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GILL SCHMID DESIGN is an internationally acclaimed design practice based in New York, founded by Alistair Gill (UK) and Veronika Schmid (AUT). The practice is recognized for its innovative design work in the fields of yacht and superyacht design, architectural design and their consultancy work for world renowned artists.

In the field of yacht design the company offers exterior and interior design solutions, and refit design services, at all scales from tender to mega yacht. The practice has extensive experience in the field of architecture, with a specialization in high-end residential and hospitality projects.

The art services division has been established due to the increasing interest from artists for design, fabrication and project management services, facilitating the production and fabrication of high-end art pieces and sculptures.

As qualified architects and professors, Alistair Gill and Veronika Schmid have always worked at the very cutting edge of ideas, but always with a deep understanding of traditional/ established and historical design issues.

Gill Schmid Design is recognized for its contemporary, elegant and innovative design sensibility, with a specialization in high-end luxury and one of a kind design solutions. The studios design work has been published extensively worldwide.

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