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INOXSTYLE designs and produces unique nautical showers; each one is built individually according to the personal requirements of our customers, entirely ‘Made in Italy’, to elegantly furnish all types of sea craft. We propose a wide range of made-to-order showers, with different designs and materials; all removable, with hidden water connections, dismountable, in various configurations and water control options.

Our yacht products are conceived in Viareggio, one of the world’s most important nautical districts. This creation occurs thanks to the day-by-day exposure to cutting-edge design, materials, and nautical workmanship. We are continuously developing and improving our showers thanks to an ongoing relationship with many customers who utilize them continuously, discover their new needs, and incite us to widen our horizons, enrich our products, and propose new solutions.

Our showers are seaworthy. The painstaking craftsmanship and the obsession for details and materials selected without compromise, make these products unique and exclusive, suitable for the most prestigious yachts. The lightweight features of the shapes and strength of the technical content integrate with the choice of lines and styles; they are designed to become classical over time and make our showers original and distinctive.

The commonly know features of our products can be summarized as:

NAUTICAL MATERIALS - Thick, marine-grade AISI 316L stainless steel, carbon fibre, and specially designed components: we select the materials based on their beauty and seaworthiness, always choosing the best.

NAUTICAL CONSTRUCTION - Our showers are handcrafted, even to a customer’s design. In our workshops, the craftsmen weld the stainless steel and forge the components to create a product core that is the most resistant and durable as possible.

NAUTICAL FINISH - We take the greatest care with the finish. We hand-polish the steel to a nautical quality mirror-finish and use the highest quality multilayer painting for the carbon fibre. A rich and elegant feature that is the visible heart and soul of our completed work of art.

INOXSTYLE’s unique vision of design and craftmanship resolves shipbuilders needs to provide their customers with the best available quality luxury items for the furnishing of yacht outdoor spaces.

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