Boesch 970 St. Tropez

Boesch 970 St. Tropez Tender

The Boesch 970 St. Tropez is built in Switzerland by Boesch Motorboote AG. They feature an exterior design by Boesch Motorboote AG and a naval architecture by Boesch Motorboote AG. Her superstructure is built on a Wood hull. She can cruise at a maximum speed of 40.0 kn while carrying 8 guests on board.


Type Classic
Electric No
Custom No
Builder Boesch Motorboote AG
Country of Build Switzerland
Length 9.7m (31'10")
Beam 3.02m (9'11")
Draught 0.75m (2'6")
Weight Dry 4325
Maximum Speed 40.0 kn
Engine Location Inboard
Fuel Capacity 400L (105.669g)
Number of guests 8


Part Name
Hull Wood


Company Type Stage
Boesch Motorboote AG naval original
Boesch Motorboote AG exterior original

Engine options

Manufacturer Model Type Year RPM KW HP Count
Mercruiser V8 Diesel 276 370 2

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