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Zenoro Premium Generators for Superyachts

Our high-quality generators offer efficient, clean and reliable power on board of superyachts . Many yacht builders choose a genset by Zenoro because of its innovative design. It is built of high-end components and always fully customised by means of modular designs. Important characteristics are  low vibration and optional exhaust after treatment systems.

Our Zenoro team continuously works on sustainable technology to minimize the environmental impact of diesel generators. Combined with a silent operation, our generator sets meet a premium standard of quality. This makes them extremely appropriate to deliver reliable power on board. Besides, Zenoro’s enclosures are characterized by superb finishing. Appearances also count!

De Hammen 1
5371MK Ravenstein
+31 (0)486 201 600
The Netherlands

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Address De Hammen 1
Zip code 5371MK
City Ravenstein
Country Netherlands
Phone +31 (0)486 201 600
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