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About Burger Boat Company

Burger Boat Company, founded in 1863 and located in Manitowoc, Wisconsin USA, designs and builds yachts for those who demand only the finest for their family.  Northeast Wisconsin is a region that embraces hard work, innovation and new technologies and each Burger craftsman takes great pride in the fact they are involved in the creation of custom yachts that reflect the personal style of each client.

The Burger team works to understand the vision of their clients and to interpret that vision into a design meeting their specific desires. The construction process involves all of the necessary shipbuilding trades needed to create each individualized yacht.  During the construction process, Burger’s professional Project Management team works with each client to ensure a fun and exciting experience for all.
Burger’s shipyard is a world renowned showpiece where engineers, designers and craftspeople of all trades build each yacht with utmost professionalism, paying attention to every detail in a work environment that promotes lean principles and quality craftsmanship.
For more than 150 years Burger has established a tradition of offering exceptional value, an abundance of valuable experience and an unsurpassed work ethic that is reflected in each new yacht.



Burger’s 32m superyacht Northland
Burger Boat Company