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Product Design

From idea to product development, EDVIN H DESIGN is fully involved in the design development process. Innovative styling combined with a technical know-how make sure that your product will be future proof. During the development process mock-ups can be made via several different production processes.

Yacht Design

EDVIN H DESIGN is assisting during the complete yacht design development process, from conceptdesign to production. With a decade of experience in the yacht exterior design and design engineeringprocess all concepts are extremely well developed. EDVIN H DESIGN designs every square millimeter of the yacht which leads to extraordinary detailing. Experience includes exterior design engineering work on yachts like the LUNA, Madame Gu, VAVA II, Grace E, Galactica Star, Step One, Aquijo, Baton Rougeand multiple other award-winning designs. Additionally, consultancy services are offered to clients thatwant to have cost analyses on exterior design topics.

Architectural Design

EDVIN H DESIGN is constantly innovating to explore new types of architectural design.The following services are offered:

  • Concept design (sketches)

  • Concept design (modeling)

  • Concept design (rendering)

  • Design engineering with detailed CAD-drawings


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