacht Man of Steel

04 Dec 2008Heesen Yachts launches Celestial Hope

03 Oct 2008Heesen Yachts introduces new series of semi-custom yachts

30 Sep 2008New corporate identity for Heesen Yachts

01 Sep 2008Heesen Yachts & Voith develop Voith Motion Control

11 Aug 2008Heesen launches Elandess

01 Jun 2007New commercial director for Heesen Yachts

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16 Dec 2015Heesen announce 50m Project Alba sold

11 Dec 2015Superyachts being unloaded in St. Thomas

10 Dec 2015Heesen superyacht Seven Sins in Antigua

27 Nov 201537 metre Heesen superyacht Ilona sold

26 Nov 2015Heesen 47m superyacht project Ruya ready for outfitting

23 Nov 2015QIBS 2015 a great success

20 Nov 2015Success for SuperYacht Night Amsterdam

18 Nov 2015Heesen launches 45 metre superyacht Amore Mio

18 Nov 2015Live from METS: Huisman Etech Experts

12 Nov 2015Superyachts Azamanta and Highlander in Gibraltar

10 Nov 2015Hull Vane wins Maritime Innovation Award

09 Nov 2015Closer look at Heesen’s project Nina

09 Nov 2015SuperYacht Night Amsterdam tickets selling fast

09 Nov 2015Heesen’s superyacht MySky in action in Alaska

06 Nov 2015Calling all captains! Limited tickets available to METS social event

05 Nov 2015FLIBS Exclusive: Heesen presents new project Nina

02 Nov 2015Limited tickets available for SuperYacht Night Amsterdam

29 Oct 201565m superyacht Galactica Star in Venice

29 Oct 2015New issue of the SuperYacht Times newspaper published

28 Oct 2015Tickets now available for SuperYacht Night Amsterdam

22 Oct 2015SuperYacht Night Amsterdam to be bigger than ever before

19 Oct 2015Heesen superyacht Galatea sold

01 Oct 2015Balk Shipyard: Past, Present and Future

23 Sep 2015MYS Exclusive: The top 10 must see yachts at MYS

23 Sep 2015Heesen reveal the 50m superyacht project Nova at MYS

22 Sep 2015MYS Exclusive: Heesen to unveil hybrid superyacht project Nova in detail

17 Sep 2015Heesen 50.50m superyacht Sky outside Port Canto

17 Sep 201555m Heesen project Alida coming together

14 Sep 2015Incredible footage of Heesen superyacht Ann G cruising in Norway

11 Sep 2015Heesen’s 50m superyacht project Nova is coming

21 Aug 2015Heesen superyacht Monaco Wolf at sunrise in St Tropez

04 Aug 2015Heesen superyacht Ann G spotted in Norway

14 Jul 2015The Yacht Design Talent Award 2015

13 Jul 2015Heesen superyacht Crazy Me in St Tropez

10 Jul 2015Heesen delivers superyacht Azamanta

06 Jul 2015Charter review of superyacht Magix

03 Jul 2015Video of superyacht Ann G returning from seatrials

30 Jun 2015Superyacht 4You sold

19 Jun 2015Heesen's Galatea underway

18 Jun 2015Chopi Chopi, Dionea and Lady Petra at Beaulieu sur Mer

11 Jun 2015Superyacht Blind Date in Sardinia

10 Jun 2015Burgess Marine working on 7 superyacht refits

05 Jun 2015Superyacht Seven Sins on seatrials following refit

27 May 2015Force Blue, Global, Kolaha and Galactica Star at Monaco Formula 1

22 May 2015Balk relaunching superyacht Seven Sins this weekend

22 May 2015Heesen superyacht Ilona spotted in London

13 May 2015New look for iconic Heesen superyacht Octopussy

12 May 2015Winners of the World Superyacht Awards

08 May 2015Cristiano Gatto interiors on board the 50m Akoya

07 May 2015Heesen superyacht Daloli in Spetses

01 May 2015Refits underway at Derecktor

29 Apr 2015The refit of superyacht AlumerciA

31 Mar 2015Proven success for Hull Vane application on superyacht Alive

31 Mar 2015In Pictures: Superyacht Sibelle

27 Mar 2015The 49.80m superyacht Anedigmi sold

18 Mar 2015The 38 metre superyacht No Comment sold

16 Mar 2015In Pictures: Heesen's Asya in Gibraltar

12 Mar 2015Dutch superyacht industry exhibiting at TEFAF

26 Feb 2015The refit of superyacht Seven Sins

13 Feb 2015Hydromar Marine Equipment announce new orders in January

27 Jan 2015Two new superyacht refit projects for Moonen

15 Jan 2015Superyacht Serenity J sold in in-house Fraser deal

05 Jan 2015Momentum for the Singapore Yacht Show 2015 continues to grow

05 Jan 2015Brokerage deal of the week: The 44m superyacht Sibelle

18 Dec 2014The Heesen superyacht Sibelle in Monaco

01 Dec 2014The 73 metre superyacht Yalla underway

27 Nov 2014Brokerage deal of the week: The 46.7m superyacht Mon Plaisir

28 Oct 2014Superyacht Inception at anchor

07 Oct 2014Video of Van Oossanen Naval Architects' Hull Vane

02 Oct 2014Superyacht Aurelia in Saint Tropez

17 Sep 2014Interview with superyacht designer Cristiano Gatto

11 Sep 2014Superyacht Bilmar at anchor

02 Sep 2014Burgess announces full integration of OceanStyle

15 Aug 2014Construction of new bow section for Seven Sins

04 Aug 2014Superyacht Jems off Capri

29 Jul 2014In Pictures: The recently delivered Heesen Elena

10 Jun 201430 Metre Heesen superyacht Matanthar sold

30 May 2014In Pictures: Heesen's brand new Galatea

28 May 2014Superyacht Sea Dweller sold

19 May 2014The 50 metre Heesen Crazy Me

17 Apr 2014Superyacht Sweet Doll added to Antibes lineup

16 Apr 2014SYS 2014 Interview: Robert Drontmann of Heesen Yachts

14 Apr 2014Heesen Yachts launches 50m superyacht Monaco Wolf

07 Apr 2014 Hull and superstructure joined together of Heesen YN 17255

03 Apr 2014Heesen’s superyacht Obsessions in D-Marin Didim

01 Apr 2014Update: New award show happens to be April Fool’s joke from Dutch and German shipyards

26 Mar 2014Gearing up for the Asia Pacific Yachting Conference 2014

11 Mar 2014Palma Superyacht Show exceeded all expectations

10 Mar 2014 37 Metre Heesen explorer AlumerciA sold

28 Feb 2014Superyacht Satori sold

17 Feb 2014Heesen Yachts expands commercial team

12 Feb 2014The 41 metre superyacht Adler in Antibes

05 Feb 2014Superyacht Hayken sold

04 Feb 2014The 55 metre Heesen Serenity at anchor

29 Jan 2014Timelapse video of Galactica Star boarding Yacht Express

07 Jan 2014The Heesen superyacht Sea Dweller underway

18 Dec 2013Heesen's 50 metre displacement superyacht Inception

02 Oct 2013The Heesen superyacht Mirage sold

10 Sep 2013Global brands confirm places for Singapore Yacht Show 2014

30 Aug 2013The striking superyacht Quite Essential

11 Jul 2013In Pictures: The delivery of the 50 metre Heesen Crazy Me

05 Jul 2013Charter Special: Chartering the stunning superyacht Daloli

11 Jun 2013The 50 metre Heesen Ice Angel at anchor

07 Jun 2013The 42 metre Heesen superyacht Life Saga at anchor

21 May 2013Heesen's 44 metre superyacht Hayken in Monaco

07 May 2013Superyacht Daloli in Greece

16 Apr 2013The Heesen 3700 superyacht Perle Noire sold

12 Apr 2013 55 Metre superyacht Quinta Essentia sold

15 Mar 2013The Heesen superyacht Mac Brew under full speed

21 Feb 2013The 2009 Heesen superyacht Blind Date underway

22 Nov 2012Fast superyacht Daloli for sale with Cape4 Yachting

08 Oct 2012The 55 metre Heesen superyacht Quinta Essentia

03 Oct 2012Heesen's 50 metre superyacht Satori in Monaco

25 Sep 2012Northrop & Johnson sells Heesen Lady J

26 Jul 2012The brand new Heesen superyacht Galactica Plus at full speed

26 Jun 2012Heesen superyacht Mirage now for sale with Bartram & Brakenhoff

19 Jun 2012Icon Yachts completes 6 week refit of Seven Sins

22 May 2012Heesen superyacht Lady L at full speed

08 May 2012Superyacht Jems in the Caribbean

04 May 2012Superyacht Seven Sins arrives at Icon Yachts for refit

27 Apr 2012The Heesen superyacht Satori for sale with Fraser Yachts

05 Mar 2012The Heesen 4400 My Petra in Monaco

15 Feb 2012Van Oossanen Naval Architects celebrates 20th anniversary

14 Feb 2012Heesen superyacht My Petra sold

08 Feb 2012Oceanco Anedigmi now for sale with Fraser Yachts

02 Feb 2012Heesen superyacht Sirocco for sale with Edmiston

19 Jan 2012Superyacht Mac Brew for sale with Edmiston

19 Jan 2012YPI sells superyacht Calaf in in-house deal

10 Jan 2012Superyacht Mac Brew joins Edmiston charter fleet

20 Dec 2011Heesen's 47 metre superyacht Celestial Hope

06 Dec 2011Superyacht Brazil sold by International Yacht Collection

25 Nov 2011Heesen's 50 metre superyacht Satori in Montenegro

27 Oct 2011YPI and Northrop & Johnson sell superyacht Hayken

25 Oct 2011Superyacht Aurelia joins OCI charter fleet

19 Oct 2011Merle Wood & Associates list 2005 Heesen 3700 for sale

18 Oct 2011Superyacht Inception joins Edmiston charter fleet

17 Oct 2011Superyacht Sea Dweller for sale with Ocean Independence

27 Sep 2011Superyacht Quinta Essentia for sale with Nakhimov

23 Sep 2011Superyacht Blind Date Sold

09 Sep 2011Superyacht Bilmar in Greece

02 Sep 2011Major price drop for the sale of superyacht My Petra

19 Aug 2011Superyachts Mirage and Shalimar for sale through IYC

17 Aug 2011€ 500,000 price reduction announced for superyacht Printemps

11 Aug 2011Heesen superyacht Sweet Doll for sale with Moran Yacht & Ship

10 Aug 2011Superyacht San Bernardo available with Select Charter Services

09 Aug 2011Ron V sold through in-house deal

02 Aug 2011Price drop for superyacht Matanthar with Oceanstyle

26 Jul 2011Heesen superyacht Big Mak arriving in Monaco

22 Jul 2011The famous superyacht Octopussy sold by IYC and Worth Avenue Yachts

24 Jun 2011Superyacht Blind Date available for charter with Yacht Masters

21 Jun 2011The Heesen superyacht Blind Date

09 Jun 2011The 55 metre Heesen superyacht Quinta Essentia

06 Jun 2011Oceanstyle and Fraser Yachts sell superyacht Perle Noire

06 Jun 2011Charter rate reduction on superyacht Calaf

27 May 2011Heesen superyacht Necklace II sold by Edmiston & YDL Yachting

05 May 2011Edmiston signs AA Absolute for sale

04 May 2011Superyacht AlumerciA arrives Curacao

29 Apr 2011Superyacht SeaDweller moored in Saint Tropez

28 Apr 2011Superyacht Blind Date for sale with Yacht Masters and Merle Wood

08 Apr 2011Superyacht AA Absolute joins the Edmiston charter fleet

21 Mar 2011Superyacht Octopussy for sale with IYC

17 Mar 2011Superyacht Brazil now for sale through IYC with price reduction

16 Mar 2011The Heesen superyacht My Petra

28 Feb 2011Third “La Belle Classe Superyachts” symposium in Monaco

22 Feb 2011Photo Gallery: Miami Yacht and Brokerage Boat Show 2011

10 Feb 2011Superyacht SeaDweller joins charter fleet of OCI

08 Feb 2011Superyacht Big Mak for sale through Burgess and Edmiston

11 Jan 2011Major price reduction for 37 metre superyacht Perle Noire

03 Jan 2011The brand new superyacht Air in Gibraltar

21 Dec 2010Van Oossanen & Associates’ FDHF is gaining ground

06 Dec 2010Another major price reduction for superyacht Brazil

19 Nov 2010Merle Wood & Associates and CNI announce sale of superyacht Sedation

01 Oct 2010Fraser Yachts and CNI jointly list superyacht My Petra for sale

26 Jul 2010Limo Tender for Heesen 5500 designed by Vripack

14 Jul 2010Superyacht Elandess II sold by Burgess

09 Jul 2010Heesen Yachts launch superyacht S. Bernardo

28 May 2010Heesen’s 3700 superyacht Necklace II cruising off Palma

20 May 2010Heesen superyacht Sky in Gibraltar

03 Feb 2010The 47m 4YOU in Gilbraltar

02 Feb 2010The 3rd hull in the Heesen 4400 series, Sibelle

03 Dec 2009The 50m Heesen Galactica

02 Dec 2009Superyacht Red Sapphire for sale

16 Nov 2009Heesen’s Brazil and Azimut’s Obsidian join sales fleet of Moran Yacht & Ship

24 Sep 2009Heesen's Mirage leaving Nice

14 Sep 2009The Heesen Calaf cruising off Saint Tropez

11 Sep 2009Burgess reduces the price of Elandess II

13 Aug 2009The Heesen One O One in Monaco

30 Jul 2009Heesen's latest 4400 superyacht My Petra

29 Apr 2009Heesen’s new 4400 Jems for charter through YCO

23 Apr 2009New Heesen 3700 for sale through Luxury Yacht Group

13 Jan 2009The Heesen Sedation

11 Sep 2008Heesen’s Mac Brew off Saint Tropez

22 Jul 2008Heesen Yachts completes Agram

28 Apr 2008Heesen’s Let It Be in Split

22 Apr 2008Heesen launches the 44m Sibelle

16 Apr 2008New owner for Heesen Yachts

27 Feb 2008Heesen’s Sun Ark cruising off Monaco

21 Jan 2008Heesen’s No Escape off Cannes

21 Jan 2008Heesen launches motor yacht Mon Plaisir

04 Jan 2008Heesen's G-Force anchored off Monaco

18 Dec 2007The Heesen 3700 Ilona arriving in Antibes

19 Nov 2007Heesen's Yalla anchored off Cannes

10 Oct 2007Galactica anchored off St Jean Cap Ferrat

09 Oct 2007Heesen's Bilmar cruising off Kithyra

28 Sep 2007Heesen's Seascape leaving Antibes

26 Jun 2007Heesen's Sirocco at full speed

25 Jun 2007Sedation, the first launch of the new Heesen 4400 series

13 Jun 2007Heesen's Duke Town at night in Saint Tropez

02 May 2007The new Heesen 3700 Ilona

12 Mar 2007Heesen’s 50m Galactica

22 Feb 2007Maiden voyage Let It Be

30 Jan 2007The Heesen Ladyship in Luka Kotor

20 Nov 2006Major refit for Life Saga at Holland Jachtbouw

10 Nov 2006Heesen Launches 154’ “Let It Be”

08 Nov 2006Sedation II - New Worldwide Central Agency for Charter

04 Mar 2005Heesen Yachts expands production capacity with an ultra modern hall