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HP High Pressure SRL


About HP High Pressure SRL

Since 1995 HP HIGH PRESSURE SRL produces, a wide range of manual semi-automatic and fully automatic reverse osmosis watermakers, from 35 up to 30.000 lt/h.

HP is ISO 9001 certified (EQA – UKAS) and designs by AUTODESK INVENTOR all the watermakers, manufacturing the 80% of the machines components in the Milan factory. HP HIGH PRESSURE SRL, have excelled, introducing new and very important effective automation-system and advance technical solutions, that render the machines fully automatic. HP Watermakers are standard equipped with the membrane automatic washing system (HP VAL – HP patent 1997), and can be equipped with the automatic pressure regulation system (HP RP TRONIC – HP patent 2002) with the membrane automatic conservation system (HP AMCS). All the automatic units are equipped with MODBUS communication port and protocol and USB data transfer port and are covered by a worldwide 3 years warranty.


HP High Pressure SRL

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