Topaz 11.25m Convertible

Topaz 11.25m Convertible Tender

This 11.25m Tender was contracted as a 50 knot, Open Sports model. It was not until after we began construction that the client asked if we could install a convertible roof. We suggested an auto inspired, triple panel, carbon fibre folding hardtop, hydraulically powered and digitally PLC controlled. The client agreed and from there we began the development. The roof shell pieces are made of carbon, the moving parts are constructed of corrosive resistant milled metals. We built several mock-up roofs or parts thereof to establish what to do and how to. It was a lengthy process of cobbling together and testing prototypes. The geometry had to be developed and from there the parts were machined from billets of T6 aluminum and stainless steel. The hydraulic rams were custom made in stainless steel. The moving parts are controlled using 60 limit switches and 5 string pods which measure travel and report back to a PLC (programmed logic controller). The PLC had to be custom programmed and this job took many weeks of trial and error. As far as we are aware, this is the first time an auto inspired triple panel folding convertible roof has ever been built for marine use. The end result is a stunning and sleek 50 knot convertible Sports Tender. It is a thing of great elegance, beauty, engineering and style. It looks the part on the water or in the garage on board the 145m Mothership.


Type Limousine
Electric No
Custom Yes
Builder Vikal International
Country of Build Australia
Length 11.25m (36'11")
Beam 3.0m (9'10")
Height 2.7m (8'10")
Weight Dry 5000
Maximum Speed 52.0 kn
Engine Location Inboard
Number of guests 6


Part Name
Hull GRP
Superstructure Carbon Fibre


Company Type Stage
Vikal International naval original


Type Count Manufacturer
Propellors 2

Engine options

Manufacturer Model Type Year RPM KW HP Count
Volvo Penta D6 Diesel 298 400 2

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