Gulf Craft Inc

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Address: P.O. Box 666
Zip Code:
Place: Ajman
Country: United Arab Emirates
Additional address:
Phone: +971 6 740 6060
Fax: +971 6 740 6062
Web site:

Gulf Craft Inc News

12 Jun 2015Video of the seatrials of the Majesty 155

11 Jun 2015Gulf Craft's Erwin Bamps about new markets

08 Jun 2015Gulf Craft unveils Majesty 155 at exclusive event

18 May 2015Largest Gulf Craft superyacht to date launched

26 Apr 2015Erwin Bamps at the Singapore Yacht Show

15 Apr 2015Gulf Craft at the Singapore Yacht Show

13 Apr 2015New renderings of the Majesty 155 superyacht

07 Apr 2015Gulf Craft at the London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show

26 Feb 2015Gulf Craft to reveal new line of yachts at Dubai International Boat Show

24 Feb 2015Majesty 122 to be displayed in Dubai

03 Feb 2015Majesty 122 superyacht debut in Kuwait

28 Jan 2015Gulf Craft launches three Majesty superyachts in one week

15 Nov 2014Live from Qatar: Interview with Gulf Craft's Erwin Bamps at QIBS

10 Nov 2014Gulf Craft will showcase largest yacht at QIBS

23 Oct 2014Gulf Craft invests $100 million in new yard

30 Jun 2014Gulf Craft appoints new CEO

02 May 2014Gulf Craft exhibiting yachts in Oman

19 Mar 2014Impressive Gulf Craft fleet docks at The Pearl Qatar

03 Mar 2014Gulf Craft launches Majesty 105 in time for Dubai Boat Show

13 Nov 2013Live from Qatar: Interview with Gulf Craft

18 Oct 2013 Gulf Craft’s latest and largest yacht project till date

23 Sep 2013Gulf Craft launches superyacht Sehamia

18 Sep 2013Streamlining business processes at Gulf Craft

13 Sep 2013First look inside the Majesty 155 superyacht

12 Sep 2013Superyacht Le Must delivered and debuts in Cannes

16 Jun 2013Superyacht of the week: The Majesty 135

04 Apr 2013Gulf Craft sells two yachts at client event in Doha

08 Mar 2013SYT Live from Dubai: Ongoing projects at Gulf Craft

05 Mar 2013Gulf Craft starts construction of the first Majesty 155 superyacht

28 Feb 2013The latest Majesty 125 to premiere at Dubai International Boat Show

18 Feb 2013Gulf Craft launches third Majesty 125 superyacht

18 Jan 2013Gulf Craft launches second Majesty 135 superyacht

08 Sep 2012Superyacht of the Week: The Majesty 105

16 Aug 2012Gulf Craft’s new majesty 125 gets Gulf premiere

25 Jul 2012Gulf Craft completes second Majesty 125 superyacht Marina Wonder

24 Jun 2012Superyacht of the Week: The first Majesty 135

18 Apr 2012Gulf Craft sells second Majesty 135 superyacht

19 Mar 2012Gulf Craft unveils the Majesty 105 in Dubai

14 Mar 2012Dubai International Boat Show 2012: Majesty 105 unveiled

05 Mar 2012New launching bay and travel lift for Gulf Craft

23 Feb 2012Gulf Craft launches the Majesty 135 superyacht

17 Feb 2012Gulf Craft delivers Majesty 121 superyacht

04 Jan 2012Gulf Craft launch 5th hull of the Majesty 121 superyacht

22 Sep 2011Gulf Craft wins annual CJR Customer Recognition Award

25 Jun 2011Superyacht of the Week: The Majesty 125 Grenadines III

20 May 2011Gulf Craft attributes recent sales successes to its personal approach

13 May 2011Gulf Craft appoints new distributor for Majesty Yachts on South-East Asia

21 Apr 2011Gulf Craft sells superyacht Majesty 88 at Singapore Yacht Show

13 Apr 2011Gulf Craft strengthens position in Asia at 3rd Asia superyacht conference

06 Apr 2011Gulf Craft expands presence into the Asian market

01 Apr 2011Gulf Craft make impact at the Middle East Superyacht briefing and boat shows

15 Mar 2011Gulf Craft is gearing up for the Abu Dhabi Yacht Show

04 Mar 2011Gulf Craft and Marvair celebrate successful working relationsh​ip

02 Mar 2011Gulf Craft set for success at Dubai International Boat Show

29 Nov 2010Gulf Craft's Majesty 125 wins Arabian Gulf Yachting Award

14 Oct 2010Gulf Craft & Majesty Yachts report a successfull European boat show season

28 Sep 2010Gulf Craft announces sale of Majesty 135 superyacht

09 Sep 2010Cannes 2010 live report: Gulf Craft and Majesty Yachts sell Majesty 125 superyacht

25 Aug 2010Gulf Craft launches Majesty 125 superyacht

11 Aug 2010Gulf Craft appoints The Mansell Agency to handle all European public relations activity

20 May 2010Gulf Craft makes waves at Beirut Boat Show

01 Dec 2009New COO for Gulf Craft

27 Oct 2009Gulf Craft appoints new CEO

13 Oct 2009Icon Yachts and Gulf Craft sign Memorandum Of Intent

30 Mar 2009Gulf Craft honours ‘Anchor’ of Messe Dusseldorf Boat Show

26 Feb 2009Gulf Craft and Gulf Finance team up to provide easy financing for buyers

24 Feb 2009Gulf Craft completes delivery of three Majesty 121 superyachts