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The SuperYacht Times, a bi-monthly newspaper for decision makers and owners, provides in-depth coverage of the superyacht industry. In each issue we have interviews with shipyards CEO's, yacht owners, leading yacht brokers and the world's best superyacht designers.

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Issue 23

We are pleased to announce that the latest edition of the SuperYacht Times newspaper, The Exploration Issue, is out now!

Available via subscription, our 23rd issue looks at the growing interest in ocean exploration as the next generation of yacht owners seek out new, remote areas to travel to, away from the familiar hotspots of the French and Italian Riviera. However, not every superyacht is capable or sufficiently equipped for transatlantic travel, which has led to an increasing demand for explorer yachts.

Most yacht builders agree that explorer yachts must include long-range, autonomy as well as Ice-class certification as they are designed to carry their passengers through the most strenuous climates in luxury and comfort. However, one superyacht owner, Silvio Scaglia, owner of the 55-metre Galileo G, made sure her exploring capabilities were written down in her contract with Perini Navi so he could safely transverse through the Northwest Passage. Having cruised around the world not one but two times, Galileo G is a true explorer yacht in every way possible.

That said, there are not many vessels in the fleet which have exploration capabilities that match that of the 55.75 metre Alucia. Owned by OceanX, the research and media initiative, Alucia has been used in a number of scientific expeditions around the world, as seen on the BBC’s series Blue Planet II. We speak with Mark Dalio, founder and creative director of OceanX Media, to learn more about the importance of ocean exploration, the power of storytelling and about their upcoming exploration vessel, set to be the most advanced to date, Alucia2.

The more time that owners spend exploring our oceans, the more they realise the increasing effect we are having on the planet and the growing need to protect it from some of the more dramatic climate changes taking place. Which is why we sat down and talk to John Risley, maritime entrepreneur and serial yacht owner,  about his plans for his most innovative yacht to date, the 107-metre Lürssen project Icecap and why he wants to be a responsible steward of the ocean.

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Issue 22

The latest edition of the SuperYacht Times newspaper has been printed and is out now! Available via subscription, our 22nd issue focuses on the world of yacht ownership, taking a closer look at how innovation is changing existing models and opening up the industry to a new generation of owners.  

We were honoured to have been granted the opportunity to speak one of the industry’s most influential leaders, Kommer Damen, who together with his daughter Rose Damen, shared with us his thoughts on new ownership models, the Amels Limited Editions range of superyachts and the future of custom yachts at Damen. Mr Damen also took us back to his childhood to explain to us how one man with a vision was able to transform an industry and create one of the industry’s leading multi-billion euro companies.  

Some industry experts, such as Jamie Edmiston, CEO of Edmiston, wonder how well new digital platforms based on the global sharing economy, such as Ahoy Club, Yotha and SeaNet, may fare in the traditional landscape of yacht ownership. As yacht ownership continues to increase around the globe, with the average volume of yachts owned by individuals from the Far East growing 20% this year compared to 2017, according to the SuperYacht Times iQ report 2018, some wonder if there is any need for these disruptors.  

However, while Edmiston questions if traditional models of ownership can or do need to be changed, we also took a moment to speak to some of the disruptors behind these platforms on how their models are making the yachting industry more accessible than ever before. Ian Malouf, founder of Ahoy Club and Mattheus Zaknikar, founder of SeaNet Europe, discuss how their platforms offer individuals new ways to charter and different models of shared ownership, making yacht ownership and charter more transparent and attainable.  

The pleasures of owning a yacht together as a family remains steadfast, as we hear from Bill Duker, Mary Shores and Sabina Nasser what some of their most memorable moments onboard their respective superyachts are. The owners remain at the heart of the yacht, especially when it comes to yacht design, as renowned yacht designer Tommaso Spadolini shares with us why it is important to retain an ongoing relationship with the clients family. “My relationship revolves 360 degrees around the family,” he says during our chat.  

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Issue 21

The latest edition of the SuperYacht Times newspaper is out now and available for purchase. We are very excited to be focusing on the specialised world of custom yacht building, speaking with some of the most influential players in the bespoke yacht industry, from designers to brokers to shipyards and suppliers in this issue.  

While some may debate on what makes - or does not make - a custom superyacht,  it is precisely this lack of clear definition which reflects poorly on the industry as a whole, argues founder of SuperYacht Times Merijn de Waard. Which is why we propose to correctly categorise new yachts, thereby offering further information as well as insights into this issue.

However, this lack of a clear definition has not deferred some shipyards from basing their business model on solely building superyachts to order. Italian shipyard Rossinavi only offers ‘custom’ or ’bespoke yachts’, as their vision is to help build their clients dreams. Other shipyards, such as Feadship and Lürssen also focus on solely building custom yachts, while others like Benetti and Heesen, employ a combined business model, one which sees them building both yachts to order as well as on speculation. In this issue, we find out more about the business models which dedicate how shipyards build their superyachts.  

Without a clear definition, it may also be tricky for potential future yacht owners to decide whether or not they should invest in a custom yacht. Which is exactly why we spoke to serial yacht owner Lord Irvine Laidlaw, competitive racer and the winner of the 2015 World Superyacht Awards Legacy Awards, who shared with us his advice for those building a superyacht for the first time and when they should go fully custom, or not.

Selling a new, custom build yacht is also not as easy as it may sound, but senior sales broker at Camper & Nicholsons International, Alex Lees-Buckley, has managed to make a name for himself in the industry with his expertise. In this issue, we learn more about the new build projects he has worked on and his thoughts on the new ownership models. 

When it comes to custom yacht building it can be hard for any designer to know where exactly to start, or where to look for inspiration. But not for legendary designer Terence Disdale, who always starts his designs with something he is sure no one won’t get bored to death. During our conservation with Disdale, he shares with us some examples of particularly bespoke features he has worked on, working on larger projects as well as where he gets his inspiration from for his one of kind designs.  

With a wide range of experts from designers, shipyards and suppliers working to bring their client's dreams to life through custom-building, the yacht industry has plenty to offer to potential clients. Order your issue now and step into the world of custom yacht building in this special edition of the SuperYacht Times.

Issue 20

The latest edition of the SuperYacht Times newspaper is out now and available for purchase. This issue we’re excited to be shining the spotlight on the sailing yachts of the world - from discussing design with the creators of the most technical regatta-favourites, to exploring the thrills of sailing yacht ownership with two passionate sailors. 

When you look at the dwindling numbers of new build sailing superyachts or, indeed, the number of quality sailing vessels on the brokerage market, you would be forgiven for thinking that the sailing industry is in trouble. This issue has taught us that it certainly isn’t doom and gloom when looking to the future of the sailing yacht market, however. 

Many of the designers we’ve spoken to for this issue agree, stating that some of the most exciting developments in the world of yachting are coming from the sailing sector. Within our first pages we take a look at Oceanco’s Black Pearl and Royal Huisman’s Project 400 -  clear demonstrations that there is, indeed, more innovation than ever when it comes to these technical vessels, proving that sailing does not have to be ‘traditional’, and certainly does not have to be boring. 

Two sailing yacht owners who further prove this point are Paola Trifirò and Tony Todd. With Mrs Trifirò’s latest sailing yacht, the 32.6m Vitters-built Ribelle, she pulled out all the stops to ensure the delivery of not only a high-performance racing yacht, but a luxury home-away-from-home, with all the creature comforts one would want when cruising. Mr Todd, owner of the Custom Baltic 112 Liara currently in build at the Finnish yard, further proves this point, incorporating the very best technical innovations onboard for a yacht that will perform in regattas but, most importantly, will host himself and his wife on an extensive, comfortable trip around the world. 

So, luxury cruisers, high-performance super speed demons, and everything in between, the sailing sector is an industry with a lot to give to clients. Without further ado, order your issue now and jump into this special sailing edition of the SuperYacht Times.


Issue 19

The second edition of the SuperYacht Times newspaper for 2018 is out now and available to order! Issue 19 is our first ever USA Issue and is focused on all-things American, from American clients to the state of the American new build market, to those owners who have been bitten by the USA-bug and can't get enough of cruising around the States. In this issue, we also talk to some of the US' top superyacht designers and ask the hotly contested question: what is American style in superyacht design anyway?

Kicking off our design section of the newspaper, Gemma Fottles got to know one of the US' most prolific superyacht interior designers on page 26, Patrick Knowles from the eponymous studio, Patrick Knowles Designs, which is based in the yachting hotspot of Fort Lauderdale. Responsible for the interiors of the 58.2-metre Trinity superyacht Unbridled - whose owner requested a total of 21 species of wood to appear in the final design - and the playful interior of the ISA 63 superyacht Kolaha, amongst many others for clients all around the world, Knowles talks to Gemma about the current state of the US industry and what the American buyer is looking for from their yacht interior, and, spoiler alert - it's probably not what you think.

Moving across the page, Georgia Tindale digs into the somewhat controversial topic of what you mean when you describe something as having an 'American Style' in superyacht design. Speaking to representatives from American yards and design studios, including Westport, Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architects and others, we discover why American style is dubbed "Cutting Edge Vanilla" by some in the industry, the role of the late, great J.B Hargrave in influencing contemporary American yacht design, and why the future of American style may well be a "hybrid style."

In our final design feature of the Issue, Georgia sat down with the Florida-based designer Ward Setzer from Setzer Yacht Architects to hear about his expansive career designing over 800 yachts for 60 yards around the world and his two year sabbatical in Saint Lucia, the move towards minimalism in American contemporary design tastes, and, most importantly, a healthy dose of debunking from Setzer about the decline of the US industry and the many misconceptions that surround it.

With other features including an owner interview with former CEO of Tommy Hilfiger and the happily retired yachtie, David Dyer, an examination of America's distinctive love for sportfishers and in-depth insights from the world-renowned broker Stuart Larson on the secrets of brokerage success and the US market, make sure you subscribe now to receive your issue straight to your door and never miss another issue.

Issue 18

We are pleased to announce that the 18th edition of the SuperYacht Times newspaper was published last week. Welcome to 2018’s first issue of the SuperYachtTimes! We’re excited to present theme-specific issues throughout the rest of the year, the first of which has a focus on a term used (or perhaps, overused) constantly in our industry: Innovation.

In the process of putting together this issue, we learned a lot about innovation, some things we knew, some we certainly didn’t. One theme that rings true throughout most features within these pages is that though true innovation does exist (check out the world of Dutch designer Cor D. Rover on page 20 for some very cool creations!), no matter how technically impressive, creatively genius, or spectacularly different the innovation in question is, the application and therefore existence of that creation is, ultimately, in the hands of the owner. 

One such shipyard which exactly demonstrates this is Feadship. Turn to page 12 to learn about the collaborative process of creating unique superyachts at Feadship, and how with a client list filled with some of the world’s brightest minds, Henk De Vries thinks that innovation is inevitable. Serial yacht-owner and sailor, Neville Crichton, is just one of Feadship’s clients that have proven this theory. We caught up with Crichton to hear more about the new standards the 2011-built Como set and why he thinks that sailing is undoubtedly the most innovative sector in the business. 

Any conversation regarding superyacht innovation is bound to see the name ‘Sailing Yacht A’ crop up, so including Nobiskrug in our special Innovation Issue was a no-brainer. With so much talk surrounding the controversial vessel, it was a real pleasure to sit down with Holger Kahl, Managing Director of the yard, to hear his compelling views on Sailing Yacht A and innovation in the superyacht business. Now with 40 pages to enjoy all packed with the very best insights into superyacht innovation, sit back and enjoy another fantastic issue of the SuperYacht Times.

Issue 17

We are pleased to announce that the 17th edition of the SuperYacht Times newspaper was published last week. We’ve had a busy few weeks at SuperYachtTimes since our last issue, with the whole team attending both the Cannes and Monaco yacht shows, and a number of exciting developments revealed. Probably the most noticeable to our readers will be the completely revamped, with a fresh new design and several new features we hope you are all enjoying. 

As part of our rebranding process, some of you may have seen that we’ve also upped our game when it comes to video content, creating several ultra-cool vlog-style videos during our time at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. One man who certainly agrees with a push towards an increased focus on digital growth in our business is Mr Alberto Galassi, CEO of the Ferretti Group. I managed to steal an hour of Galassi’s time in Monaco this year, who warmly welcomed me on board CRN’s impressive 74m Cloud 9. An amiable, sophisticated, all-round-cool guy, Galassi shares some interesting insights into the daily processes and the future of one of the industry’s most important companies on page 8.

From one Italian yacht to another, I also had the pleasure of visiting Mr Charles Cohen in Nice, owner of Benetti’s new 67m Seasense. One of New York’s most revered real estate magnates, Cohen is a true family-man, and as he and his wife share in our interview on page 14, family is really at the core of their brand new superyacht. 

Don’t miss our FLIBS preview feature on page 34, and be sure to learn how you can help with the aftermath of some of the region’s worst hurricanes to date in the Caribbean on page 30. With our annual party for the superyacht industry, SuperYacht Night, taking place in our home city of Amsterdam in mid-November during METSTRADE, we look forward to seeing you all there. Until then, enjoy another fantastic issue of the SuperYacht Times.

Issue 16

We are pleased to announce that the biggest ever edition of the SuperYacht Times newspaper is out now. This Monaco Yacht Show special issue is filled with some of our coolest features to date, including our first in-depth interview with renowned exterior designer and all-around rock star, Espen Oeino. Spending an afternoon with the man himself in his Monegasque office, we discover the modest side of the man behind the world’s most celebrated superyachts and find out why he thinks the uber-luxurious reputation inextricably attached to yachting could be killing our own industry.

Speaking of Monaco, we are pleased to present our Top 10 list of new superyachts not to miss at this year’s edition of the Show, as well as sit down with Managing Director Gaëlle Tallarida who lets us know what’s new for 2017. We’ve also taken a closer look into what exactly makes Monaco the capital of yachting. We speak with CEO of the Monaco Yacht Club, Bernard d'Alessandri, about the dedication of the Principality to safeguarding sailing and the beauty of yachting, as well as President of the Ports de Monaco, Aleco Keusseoglou, who sheds some light on the developments at the latest addition to the Monaco port network: Cala del Forte.

As most of our readers will know, at SuperYacht Company we are constantly striving to improve and progress our industry for the benefit of all - something in which we demonstrated in our very first edition of SuperYacht Gallery earlier this year in London. We’re also taking the first step to progress with the introduction of our unique SuperYacht iQ system. Designed to provide decision makers with reliable, easy-to-find and essential data and information, Merijn de Waard introduces and explains our latest innovative product within this issue.

With other features including a closer look at Camper & Nicholsons International with President, Paolo Casani, a discussion regarding women in yachting with a female owner, builder, exterior designer and captain, owner’s insights featuring Legend and the newly delivered Skyler, and a Norway destination feature that is sure to instantly induce an alarming amount of superyachting wanderlust, subscribe now to receive your copy straight to your door, and enjoy another fantastic issue of the SuperYacht Times.

Issue 15

We are pleased to announce that the 15th edition of the SuperYacht Times newspaper was published last week. Just some of the highlights from this issue include an interview with the charismatic American owner, Chapman Ducote, as well as a photo gallery review of our groundbreaking event, SuperYacht Gallery.

We’re also excited to present an in-depth feature on Baglietto, one of the longest standing shipyards in the world, where Charl van Rooy sits down with the Italian yard’s CEO, Michele Gavino, at their facilities in La Spezia. Joining the company in 2015, Gavino reveals an interesting insight into his new-age way of thinking towards the future of the world of yachting.

With the Mediterranean summer season very much in full swing, readers are invited to enjoy a destination insight into the wonders of Greece, where Captain David Clayman of RH3 takes us through his favourite Grecian itinerary. We also share fascinating charter and brokerage insights from the experts at Monaco-based brokerage firm Thompson Westwood White as well as industry veteran, Hein Velema, who talks us through the secrets to brokerage success.

Subscribe now to receive your copy straight to your door, and we hope that you enjoy another fantastic issue of the SuperYacht Times - whether you’re reading onboard whilst soaking up the Mediterranean sun or escaping slightly less desirable climes within our pages. We look forward to seeing you all for the start of the show season in September!