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About DMS Holland

DMS Holland is the international specialist in the field of motion control on board yachts. DMS Holland have two ground breaking roll damping systems in their product range. MagnusMaster for yachts up to 30 metres and AntiRoll for yachts in excess of 30 meters.

AntiRoll, is under patent developed in collaboration with well known parties such as MARIN, TNO and TU Delft. Thanks to its unique, dual-axis fins, which rotates whilst sailing and flaps at anchor, AntiRoll provides stabilization both underway and at zero speed without any compromise of performance in either circumstance. The curved, high-aspect ratio fin significantly reduces the drag by between 50 and 75 percent whilst sailing which in turn has a positive impact on the fuel consumption. In addition, with the fin flapping at zero speed as opposed to rotating, a greater lifting force is generated providing a more stable platform. The fact that the stabilizing components of the AntiRoll are retractable is revolutionary and furthermore, makes the system even suitable for sail yachts.

MagnusMaster is a fully electrically driven, non-hydraulic roll damping system for yachts up to 30 metres based on the Magnus effect. Instead of traditional fins, the system uses rapidly rotating cylinders which, subject to the direction of rotation, generate an up or downward pressure. The biggest advantage of a rotor system in comparison to a fin driven conventional system, is the greater roll damping at lower speeds.


DMS Holland