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Bluegame was born from the dedication, ambition and sailing experiences of Luca Santella. His passion soon became a profession: he travelled, he competed all over the world, he won numerous championships and participated in two Olympic Games, Seoul 1988 and Barcelona 1992. A significant period full of stimuli and experiences that brought him to the world of yachting and consecrated him as a true sailor. He creates in parallel the interest for the design of the forms and the management of the spaces, he graduated with honours in architecture and decided to weave his passions focusing on the yachting world. He began to work on the design of boats, with  the desire to create something new and original.

In 2004 the ambition to create functional and efficient boats, unique on the market, was successfully translated into Bluegame, an innovative brand that presents the BG range on the  market.

It was in 2018 when Sanlorenzo choose to focus on Bluegame, entrusting the guidance to the managerial experience of CEO Carla Demaria and thus transforming the intuition of the founder into a world-renowned brand. This step has radically changed the archetype of the brand and allowed it to explore new paths and  to take new opportunities. Sanlorenzo's compelling drive has given further development to the historic BG range, an unconventional proposal that refuses to be categorised as open, fisherman, day cruiser or walk- around, but contrasts the features, revealing the best of them and giving rise to the BGX range. Equally bold, BGX inherits the baton of the path started by Sanlorenzo in 2017 with the revolutionary SX line with its distinct lines and the revolution in the organisation of spaces on board, resulting in an unprecedented layout. 

The two existing ranges, BG and BGX will soon welcome the new BGM75 the first model in the new BGM range with which Bluegame enters the multihull segment. Indeed, it could be said, with which Bluegame creates a parallel segment. The BGM75, consistent with the Sanlorenzo Group's positioning, is first and foremost a luxurious,  beautiful motor yacht that ''by chance'' has not one hull, but two. Not even in this last feature can it actually be compared to an existing catamaran on the market, as the length-to-width ratio, layout, full-beam owner's cabin, the reduced space required for mooring in the marina, and the cushioned perception of movement at sea, brings it closer to a mono hull yacht.

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