1930’s Inspired the design of the Rossomare 115

The world of superyachts is dominated by designers and shipbuilders, mainly focusing on a yacht design maximizing space and optimizing the yacht for charter purpose. The birth of the Rossomare 115, designed by Vripack, was inspired by a classic yacht design of the 1930’s and the use of the yacht by the Owner and his family/friends, rather then using it as an investment for charter purposes.

In the design it was imperative to have a canoe stern, a classic, timeless shape and a strong traditional bow. In the use of the yacht it would be very important to accommodate the yacht with a structure and equipment that would encourage the owner not to only stay and live on board, but to also enjoy the navigational part of the yacht.

It is very unusual to see a side door garage on a 115 f eet SuperYacht. The RossoMare shows it is possible and even very practical to have a tender and two jet ski’s stowed in a side door garage on the lower deck. As the side door opens, it can even be used as a swimming platform. In addition the rescue tender is also stored out of sight in the front of the main deck.

Finally the spaces in both the exterior and interior should be designed in such a way that a feeling at home atmosphere would prevail, rather than a luxury, five star holiday experience.

A happy crew makes a happy boat. A crew is essential, however, living on a relatively small space with a permanent crew on board, requires full attention to privacy on both sides. The design should therefore accommodate a living apart together at all times.

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