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About Rokoat

ROKOAT are experts in surface protection, we are fast becoming a world leader in Protective Coating Solutions. Working closely with our laboratory to create and adapt solutions for almost all surfaces.

From our European headquarters we offer innovative solutions to a global client base.

Rokoat have a wide range of both Professional and Public solutions (Retail/Crew use – available in ship chandlers in France, Italy, Spain and the USA, Pro SecuraKoat™ and Pro TechShield™). At build level we provide several newly designed solutions including an innovative Impermeable Insulating Coating for the hulls, engine rooms and exhausts.

We also offer bespoke solutions for your marble, glass, stainless steel, wood, gelcoat and painted surfaces saving you time and money.

Due to our vast array of products we have clients in the yachting, yacht building, villa management, luxury car, industrial and property construction sectors globally.

Rokoat have created collaborative partnerships with numerous handpicked highly qualified application teams and distributors, providing our valued customers with efficient unique solutions.

Our goal is to offer unrivalled solutions, we pride ourselves on the fact these solutions have been thoroughly tested to ensure optimum performance wherever and whenever they are applied. See our website for full details.



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