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For too long, superyachting has been unfairly tarnished; plagued by negative headlines and ugly stereotypes. It’s time to set to the story straight, to bring our industry the recognition it deserves, change public perceptions and start positive conversations.

The Superyacht Life Foundation is a collective marketing programme on a long-term mission to challenge the many misconceptions that exist about our industry. Through our dedicated platform, companies and competitors can band together in one, united campaign, attracting new audiences to charter and ownership in the process. Collectively, we shine a light on the exceptional people, places and projects behind the superyachting lifestyle.

As a non-profit foundation, we use our unbiased status to educate, inform and engage – opening up the world of superyachts to new audiences and securing the long-term health of our industry.

The Superyacht Life Foundation reaches audiences that the industry does not. We're present at places where they are not, and we amplify the positive aspects beyond the industry's current reach. By combining our efforts, we demonstrate that superyachting is the platform for a truly exceptional life.

Join us and let’s grow the superyacht industry together.

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