Yacht Carbon Offset

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Freedom to enjoy your yacht’s potential, matched by action to balance her carbon emissions. Leadership in action

Yacht Carbon Offset provides a clear, auditable way to offset the “carbon footprint” of a yacht’s engines and generators, without restricting cruising freedom. The service is relevant for Owners or Charterers wishing to minimise their yacht’s environmental impact, or when cruising in sensitive areas.

How it works
The “pay as you go” service is calculated from the fuel quantities you specify, whether for a single charter or for a season’s cruising. There’s no onboard equipment and no long term obligation for the yacht.

Tonne for tonne, your calculated emissions are matched by equivalent greenhouse gas reductions from projects such as renewable power. Each project depends on the carbon funding, so you know that your action makes a real impact on net emissions.

Your offset payment provides essential funding for the specific emission reduction projects detailed on our website. Greenhouse Gas savings achieved by these projects are verified to the highest standards by independent audit companies such as TÜV, DNV and SGS. Examples include:

Geothermal, Guatemala
The project is a geothermal power plant, comprising three turbines with a combined installed capacity of 25.2 MW, and can generate over 160,000 MWh per annum. The project utilises the geological resources at the site to generate renewable power, which is then dispatched to the relatively carbon-intensive Guatemalan electricity Grid. Benefits: Emissions reductions and sustainable development


Biomass Cogeneration, Nicaragua
The project is a cogeneration (combined heat and power) plant located at a sugar cane mill in Chinandega Department. The fuel is bagasse, a by-product of the sugar production process, and the cogeneration plant is designed both to maximise the efficiency with which this material is used as a renewable energy source, and to supply additional exports of electricity to the local grid, thereby displacing local fossil-fuelled generation plant.

Yacht Carbon Offset is regularly audited across the full scope of it s service delivery and has achieved Lloyds Register Quality Assurance Certification.


Web site: http://www.yachtcarbonoffset.com Phone: +44 20 7016 7700
E-mail: info@yachtcarbonoffset.com Fax: +44 20 7016 7715


Case Studies
Yacht Carbon Offset is delighted to be working with a range of leading yachts, including Lionheart, Solemar, Twizzle and Ecstasea and with organisations such as MYBA, Fraser Yachts and MB’92.

“We began our Offset policy in 2008 and so far we’ve been very happy and actually proud to be one of the first yachts to do so.” Captain Thomas Jones, M.Y. Lionheart

“Ecstasea takes pride in the highest standards of environmental performance, and a response to the yacht’s greenhouse gas emissions is part of this.“ Captain Lee Mann, M.Y. Ecstasea

To carbon offset your fuel delivery, a charter, or your season’s cruising, please contact us or visit www.yachtcarbonoffset.com for a quotation. We’ll ask for the yacht’s identity, the fuel type and quantity, and for the name and short message to personalise your Certificate.



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