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Amels Holland B.V.


About Amels Holland B.V.

Dutch luxury yacht builder AMELS is renowned for its highly successful AMELS Limited Editions range, including 6 motor yacht designs from 55 to 83 metres (180 to 272 ft). Creating the perfect balance between full custom and semi-custom, the AMELS Limited Editions range has revolutionised high-end yachting. In addition, AMELS Refit has an impressive reference list. With direct access from the North Sea, the yard in Vlissingen can accommodate the largest superyachts in the world in its drydocks over 200 metres in length (655 ft). AMELS Full Custom builds one-off creations in the 80 to 110-metre segment (262 to 360 ft). AMELS is part of the family-owned DAMEN Shipyards Group.



Imagine Amels LE212 launch
Amels 18801 under construction
Amels 18801 under construction