49m Aegean superyacht 007 sinks in Greece

The sinking of the 49-metre Aegean superyacht 007 in Greece was reported this morning. The incident, which took place last night and into this morning, occurred off of the Greek island of Kythnos and it appears from imagery that the yacht has now been stabilised by the Coast Guard in a almost fully submerged state.007 yacht sinkingPhoto: DM to SYT007 yacht capsized at KythnosPhoto: SYT Reader007 yacht capsized at KythnosPhoto: SYT ReaderThe Greek media outlet Cyclades24 reported that the superyacht 007 ran aground on Friday evening, causing an inflow of water that gradually tilted the vessel. The Coast Guard answered mayday calls and discovered the vessel in a semi-submerged state, though the five passengers onboard were not in danger and were quickly rescued.007 yacht capsized at KythnosPhoto: SYT Reader 007 yacht sinkingPhoto: DM to SYTThe announcement of the Coast Guard in detail:

"In the evening hours of Friday, the Port Authority of Kythnos was informed by the Unified Center for Coordination of Search and Rescue LS-EL.AKT., that the yacht "007" of the flag of Great Britain, has run aground in the sea area of Kolones Bay, Kythnos with five foreign passengers."

"The E/P vessel "DELTA II" T.Saronicou 4760 rushed to the area with a member of the relevant Port Authority on board, where it located the above semi-submerged T/C, at a distance of approximately 15 meters from the western side of the sandy beach of Kolona bay. The passengers, all in good health, transferred to the auxiliary boat and were then transferred to the port of "Mericha" Kythnos."007 yacht sinkingPhoto: DM to SYTAn initial investigation of the incident is now being carried out at the Port of Kythnos.

Major Refits

The superyacht 007 was launched as Amazon A by the Turkish shipyard Aegean Yacht in 2006. She was originally 32-metres in length but has since undergone at least two major extensions to a length of approximately 49-metres, though neither of these extensions were conducted by her build yard Aegean Yacht.

 In the photo below the yacht is shown as when she was launched as the 32-metre Amazon A. Amazon A yachtPhoto: Aegean Yacht

Below she is pictured as 007. During her first major refit she was extended to about 42-metres and during her last major refit she was extended again with a long aft open aft deck and both her hull and superstructure were painted black. We don't have an exact length, but we estimate that she now is around 49-metres.

007 anchored in MonacoPhoto: Julien Hubert / SuperYacht Times

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