Vikal 12m Beach-Lander Catamaran

Vikal 12m Beach-Lander Catamaran Tender

This 12m Beach lander Catamaran is a large and stable work platform, favoured by owners for personal use whilst on board. With a beam of 4.36 meters and overall length of 12m, this is one of the largest and most capable Super Yacht Tenders on the market. The range of equipment is comprehensive, and the scope of work expected to be delivered by the vessel is equally impressive. In short, this tender serves the yacht as a people mover, dive platform, quad bike or car beach lander, refueler and cargo supply ferry as well as carrying consumables/refuse to shore.

With a pair of D6 Volvo Diesels coupled to two large Hamilton HTX water jets, this tender is capable of 36+ knots and can operate in shallow waters, with excellent torque and manoeuvrability. The tender comes equipped with a large foredeck area that can be rapidly reconfigured for multiple uses; refuel platform, dive platform with bottles holders, cargo and refuse transport to name a few.

This versatile tender is equipped with a well appointed shower and toilet compartment, a refrigerators and ice box, small kitchenette/barbeque and ballast tanks forward/aft for delivering and retrieving a 4X4 vehicle in a beach environment. A socket deck mounted davit crane with a rising pedestal, slew, luff and a rope winch is installed for handling heavier cargo, diving operations and retrieval of jet skis etc. A large seating capacity is provided and some of the removable seating is anchored to the mounting on the cargo deck which doubles as tie down points for cargo. The massive hydraulically operated fold out bow door also serves as a ramp for vehicles to drive on and off. The linear actuator activated Bimini hardtop is fully retractable, in order to reduce the height of the tender, allowing ready fit into limited yacht garage space.



Type Open
Electric No
Custom Yes
Builder Vikal International
Country of Build Australia
Length 12.0m (39'4")
Beam 4.36m (14'4")
Height 3.0m (9'10")
Weight Dry 8000
Maximum Speed 34.0 kn
Fuel Capacity 500L (132.086g)
Number of guests 20


Part Name
Hull GRP


Company Type Stage
Vikal International naval original


Type Count Manufacturer
Waterjet 2 Hamilton Jet

Engine options

Manufacturer Model Type Year RPM KW HP Count
Volvo Penta D6 Diesel 324 435 2

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