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OCEAN KING Shipyard is a well-established company engaged in shipbuilding for over 35 years. With over 50 vessels already built, the Shipyard specializes in the construction of Ships and Custom Yachts in steel and aluminum up to 60 meters length and Commercial Ships up to 100 meters length. The Shipyard with direct access to the Adriatic Sea has two shipbuilding structures: Metal Shipyard Chioggia the hulls and the heaviest parts of the ships in steel and aluminum are built, Headquarter Shipyard Venice the engineering, sales, ship fitting and crafts teams operate. 

With the Explorer Range, the Shipyard has already built various units among the models,  Explorer 88, Explorer 100, Explorer 130. 

In 2018 OCEAN KING with Explorer 130 “Genesia” won the prestigious “The World Superyacht Awards” for the  “Rebuilt” category thanks to its revolutionary design. The Explorer Ocean King yachts are built with the same technology and strength as a deep sea tug. With a “supply ship” look and Ocean Tug features they have been listed as the most comfortable ships ever built with incredible safety standards, low fuel consumption and easily manageable by a small crew.  

The shipyard's ability to follow even very complex and unique Custom projects in the naval sector has been applied in recent years also to the luxury market with a new line of ships up to 60 meters. The DOGE range with highly innovative and new generation projects proved to be a great success with a series of remarkable results. Commitment and dedication are never enough, attention and compliance with the highest construction standards, continuous investments in research and technology combined with the collaboration of designers with innovative solutions help to keep the OCEAN KING brand one of the world's leading prestigious shipyards.




DOGE 400 GT 

DOGE 400 GT 2nd unit




DUCALE 120  

Explorer 88 Irie Man  

Explorer 100 Ma Victoire  

Explorer 100 Caroline IV  

Explorer 130 Genesia

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Avg. length
34 m
Avg. volume
347 GT
Largest yacht
Irie Man26.6m | 128 GT
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