16th Azimut Benetti Yachtmaster Italy a success

Written by Charl van Rooy

Over 160 participants attended the Italian stage of the 16thAzimut Benetti Yachtmaster event, held from 3 to 6 february at the Tombolo Talasso Resort in Tuscany. The event was the second in a series of three (the first having taken place in Asia in November 2015) Yachtmaster conferences with the aim to increase the company and its partnerโ€™s communication on a global scale.

Alessandro Gallifuoco commented: โ€œWe believe that this format, continually refined by the participantsโ€™ feedback, is a winning format. What is especially pleasing for us is that there are always more and more professionals interested in talking to our variegated audience with their differing roles in the industry; this is an interesting aspect that can only increase the overall merit of the project.โ€

The first day saw event partners and sponsors AWLGrip, Boero, Jotun, Peninsula Petroleum, Peters&May Superyachts, Team Italia, Versilia Marine Service, Viraver, CGT, CMC Marine, Fraser Yachts, Lusben, MTN, Naiad Dynamics, Nextworks, Rina Group, Valletta Superyachts and Yachtique to deliver the latest developments and news on each of their services and products, and an opportunity for face-to-face communication wit the exact people who make use of these products.

Dynamic workshops were presented where participants could learn more about industry-relevant subjects. Coordinated and paneled by experts, the groups of participants were able to participate in rotation in all the different workshops. The four themes dealt with the fundamental issues of insurance, taxes, new environmental protection standards and new challenges in crew management. Benetti yacht captains were also interviewed, illustrating their experience in the various discussions.

The final stage will take place in Fort Lauderdale in April this year.



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