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About German Yacht Couture by Frank Neubelt Yacht Design

GYC - German Yacht Couture, - is a Super Yacht design hub and project engineering agency supporting technical processes of custom designs created by affiliated studio Frank Neubelt Yacht Designs by transferring first sketch, exterior-style designs and layout- concepts into bespoke technical defined projects to be managed till its launch via a special Yacht design-Plus Service through the agency's umbrella of GYC-premium affiliates.

GYC invites individuals diving into the world of bespoke yacht design; - learning about its process introduced by GYC - founder and main affiliate award winning German super yacht architect Frank Neubelt exploring the world of Super-Yachting; - a personal and distinctly emotional realm. Life at sea has always been synonymous with great adventures: discovering new horizons of a significant lifetime experience.   

Sailing and cruising reaches out especially to the millennial generation, whose attitude is more relaxed, less convention-based, who wish to remain themselves, authentic at their search of lifestyle experiences. 

To live more free is characteristic of “Generation Y, which is fully aware of the state of the world and aim to rewrite social norms through a more epicurean approach. In recent years, this particular way of life has slowly redefined every aspect of very special experiences of innovations, bespoke design and creativity sustainability, leisure activities on board and at sea, - new exotic destinations with the ability to share experiences via social media, but having authentic moments on board of a bespoke sailing or motor yacht, the key to a superb “OCEAN-LIFE STYLE with family and friends  . . . . . .“It comes with great passion”

GYC presence and at the i-yacht-lounge gallery project concept-store inspires potential owners creating their yacht to a valued German designed project to be build at a special selection of world-class custom yacht builders and high-end interior outfitters.   

GYC acts together with a team of educated professionals servicing detailed out-line design services at high-class engineering basics at lead by Frank together with GYC main affiliate naval architect and designer Udo Hafner at his yacht craft design lab company i-Yachts. Sea worth comfortable hull-lines performances are defined by renowned hydrodynamic luminary Richard Anzböck and his naval engineering company FIDMAR covering further complex fields of construction design.       

GYC is the very first internationally acting German custom yacht project cooperation hub agency representing 30 years of bundled know-how. Being involved in over 60 custom yacht deliveries at quality and excellence of bespoke design from naval architecture and its engineering to layout and interiors handled at unique logistics of CAD-CAM, 3D-virtually renders, basic pre-production and specifications handled by GYC’s in-house project management team connected to a worldwide network of high-class renowned consultant- and broker houses. 

German Yacht Couture by Frank Neubelt Yacht Design Services
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