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PLH® was born in 2000 from a challenge of Enrico Corelli, owner of Epic, leading  company in the plant engineering sector, to give an aesthetic, luxurious, identity and  customizable vest to the electric control plate, until now ignored by designers being considered a minor factor in dĂ©cor and interior design. The process to confer beauty, in addition to technological functionality, to the electric plate has been in progress for a long time, substantiated by a curious and passionate research, that involved many design and productive aspects: from the thorough experiments on materials and their reactions to a meticulous selection of suppliers ready to make the company’s principles their own, from the realization of the first prototypes to the engineering and production with CNC  machines. Not to mention the attention to ergonomics to make installation easy and the use of the plate safe, as well as the aim to be creative and confer an aesthetic plus and a sartorial decorative touch to the object in terms of shapes, dimensions and finishes, making it the perfect response to the needs of clients and users. As Corelli explains: “The PLH plate doesn’t hide, it wants to be seen and perceived as an added value in interior design, a quality that makes it unique”.  

The plate is interpreted following the core values of the brand: qualitative excellence, formal beauty, durability, robustness, attention to detail, sustainability of the life cycle of products and customization. Trained as an industrial engineer and great passionate of art and decorative arts, Corelli continues to carry out the electrical engineering in general and building automation thanks to which he has had the opportunity to meet internationally renowned Archi stars and has contributed to amplify and deepen his vision on design, instilling in him the desire to  engage into product design, first dealing with lighting systems, then with electric control  plates. He says: “As an engineer, working hand in hand with world-class professionals as Michael Gabellini and Antonio Citterio, I became passionate about art and architecture, and I understood that technique is an end in itself if it doesn’t manage to express harmony and beauty. And to do this, design is necessary, this applies to everything, even electric  plants and their visible elements, the control plates”.

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