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About Inoferro

Inoferro Stainless Steel is a well-known specialist within the super yacht industry, operating out of the Netherlands. Inoferro prides itself on delivering a perfect custom made stainless steel products on-time and within budget, for anything from small interior parts to complex Lloyds certified constructions. Handrails, windscreens including glass, Table legs, Anchorpockets, Bowplates, Fairleads, Bollards, air ventilation cowls etc. etc.

Its well-equipped workshop and decades of experience in the super yacht sector enables Inoferro to construct and finish every product on site, providing a superior service for its customers, supported by a depth of artisanship that only top companies will understand and recognize.. The depth of experience within Inoferro’s workforce makes it unequalled in the industry.

Inoferro's workshop has exclusive certified co-workers and workshop which means they can deliver products with the 3.2 certificate necessary for off-shore and submersible products.
Inoferro offers you a one-stop shop for your stainless steel requirements.

Inoferro's alliance with Midway Metals Marine;

At the first meeting, Midway and Inoferro recognised a common set of values and ways of working and saw an opportunity to add value to each other’s services. Since then, they have been working closely together to formulate a strategic alliance. This was formalized in 2015. Their combined experience, capacity with 21000 sq meter and over 120 co-workers, reliability and commitment to excellence provides customers with access to exceptional quality stainless components, with no limitations on quantity.


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Address Industrieweg 12d
Zip code 5256 PN
City Heuden
Country Netherlands
Phone +31 (0)416 53 11 36
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