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The work of FITZ Interior is characterised by three values: our craft, our regional roots and our provenance. As a family business, FITZ interior is committed to tradition, feels deeply responsible toward their employees and is rooted firmly within the Swabian region. These aspects leave a lasting mark on FITZ interior´s work.

Mertingen is located neither on a big river nor an ocean. The city is located in convenient proximity to a four - lane national highway; the six-lane autobahn Augsburg - Munich goes right by the airport. Important guests are flown by helicopter from the airport directly onto the FITZ Interior company premises. This is made possible by a cooperative agreement with Eurocopter in Donauwoerth. And yet, architects, designers and yacht manufacturers from around the globe entrust FIZ Interior in Mertingen with the fittings for yacht, villas and entire executive office floors. Excellent quality is of higher concern for them than a central location.

FITZ Interior was founded in 1956 as a joinery. In 1985, the sons Josef and Dieter Fitz took over the business from their father and expanded it into a company specialising in the interior fittings of mega yachts, executive office floors and villas. Today, its clients include international companies like BASF and Time Warner, designers like Terence Disdale and Newcruise, and yacht manufacturers like Lürssen, HEESEN or OceAnco.

FITZ Interior invented the "FITZ-Bone" that looks lie an elongated X. All building components and rooms in a yacht or a building are prefabricated according to a layout, laser-drawn with millimetre accuracy onto high-density fibreboard in Mertingen. Here, the FITZ-Bones function as connecting pieces. Later on, the building components are packed into crates and shipped to the construction sites or ship yards where they will be assembled accurately by FITZ experts. Viewed this way, all rooms are built twice: Once on the shop floor in Mertingen, where the clients can directly experience them and a second time at their final destination.

Nothing is ready-made by FITZ Interior. Accessories, inlay, furniture or wainscoting: Everything is custom-made. These products are crafted according to the individual designs of the most renowned architects and designers or according to a creative idea of their clients. Nothing is impossible for FITZ Interior. Terence Disdale and Tim Heywood, Celeste dell´Anna, NewCruise and Raymond Langton: They all turn to FITZ Interior when aiming for exceptional quality.

Form and Perfection: Gold, leathers, natural fibres and wood of all kinds: FITZ Interior will apply their artisanry to any material.

FITZ Interior employs about 60 women and men. All the rooms of a yacht, a villa or an office building are built inside on the two construction shops. Engineers, electricians, varnishers and joiners: there is an expert for everything in the FITZ interior workshop.

Our highly qualified team will support you in planning and implement your special refit project. We are as meticulous with details as with the restoration of entire decks while complying with strict time and cost requirements. With us, you experience excellent design and custom work from a single source.