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Radio Zeeland DMP offers the complete wheelhouse solution for the yachting, short sea and inland shipping market. As a global operating specialist in navigation and communication equipment, our competences are based on full life cycle approach. This means that we offer everything needed during the complete life cycle, from the first concepts to production and commissioning, until years in service. Maintaining the system to the standards required for reliable and safe operation, we are the first point of contact.


Integrated bridge control and display panels are custom solutions and offered in a foil or glass finish. The triple redundancy system architecture offers ease of mind. As an experienced partner we can integrate virtually all third-party equipment.

Our custom consoles are a perfect match for our panels. These consoles are completely prefabricated and prewired in a way that suits our customer best. This approach greatly shortens the installation time onboard and decreases the fault risk as well. This results in a smooth commissioning process.

One of the features that we may include in our scope is RICS. The Radio Zeeland Integrated Communication System is a touch screen based interface with existing communication systems like VHF, MF/HF, but also UHF and VoIP. Another feature that we may include is our integrated monitoring and control system.


In our role as an integrator, we often take the lead. This means we are the single point of contact for the entire Navigation / Communication scope.  Our project managers ensure the entire project will be executed as per specification. This includes concept design and production engineering, production and assembly and FAT, but also installation supervision, commissioning and seatrials.

Even the best equipment is useless without proper knowledge. We offer various training solutions, including full simulator training for optimal preparation. If we receive the hull design, we are even capable of including the dynamic behavior of the vessel that is not yet in the water in our simulator sessions. 

After sales:

Our after sales department is your operational support. We offer the following benefits:

1.     Minimal  level of spare parts required due to COTS Wheelmark approved hardware

2.     RZ® electronic developments with triple redundancy returns in easy-peasy 1st level of service by crew

3.     24/7 remote services and representatives located in The Netherlands, Mediterranean and Caribbean

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